Tale of the treats and other doggedly things


Do you remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood? She went through the forest to her grandmother's house, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to mark her path so she could find her way home. This November, Pets for Patriots had its own fairytale, helping to create a modern day bread crumb trail across the U.S. that we hope leads thousands of shelter pets to their new homes. We inspired Freekibble to donate more than 20,660 bags of nutritious Halo Purely for Pets pet treats and meals to several of our member shelters and a Colorado pet food bank. Sweet! Perhaps some of those same tasty … [Read more...]

Lost in North Carolina: find Davey!

davey again

  Last week I was over the moon when one of our member Patriots and his family adopted a four year-old dog who was abused and neglected by his previous owner. Just two short days later, Davey took off into the woods near Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. We need to help this family bring Davey home safe and sound immediately. Davey is between 60-70 pounds and was last seen wearing a bright green collar with a six foot red leash. Because of his previous abuse, he does not bark and is averse to strangers, though he is not aggressive and has a gentle nature. Davey has heartworms and … [Read more...]

Petey the pittie needs a new home


  This just in: a beautiful, 2-1/2 year old pit bull given up by its New York City owners who simply "did not want him anymore." Thankfully, our friend Dan and his wife took in the dog, but because of a pit bull ban in their building they had him vetted and are paying for him to be boarded. A generous, but not long-term solution. Someone out there is deserving of this wonderful animal. Read on to learn about Petey... … [Read more...]

Update: Peyton and Bear

We have some good news to report: upon learning that they would probably be put to sleep, the wife of the soldier who relinquished Peyton and Bear to the shelter has taken them back home. But the story doesn't end there... The soldier's wife is caring for their newborn child and lives in housing that is not pet-friendly. We've reached out to her to determine their interest to foster Peyton and Bear until the family can take them back permanently or, as an alternative, find a new and permanent home. So far we haven't heard back and will continue to reach out, respectfully, to inquire about … [Read more...]

Save Peyton and Bear!


As you know, we often step in to help people (and pets), even when it's outside of our mission. Today is one of those cases and it's an urgent one. Peyton and Bear are two dogs that were relinquished to the Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC) in Austin, Texas by their owner, who deployed to Iraq with no one to care for the duo. The soldier was not interested in finding a foster family for his pets and, as a result, their time is almost up at TLAC, which is a open-door, kill shelter. The options for these dogs are adoption, rescue or death. If you're interested to adopt, you must contact … [Read more...]