Open letter to the people of Japan from a U.S. veteran

bobby and redThis letter is written and shared by Bobby, an Army veteran who honorably adopted her dog Red through Pets for Patriots.

When I see the absolute devastation and destruction in Japan, my emotions go to a level that is difficult for me to approach. Seeing the horrors that the people encountered first in the earthquake, and then the tsunami, would put fear in one’s mind beyond conceivable reality. For anyone to know or not know that they might have lost a mother, father, wife, child, relative or a friend – and then be confronted with the possibility of a nuclear meltdown – would clearly push a person’s thoughts and emotions to a place that would be impossible to describe with words. To know that where a village full of people once stood, now there is nothing. The people of Japan without question deserve the respect of the world as well as our help to rebuild.

As a veteran and member of Pets for Patriots, there is one video of the destruction and events in Japan that has really given me cause for comment.

It is the story of two dogs, one sitting, one laying down, and the commitment of the two to each other. So much can be gained from the knowledge of their relationship; I truly hope their owners have survived. I can but wonder how the relationship was between the owner and their wonderful pets. These two dogs speak volumes about the wonderful and caring people of Japan and their willingness to survive.

As a veteran with an adopted dog, I cannot begin to think what I would do without Mr. Red and how he has helped me survive. These people and animals have lost everything, and yet continue to try.

Please forgive me if I keep this letter short; the thoughts of all this has made me cry.

To the people of Japan, please allow me to show great honor for your losses. I humbly thank you for showing me your strength and courage. Please know my thoughts, prayers and hopes are for a good future.

~ Ms. Bobby and Red

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