One dollar instant art benefits military charities

One dollar is all it takes to change a life. Support a military family. Benefit a military charity. Make a house a home. Just one dollar. 

One dollar instant artRecently we received a proposal from an innovative young woman who features an interview with a military wife each week on her blog. Through this experience, she learned that most of these women and their families survive on one income from the military. Their husbands’ salaries don’t come with a budget for “art” – or anything remotely close. They struggle to afford the basics and are left with little or nothing left over for extras. Beauty simply isn’t in the budget.

Melissa Jaine was determined to change that, and created a novel artistic and charitable venture to bring her vision to life.

The Twenty5 Project sells “One Dollar Instant Art” prints and donates 25 cents of each dollar to a charity that supports the troops and their families. As the name suggests, there are 25 charities that will benefit; all are from the United States, Britain and Australia. Pets for Patriots is proud to be among them.

The concept behind The Twenty5 Project is simple and elegant: democratize art, making it accessible and affordable for military families and others. In so doing, 25% of sales is donated to not-for-profits that help service members, veterans and their families. 

Each design costs just one dollar, and some are sold in packs of two or three. Upon payment the file is sent by email to the buyer immediately, who can print and display the work as she pleases. In addition to framable art, The Twenty5 Project sells multi-media packages of bookmarks, letterhead, to-do lists and iPhone wallpaper. The Twenty5 Project

We typically don’t write about our sponsors, large or small, but were so moved by the simplicity and sincerity of this venture that we felt compelled to share it. These are challenging economic times and most of us are hurting financially. But for a mere dollar, we can bring a little beauty into our lives and the lives of others.





  1. Thank you *so* much. I am truly honored that you would write such a wonderful review and post about the Twenty5 Project. You’ve made this Aussie girl very happy! :)
    Melissa Jaine

  2. Hi P4P and Melisa,

    What a wonderful idea and for a good cause.

    I’m really glad that P4P is on the charity list. When you help P4P, you are helping two very deserving groups at once – shelter animals in need and veterans.


    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

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