Shelter dog makes life worthwhile for widowed veteran

Al and Sugar Plum_cropped

Al was a newly widowed veteran in desperate need of love and comfort. He found what he needed in a shelter dog who gave him a new sense of purpose after his wife had died. Just call me sweetheart Al served in the United States Navy from 1951 to 1954, during the Korean War. He was selected to receive training as a Hospital Corpsman out of Bainbridge, Maryland, and subsequently served at a naval hospital in Chelsea, Massachusetts where he was selected to become qualified in Spectacle Dispensing.  The young veteran returned to Great Lakes to work in the eye clinic and then applied for the … [Read more...]

Saving Jazzy

Dave and Jazzy 12-24-15_square

Recently we launched a veterinary fund to help defray the costs of extraordinary medical care for pets adopted by veterans in our program. It came in response to various requests we had over the years for just this type of support, as well as our success in raising funds for pets who would suffer or die without costly medical intervention. At this time we'd like to introduce you to a very special pet with a time-sensitive need: Jazzy. Like many pets following a natural disaster, Jazzy was a hurricane refugee. Homeless, afraid and diagnosed with cancer, she was fostered by Dave, US … [Read more...]

Old Blue Eyes joins Navy veteran’s cat pack

Michael and Frankie_square

Old Blue Eyes If Frank Sinatra were reincarnated as a cat we think he would be Frankie, a once-stray feline who "yips like a puppy," adores French fries and has fetching blue eyes just like his namesake. Of course, life did not start out this way for the adult feline, who on one April night was found abandoned on a West Palm Beach, Florida street. It would be nearly three weeks later that the cat found his forever home with a retired Navy veteran hoping to add another cat to his family. A Navy life For "20 years and four days" Michael served in the United States Navy, and … [Read more...]

Pint-sized pup to the rescue of lonely lady sailor

Kelsey USN and Bruce Wayne_cropped

It's often said that good things come in small packages. This proved true for one pint-sized shelter pup who came to the rescue of a lonely Navy sailor looking for some four-legged love. It's a small world after all Kelsey grew up in Kansas and in 2012 enlisted in the Navy. She was stationed aboard the USS Pearl Harbor LSD-52 in San Diego before receiving Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders to MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida. Leaving California meant leaving a close personal connection, as well. "My boyfriend is a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton in San Diego," she … [Read more...]

Special needs pup a lifeline to Navy veteran dogged by depression

Mark and Shadow

Hard knock life for stray pup Shadow is a pup who earns the moniker "special" not only due to her physical challenges, but for how she is able to uplift the Navy veteran who adopted her from the grips of his depression. The Lab mix was not even a year old when she arrived at the Jacksonville Humane Society with serious signs of a hardscrabble life. Shadow had been transferred from another shelter where her tail had to be amputated due to a pre-existing degloving injury. Follow up radiographs revealed that her right hind leg was broken in not one, but two places, requiring additional medical … [Read more...]

Navy-Air Force veteran saves life of “angel sent from up above”

Kyle and Cam_square

Proud to serve, by sea or by air Kyle is a veteran of both the Navy and the Air Force. His guiding ethos is to fight for the rights of people and pets who cannot fight for themselves. A recent college graduate and current Air Force Reservist, Kyle is working through a management program with a major, multi-regional supermarket chain. However, it is abundantly clear that service to country is part of this veteran's DNA.  "I entered the military having the desire to give back in some way even if I did not go active," he says. "I feel the need to give something back to America, and still … [Read more...]

Chance meeting inspires Navy veteran to save homeless dog

Elizabeth and Roxie kiss

The last thing Elizabeth had on her mind was adding a homeless dog to her household, but a chance meeting between the Navy veteran and a Chihuahua mix with "the saddest eyes" changed everything.  Serving in the wake of 9/11 Elizabeth served for four years in the Navy as a Cryptology Technical Operator (CTO), during which time she was stationed at the Diego Garcia military base in the British Indian Ocean, and with the Naval Security Group Activity (NSGA) Kunia in Hawaii. The NSGA Kunia was de-established shortly after Elizabeth separated from service, and integrated into what would become … [Read more...]

Vietnam veteran earns his stripes saving shelter dogs

Robert Baxter and Blue_square

The quiet hero A hero is defined as 'a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.' They do not all receive medals or public accolades, but walk among us every day and deserve to have their stories told. Such is the case with Robert, a Navy veteran who served in Vietnam and feels his own story is unremarkable. He is not a decorated war hero. The shelter dogs he adopted during the course of his lifetime did not help him with any service-connected disabilities. Yet this Vietnam veteran's love for and commitment to saving the most overlooked animals in need makes him a … [Read more...]

Navy veteran helps dog go from chained to cherished

Leia (Conor) beore rescue

A chained life is no life The plights of chained and tethered dogs are often overlooked because people fail to recognize them as potential cases of animal cruelty. In truth, these practices can lead to severe psychological and physical damage and, in some cases, death. Thanks to the actions of many, including a Navy veteran who joined Pets for Patriots with the intent of adopting a companion, a once-chained dog in Virginia was saved from her cruel existence.  Now a cherished member of the family, the Australian Shepherd mix is learning for the first time what is means to be free and to … [Read more...]

Anchors aweigh! Navy family gives new leash on life to two senior dogs

Terry and Sox

Despite the many advantages of adopting older and senior pets, the odds are still stacked against more mature shelter animals. Yet for one lucky 12 year-old dog named Sox, his ship came in when he was adopted by a Navy family to keep company with their other senior dog. Old dogs, old friends Terry always dreamed about serving in the military, and in 2009 he made that dream a reality when he enlisted in the Navy. Initially stationed in Florida, he moved with his family to Virginia Beach for Permanent Change of Station (PCS), where he lives with his wife, Jessie, their four year-old son, … [Read more...]