Boston radio personality interviews Quincy Animal Shelter

callie crossleyWe couldn’t be more thrilled to have Quincy Animal Shelter and Quarry Hills Animal Hospital as our first shelter and veterinary partners, respectively, in the great state of Massachusetts.

A big ‘thank you’ to Dorothy Pickrell; she’s a 26-year veteran of the Massachusetts Army National Guard who was inspired to bring our program to the Quincy Animal Shelter, where she has works as a volunteer. Equally deserving of our thanks is Lynda Southerland, the shelter’s volunteer fundraising coordinator, who worked with her board to get the program approved and launched.

In this interview with Boston radio personality Callie Crossley, Dorothy and Lynda explain why they wanted Pets for Patriots at their shelter, and what they hope it will achieve for the animals in their care as well as military families in their community.

Stay tuned for a surprise announcement about a special benefit Quincy Animal Shelter will extend to our member Patriots; woot!!


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