It’s fitting on this Veterans Day that I’ll announce a new not-for-profit organization that will dually honor those who selflessly serve our country and the animals who love them.

It was Memorial Day when I just knew I had to bring this charity to life. I had my mother and her boyfriend, Charles, over for a barbecue. Charles is an 89-year young former ball turret gunner – also known as a belly gunner – who served in WWII, flying 33 sorties over enemy territory.

After I drove them home and came back to clean up the dishes, I pictured the idea behind Pets for Patriots with unnerving clarity. I felt struck by the desire and power to bring positive change to lives every day and vowed to make it happen.

In time I’ll share more about how my commitment to the seemingly diverse – homeless animals and military members – came into being. That story is for another time; today is for finding ways, large and small, to express gratitude to our veterans.

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