Remembering WWII


Charles and his main squeeze after our video shoot Yesterday we held an all-day video shoot starring Charles, our family member, volunteer and WWII veteran. Even though he's shared some of his war memories before, it's entirely different to capture them on film. Maybe it's because we know that his incredible stories, til now shared with only a select few, will be heard by countless others. Maybe it's because recording them somehow makes them real for us, for those that didn't live through that war. … [Read more...]

Pets for Patriots launches new program with the U.S. Army

The following is an email update sent to our email list subscribers yesterday. Sign up if you're not already so that you can get the latest and greatest delivered to your inbox! *** I'm a little overdue updating you on all the happenings here at Pets for Patriots, so without further ado - here goes! New program with the U.S. Army Recently I met with the Army AW2 Wounded Warrior Program team at Fort Carson, Colorado. These folks provide intensive therapy and assistance to seriously wounded soldiers and help them acclimate to life after active duty. Since that meeting, we're now a member … [Read more...]