Petey the pittie needs a new home



This just in: a beautiful, 2-1/2 year old pit bull given up by its New York City owners who simply “did not want him anymore.” Thankfully, our friend Dan and his wife took in the dog, but because of a pit bull ban in their building they had him vetted and are paying for him to be boarded. A generous, but not long-term solution.

Someone out there is deserving of this wonderful animal. Read on to learn about Petey…

The dog’s original name is Capone, but our friends decided that his sweet disposition didn’t deserve the moniker of a notorious gangster. Renamed Petey, this love muffin is about 60 pounds, fully vaccinated and heartworm tested. Petey is not neutered, but Dan can get him fixed through a few free programs in New York City.

Petey is shy when first meeting people or going someplace new, but warms up quickly. When first rescued, he would go to a corner and shake, refusing food or drink, but soon thereafter was giving Dan’s wife kisses. He was scared of getting vaccinated at the vet, but shows no aggressive tendencies. Out walking, Petey seems genuinely interested in other dogs – tail constantly wagging – but not knowing him well, Dan didn’t let him play with other animals.

Petey doesn’t jump or mouth people, and is generally calm, though untrained. He could use some basic obedience lessons to help him walk on the leash more cooperatively, but is overall an incredibly sweet boy who deserves someone who will return his love.

If you are interested in Petey, please email me at info at petsforpatriots dot org and put ‘Petey’ in the subject line. Let’s give this boy something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday!


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