Dogs give new life to disabled veteran and military spouse

 This is a story shared with us by a disabled veteran and military spouse whose two dogs, Tank and Scout, give her a renewed sense of purpose in life. Our thanks to Misty her service and for sharing her experiences with us. We wish her husband a safe and speedy return home and thank him for his continued service as well.


I am disabled veteran and wife of a Staff Sergeant (SSG) in the Army who is currently deployed in Afghanistan. My health has not been good and there is only one thing that makes me want to face each day:  the love my dogs give me and my love for them. Pets can truly be a life safer.

I have no family contacts and have no children, so the dogs are my only company while my husband is deployed. Many days I cannot leave the house, so we keep each other company. Tank Scout and dad

I spent six years in the Marines reaching the rank of Sergeant and three years in the Army. I am a Gulf War veteran and, while preparing for a deployment back to the Gulf, a Corpsman gave me a yellow fever vaccination without asking me if I had an egg allergy – which I did – and I almost died.

The injury permanently ruined my heart and lungs, and ended my military career and my future that I had in law enforcement. This was very hard to take and caused me to get very down on myself. 

My dogs remind me that I am still important to somebody, if only them.

Though my dogs were not rescue, I believe this program is so important if it brings comfort to a veteran in need, and I applaud and support this effort.

I would not be here and would have just given up if it had not been for my boys, Tank and Scout. They will never know what a difference they made in my life.  


Tank and Scout 1




How do your pets help you face each day a little more easily?



  1. Hello:
    I am disabled and after 20 years living with an Infantry soldier, my husband finally came back from multiple
    deployments that took a toll on us both. I was blessed with the ability to buy a beautiful yellow Lab.
    I found a military training center and enrolled him at 6 months old. They taught him basic lessons to
    help anchor his energy. within 5 years my health deteriorated and I had to stop work. My dog was
    given service dog training , and saved my life with his love, companionship , and desire to make my life just as happy as possible. My dogs passing has left me with no support and I am hoping you may be able to guide me to some options. I have been told my health will only improve with excercise 3 times a day. I am looking for an “older” dog between 3-10 yrs. The residence I am living in
    loved my dog,and he was very happy with all the attention he got here. Can you help me?

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