We salute the Jewish War Veterans!

Yesterday I went to the monthly breakfast meeting of the Jewish War Veterans Chwatsky-Farber Post #717 in Oceanside, New York, along with my mother and Charles, her partner and a WWII veteran. … [Read more...]

Behind the curtain


  Love this picture of the interns at Karsh | Hagan in Denver as they present their fall project: turnkey strategic marketing, media and PR for Pets for Patriots. And did we mention... all pro bono? These folks have both big minds and big hearts. Be sure to check out the beautiful merchandise they designed for our online store, where all net proceeds go to our charity. … [Read more...]

Have Faith, will prevail


Thanks to Dan, a leading member of our legal team, for bringing this great story to our attention. It's about a two-legged dog, rejected and abused by its mother, that was given a new lease on life by a loving military family. The dog, appropriately named Faith, has become something of a celebrity at military bases and hospitals around the country. She's learned to walk upright and does many of the things that any four-legged bowser can do. Most of all, she's an inspiration to people who grapple with injury, infirmity and disability of their own - and shows how a little Faith can go a long … [Read more...]

How pets can help military kids

military kid

A newly released study by the American Academy of Pediatrics says that children in military families suffer various emotional and behavioral stresses at twice the rate of kids living in civilian households. … [Read more...]

We’re a 501(c)(3)!

Officially we became an IRS recognized charity on November 25. But  we didn't get the letter til last week and, well, really have no excuse for why we didn't post about it sooner. Truthfully, we've been very busy working to get the website up... Hopefully next week; stay tuned! … [Read more...]