Dog park and play group etiquette

Several times a week we offer small dog socials and puppy play groups at different locations in Manhattan. These trainer moderated groups are a wonderful way to allow dogs under 20 pounds (for the small dog socials) and pups under 5 1/2 months old (for the puppy play groups) an opportunity to socialize with other […] [...]

Mixed menagerie: happy like cats and dogs

The old saying fighting like cats and dogs has been played out time and again in cartoons. But, in real life you are likely to walk into most cross-species pet homes to find a dog and a cat resting contentedly next to each other on the couch. The path to these happy relations usually begins […] [...]

Could your dog be a therapy dog?

As dog lovers we all know how wonderful it feels to come home to a dog who is thrilled at our arrival. I admit I am flattered by my dogs’ enthusiasm. As their bodies wiggle with excitement and they ‘wooo’ hello I can’t help but smile, no matter how awful my day may have seemed […] [...]

Choosing a dog: research, research and more research

So, you have decided to welcome a dog into your heart and home? How wonderful! Keeping in mind that there are hundreds of breeds of dogs to choose from as well as innumerable mixed breeds, your choice can be a wee bit perplexing. No doubt, your decision will be strongly affected by other dogs with […] [...]

Why do dogs roll in poop and other smelly stuff?

Anyone who has spent a Summer in New York City can understand why most urban dwellers anxiously await the coveted invitation to visit a friend in the country for a weekend. While the drive out of the city is sure to be a test of mental stamina for even the most experienced city driver, the […] [...]

Stereotypes and generalizations of the pit bull

Generalizations are a tricky business. On the one hand, they are necessary in order for us to more easily understand our complex world. On the other hand, by definition, generalizations don’t provide detailed information, nor are they always accurate. When it comes to dogs, people seem to be wildly fond of generalizing. Trainers frequently hear […] [...]

Teach your dog to come when called

Does your dog glance at you with the equivalent of a canine grin and trot off in the other direction when you call him? Don’t feel too badly, some owners might consider you lucky to have a dog that even acknowledges you with a glance! Unfortunately, it is uncommon to see a dog who bounds […] [...]

Five quick tips for teaching your dog to walk nicely on leash

1. Start ASAP. Whether your dog is two months or two years when he arrives in your home you should start teaching him to walk nicely on leash from day one. It is easiest to start with a young pup because they are programmed to be great at playing follow the leader. But, even an […] [...]