Pets for Patriots 9/11 Challenge

Pets for Patriots is laying down the gauntlet with our first 9/11 Challenge: for 2,000 people to pledge $11 a month to support our troops and the influx of post-9/11 veterans entering our charitable program.

More 9/11 veterans need a four-legged buddy

Mario is a three-tour Iraq war veteran. After graduating high school in the wake of September 11th, he joined the Army because, in his own words, “I definitely wanted to do something and be a part of the military.” During his third tour, he nearly died and was medically retired. Lost and depressed, Mario turned to Pets for Patriots for help saving a last-chance dog who was facing near-certain death as a result of his own medical needs. We were there for them, and helped Mario and Kona saved each other.

Many other brave men and women answered the clarion call after September 11. Those who were fortunate enough to return home alive nonetheless paid a steep price:

Although Pets for Patriots serves troops and veterans from every era, every conflict and every branch of service, we’re experiencing a flood of post-9/11 military personnel applying to our program – and we expect this to accelerate as the war in Afghanistan winds down.

Take our 9/11 Challenge with a monthly pledge of $11. That’s nearly half of what the average person spends on coffee each week. Even a one-time donation of $11 can help!

Some of our heroes are separating from service and need a four-legged friend to ease the transition to civilian life. Others are coping with PTSD, depression, substance abuse or other psychological disability and find comfort, healing and renewal with a companion dog or cat rescued from our nationwide partner network.

Every adoption saves two lives.

Matthew and EliAfter rescuing a one-eyed abused dog through our program, Matthew is off nearly all of his PTSD medication and has reclaimed joy in his life. For our member patriots, saving the lives of these homeless animals gives them a renewed sense of purpose and a reason to live.

Act now: Pets for Patriots 9/11 Challenge ends September 15

Our Pets for Patriots 9/11 Challenge ends midnight September 15. We’re aiming for 2,000 patriots to give just $11 a month, but are hoping for so many more to make our work and mission possible. And if a monthly gift is beyond your means right now, a one-time $11 donation helps as well.

Brave men and women answered our nation’s call when 9/11 brought terror to our shores. Help us answer their call in their time of need by making your monthly donation of $11.

Yes! I can spare $11 a month to help save two lives. I’m ready to make my tax-deductible donation.

Update: to thank you for taking our 9/11 Challenge, our fundraising partner Aquavation is offering a 50% discount on every Pets for Patriots bottle you make until October 31st! Take the pledge and we’ll send you the discount code and details.



  1. Rene'e Roepstorff says:

    From the bottom of my heart I wish I could spare $11.00 I will continue to share u on fb. God bless.

  2. What a great way to support our service men and women and safe an animal’s life too! I’m in.


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