Senior Tales: All About Odie

Odie is an older Jack Russell Terrier who has a true rags-to-riches story. He is a rescue dog and his first family could no longer afford to care for him since they were losing their home.

Odie is about 9 to 10 years old and has permanent eye dryness, making it very difficult for him to see. Because of this, he was not eligible to be taken in by a shelter. He was on his way to the pound when my Dad heard about Odie’s situation and called me, because he knew I was in the market to adopt a dog soon.

Love at first sight

Odie had to be adopted immediately in order to avoid almost certain death. I made a quick decision and adopted Odie on the spot. What a pitiful little sight he was! His eyes were in very bad shape and it’s a wonder he could see anything! He was also destitute: he owned nothing – no collar, leash, food or bed. His only possession was an old tennis ball. Despite all this, he was so cheerful and playful, and all he wanted to do was chase that ball! I took him home, bathed him and had him seen by a veterinarian. After some eye treatments and lots of TLC, Odie’s health has significantly improved.

“Though technically I rescued Odie, he truly rescued me in many ways.”

Tennis anyone?

Odie will always need special eye care, but that is a small price to pay for the fun and companionship that he brings to me. He now has quite an impressive collection of fresh tennis balls that he absolutely adores, and you rarely see Odie without a tennis ball in his mouth. Since I live across the street from the tennis court, he makes frequent hunting trips to the surrounding bushes to search for stray balls.

Odie to the rescue

Odie is my best friend and a wonderful companion. He goes with me everywhere, even to work sometimes! It’s hard to believe he was going to be put down. Though technically I rescued Odie, he truly rescued me in many ways. He is a testimony to the fact that although a pet may be a little aged and handicapped, it has plenty of love and friendship to share with someone who will give it a chance.

Thanks to Rachel from Columbus, Georgia for sharing Odie’s story!


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