Three’s family with three-legged dog

Astrid's adoption

Astrid is a three-legged special needs dog honorably adopted by two Air Force service members, Kristina and Johnathon. Her story illustrates why Pets for Patriots is so committed to the adoption of last-chance pets by military families. Our thanks to Kristina for sharing their story with us. I met my husband through the Air Force. We are both enlisted currently stationed at Langley. We fell in love instantly and just work well together. I recently lost my grandmother who was like a mother to me. I was heartbroken. Not long after I had to have surgery on my ankle, resulting in three screws … [Read more...]

‘Hot dog’ rescues Navy veteran


This story is from Foy, a Navy veteran and member Patriot living in Florida and his newly adopted 5-year old dog, Sam. This match was made through our partner, Lake City Humane Society. Over the years, during my childhood life and being stationed in many places throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East, I had the opportunity to adopt and raise several dogs and cats. Each one had a very special place in my heart and brought joy to our family. Now that my family is gone away from home, I started feeling alone. I thought about having a pet for two years after retiring from the … [Read more...]

Disabled veteran and shelter mutt save each other

Bobby and Red

Bobby, a disabled Army veteran in Florida, wrote this letter to our founder. This match was made through our partner, Lake City Humane Society. Dear Beth, I greatly appreciate your efforts and concerns for shelter animals and veterans. The benefits all around go way past even the elements you have listed. When I met Mr. Red, it was about 30 days after having had two operations. No big combat story, just things we confront in life. To add to the stress of the operations (actually 20 days in between), I lost my best friend. Two days after the first operation, Mr. Pooh, my husky of 14 years, … [Read more...]

Shelter dog gets fresh start with disabled veteran


We received this letter from Red, a shelter dog in Florida recently adopted through our program by a disabled Army veteran. Hi! My name is Red. I'm a mixed breed Golden Retriever/Labrador and everyone says I am a big boy. I am really just a puppy at 11 months old. I have a very loving personality and have plenty of kisses (slurps!) for everyone. While I am growing up, I want to go to obedience school and become certified as a companion dog so that I can watch out for Ms. Bobby, a hearing impaired veteran. She lost about half her hearing while working around cargo jets. Also, with proper … [Read more...]

Senior Tales: All About Odie


Odie is an older Jack Russell Terrier who has a true rags-to-riches story. He is a rescue dog and his first family could no longer afford to care for him since they were losing their home. Odie is about 9 to 10 years old and has permanent eye dryness, making it very difficult for him to see. Because of this, he was not eligible to be taken in by a shelter. He was on his way to the pound when my Dad heard about Odie's situation and called me, because he knew I was in the market to adopt a dog soon. Love at first sight Odie had to be adopted immediately in order to avoid almost certain death. … [Read more...]