Donate $10,000 one click at a time

Donate to our charitable cause with just a few mouse clicks and help us earn up to $10,000 – for free – to help veterans feed their honorably adopted pets. Giving never got so easy thanks to the generosity of our partners. 

In celebration of Military Appreciation Month and to kickstart our partnership, Flooring America will donate $1 to Pets for Patriots when you “like” Flooring America’s Facebook pageFlooring America FB like

Each “like” is another $1 for our virtual veterans’ pet food bank, which helps members of our program buy pet food and other essentials for their companions. 

What we can do with $5,000

In a world where words like “billions” and “trillions” are tossed around like so much Monopoly money, $5,000 might not sound like much.  

To put it into perspective, $5,000 will help more than 30 members of our charitable program feed their honorably adopted dogs and cats for up to one year.

For many veterans and service members in our program, that can be the difference between having the love and loyalty of a companion pet – or not. It can be the difference between a veteran struggling with the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or finding their personal miracle with a four-legged friend. It can be the difference between a service member coping with the daily pain of depression and loneliness or having a force for levity and hope. It can be the difference between a veteran carrying the heavy burdens of combat or having a friend to help carry the load.

Doubling down: help us earn $10,000 by the end of May

We started this post telling you how you can donate $10,000 for free, so where does the other $5,000 come from?

Another terrific sponsor is stepping up to the plate. To recognize military families and veterans during Military Appreciation Month, Petplan Pet Insurance will donate $1 for every new “like” on their Facebook page up to a total of $5,000. Petplan FB like

You have an idea of the good we can to together with $5,000; just imagine how much more we can do with $10,000. Together, we can transform the lives of more than 65 service and veteran members of the United States military – with just a few clicks and shares – less than five minutes of your day.

Help us get there; we don’t have much time left. The need is great and you can make a difference in the lives of our nation’s heroes, one click at at time.





  1. Terry Paulsen says:

    My home is to big for us. We have room for either 4 men or 4 women that are wounded warriors, just need help with their food and electric bill. Would be great for PTSD warriors as we have horses (will be breeding one nxt year and can watch the foaling process), lots of dogs of all breeds and also welcome service dogs. I believe being in the country on a farm away from everyday life yet close enough to go shopping with me, would do our heros well. I just need to find 4 of them to share my home with. ALL WOUNDED WARRIORS YOU ARE WELCOME IN MY HOME, I TOO AM A WOUNDED WARRIOR, NOT LIKE YOURSELVES, i WAS A NURSE IN INTENSIVE CARE FOR 25 YEARS UNTIL A BAD MEDICATION STOLE MY HEALTH. YOU WOULD HELP ME BY LETTING ME SPEND TIME WITH YOU ON A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SETTING FROM GOD TO US. PLEASE EMAIL ME IF I CAN HELP SOME OF OUR BRAVE HEROS. THANK YOU MS. TERRY PAULSEN

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