Tweets are sweet, but…


Like many not-for-profits, we've been using social media to help create awareness of our charity's mission and recruit like-minded people to our cause. For now we're using our Facebook fan page, Dustin Wonderdog - our official Guardian Angel Dog who has more Facebook friends than I do - and Twitter. … [Read more...]

True Blu

True Blu

We've been so busy and keep forgetting to post, but wanted to let you all know about our Patriotic Pet Pix contest winner! Blu is from New York City and definitely "represents" in his little camo t-shirt. In hindsight, our first contest was probably a bit premature (we were so excited and couldn't help ourselves!). After all, we just launched and not too many folks knew about us. Mind you, we've been hard at work to change that! Through our Facebook fan page, Twitter and good old word-of-mouth, we're making progress in letting people know what we're all about. … [Read more...]

Behind the curtain


  Love this picture of the interns at Karsh | Hagan in Denver as they present their fall project: turnkey strategic marketing, media and PR for Pets for Patriots. And did we mention... all pro bono? These folks have both big minds and big hearts. Be sure to check out the beautiful merchandise they designed for our online store, where all net proceeds go to our charity. … [Read more...]

We’re a 501(c)(3)!

Officially we became an IRS recognized charity on November 25. But  we didn't get the letter til last week and, well, really have no excuse for why we didn't post about it sooner. Truthfully, we've been very busy working to get the website up... Hopefully next week; stay tuned! … [Read more...]

What’s the best way to accept online donations?

As we (hopefully) near approval for tax-exemption from the IRS, I've been turning my attention to how to make donating easy and pain-free for potential donors. Naturally, accepting online contributions is huge - no fumbling for the checkbook, no "I'll get to it later" - a simple, on-the-spot way for folks to whip out their credit cards and help the cause. … [Read more...]

The state of charitable giving

There is a very interesting series of articles in today's Wall Street Journal about the current state of philanthropy and not-for-profits. While the main article focused on what private foundations could and should be doing to increase their charitable giving and reduce complexity for their grantees, I didn't see anything about how the government could make it a little easier for not-for-profits to get started. … [Read more...]

Last day in Vancouver

It's been a productive week here in Vancouver, WA with our team from Gravitate Design. Later today I get to see our homepage design concept... though I got a little preview the other day: gorgeous! … [Read more...]