Letter of appreciation from a Vietnam veteran

With permission, we’re sharing a letter of appreciation we received from a Vietnam veteran  who was inspired to donate to our cause after witnessing the bond between his friend – a Pets for Patriots adopter named Bob, who suffers with PTSD – and his honorably adopted dog, Trust. The letter is addressed to our founder and executive director, Beth Zimmerman.

Dear Beth,

I applaud your effort on behalf of our patriots. I am writing this note a a result of seeing Bob at our Charlie Co. 1st Division Vietnam reunion.

Trust is a great companion for Bob and a match made in heaven. The connection is unbelievable. Bob’s PTSD manifested itself during our visit, but Trust was there to help. I spent a lot of time with them during the reunion. Trust was a major hit!

I am making a small contribution, not only in Bob’s name, but also another Vietnam buddy, Bobby Joe, who was a great friend that I am indebted to. I hope this helps. I plan on making future contributions and will also spread the word of your organization. Please let me know how I can be of assistance.

May G-d bless you, and keep up the great work!

Best regards,



  1. To ALL Vietnam Veterans…

    Great Story.

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