Fundraising fun

We had our first fundraiser on Saturday, barely two days after our site launch. I need a serious nap.

We headed  up to a new self-service dog wash/spa in Bethel, CT called Aqua Dog Spa. Here’s me, on the far right-hand side of the picture, freezing my buns off at the ribbon cutting (it was about 7 degrees with the wind chill). Roxie, a standard poodle and guest, was the ribbon cutting mascot. I later found out that she’s in training to be a service dog. No surprise here; she had a gentle temperament and was quite obedient.


Much toastier inside, especially once all of the pet guests started to arrive. Not all of the pooches were dog-friendly. Some had been abused or poorly socialized in their prior lives and, though now with loving families, are still a little skittish. Nevertheless, they were all quite adorable; here are just a few.

Happy Dog  dog  singing     Chilling

shirt  posing   excited

How about this little guy – he just screams, “Happy!”


Not being able to have dogs in my residence, this day was a special treat for me. I made sure to photograph every dog as it came into the store and pet just about every one I could get my paws on (pun intended). Almost forgot what it was like to go home covered in dog hair, but I didn’t mind one bit.

This was our first in what no doubt will be many fundraisers small and large (this being on the very small side). Folks were receptive to our mission to help and pay for military members to honorably adopt adult shelter pets. No kidding, I must have said that very line about 50 times on Saturday… and counting.

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