The Honeymoon Period with Your New Dog

We have all heard the term ‘The Honeymoon Period’ used to describe the first, deliriously happy months of a relationship. Everyone is on their best behavior and feeling giddy and optimistic about the future. Unfortunately, this time of what seems to be limitless joy usually comes to an end. A similar, albeit usually much shorter, […] [...]

Puppy Mill Puppies

I had a dog training lesson recently with a family that purchased their 5 month-old Havanese puppy from a pet store in New York City. They have had the pup for a few weeks and during that time have dealt with what seems to be more than their share of puppy issues. This little pup […] [...]

Dogs and doorway etiquette

Today I made a quick trip across the street to get a delicious cafe con leche from Despana, the lovely little shop with delicacies from Spain. As I went up the two steps to enter a gentleman was on his way out with his hands full, a tray of coffees in one hand and a […] [...]

Does your dog think its name is No?

I usually begin classes and private lessons with an introduction to the many benefits of taking a positive, dog friendly approach to teaching. I am always pleased to see nods of approval from students as I explain how punishments more often than not result in a dog engaging in owner absent behavior problems (i.e. I’ll […] [...]

How to introduce your dog to crate training

In order that your dog associate his crate with comfort and security, it is important that his initial experiences be pleasant. Rather than simply putting your dog in his kennel and expecting him to “get used to it,” spend some time helping him to gradually become accustomed to it and you will be rewarded with […] [...]

Dog crate safety tips

The usefulness of a crate to help your dog learn to be mannerly (and eventually enjoy as much freedom as is safe and reasonable) knows no bounds. Once you have chosen the appropriate crate, be sure to consider these crate safety tips before introducing your dog to his new crate. 1. Duration: The crate is […] [...]

Preparing the crate for your dog

When preparing the crate for a new puppy or dog, most people’s first inclination is to outfit it with a comfy dog bed, towel, or blanket. It is generally best to hold off on this thoughtful gesture until you are confident your puppy or dog will not chew on (and ingest pieces of) the bedding, […] [...]

The benefits of teaching your dog to be crate trained

A crate is an indispensible management and safety tool for your dog. The most familiar use of the crate is for travel. But, it is also a most useful aid for housetraining puppies and adult dogs and for helping to prevent and resolve separation issues. • As a housetraining aid as short term confinement in […] [...]

Humane education for children: Amelie visits Animal Haven

Last year as I was working at Animal Haven Shelter I was called down to the front desk to meet someone who had dropped in for a visit. Apparently, they had come to know us from watching Animal Planet’s Underdog to Wonderdog. As I came down the steps to the storefront adoption center I saw […] [...]

Chew on this! Teach your dog to have a chew toy habit

Your dog’s tendency to chew on anything he can sink his teeth into is a pretty normal canine behavior. However, like many normal, natural and necessary dog behaviors, unfocused chewing (i.e. chewing on things you don’t approve of) is not likely to win your dog many household fans. When dealing with a chewing problem, it […] [...]