Design our Pets for Patriots mobile!

Huge kudos to our amazing team at Karsh\Hagan in Denver for their tireless creative flair. We’re narrowed our ‘ad on wheels’ design down to a few finalists, but would love for our friends and fans to weigh in with their favorites. Add your comment at the end of this post or tell us what you think on our Facebook fan page. Next week we’ll announce the winning design and our friends at Dynamic Wraps will make it happen! Side 1, option a: 1a   Side 1, option b: 1b Side 1, option c: 1c   Side 2, option a: 2a   Side 2, option b: 2b   Rear, option a: ra   Rear, option b: rb    


  1. All the options look great! Here are my votes:
    Side 1, option c
    Side 2, option a
    Rear, option a

  2. Side 1 option C
    Rear option A

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