Pets for Patriots is here!

On this Veterans Day I'd proud to announce our newly-formed not-for-profit, Pets for Patriots. We create unique opportunities for members of the military community to save a life by honorably adopting adult shelter animals. As we await a determination on tax exemption from the IRS, we invite you to learn about our mission, sign up to receive our emails, become a Facebook fan and follow us on Twitter. Stay tuned... … [Read more...]



  It's fitting on this Veterans Day that I'll announce a new not-for-profit organization that will dually honor those who selflessly serve our country and the animals who love them. It was Memorial Day when I just knew I had to bring this charity to life. I had my mother and her boyfriend, Charles, over for a barbecue. Charles is an 89-year young former ball turret gunner - also known as a belly gunner - who served in WWII, flying 33 sorties over enemy territory. After I drove them home and came back to clean up the dishes, I pictured the idea behind Pets for Patriots with … [Read more...]

Copy that

Still in Vancouver, WA with our crack web design team. Today I'm working on web copy for our phase one website launch. Chained to my desk and laptop, listening to my iPod and - natch - consulting from time to time for that occasional 'just right' word. I think the best strategy is to simply tell it like it is. Nothing fancy, complicated or contrived - just the plain, straight up, dog-gone truth (pun intended) about how our charity will add meaning to the lives of both pets and patriots. Ok, enough procrastinating... back to work! … [Read more...]

Our journey begins

Welcome to the blog of Pets for Patriots, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to connecting loyal pets with our country's loyal. We aim to create unique opportunities for members of the military community to save a life by honorably adopting homeless animals. Our mission is to consistently give the gifts of fidelity, joy and companionship to both pet and person. This wonderful journey is just beginning and there's much going on behind the scenes to get our fledgling organization off the ground. This blog will chronicle all those things - big and small - that we have done and … [Read more...]

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