Giving thanks


As we approach Thanksgiving we’d like to share the things for which we are grateful:

  1. The millions of people around the country who dedicate themselves to ending animal homelessness.
  2. Fresh evidence that companion animals deliver real emotional and physical health benefits to people of all ages and stages of life.
  3. Recognition within the armed forces that pets are an integral and important part of military families.
  4. Growth of pet fostering, which provides short- and long-term temporary homes to pets in need, including those of military members who are deployed overseas.
  5. Greater public awareness of animal cruelty, which is leading to stricter laws nationwide against animal abusers.
  6. The first U.S. pet therapy dogs to be deployed to a war zone, bringing comfort to our fighting men and women.
  7. Increased recognition of the unique benefits of adult pets, who have much love and life to give.
  8. The many people who are donating their time and talent to bring Pets for Patriots to life.
  9. The inherent goodness in so many people that I’ve discovered as we build and are poised launch this charity.
  10. Good health, and the family and friends that make life worth living.

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