Pets for Patriots shelters get Freekibble holiday gift

Four-paw salute to our friends at Freekibble for their generous donation of Halo pet food to five Pets for Patriots adoption partners around the country! 

The Freekibble Holiday Koast-to-Koast Kibble Drop delivered 40 tons – yes, that’s 80,000 pounds! – of all natural, delicious and nutritious Halo Spot’s Stew to animal shelters in need. That adds up to an impressive 400,000 meals served to homeless dogs and cats hoping to be adopted. The last piece of kibble was delivered just before the Christmas holiday, benefiting more than 40 animal welfare groups from the East to West coasts, and many places in between.

Before the two semi-trucks loaded with kibble hit the road, Pets for Patriots was asked to nominate several of our adoption partners that would benefit from this donation. With 95 shelters, rescues, SPCAs, humane societies and municipal animal controls in our current partner network (and growing daily), we were hard-pressed to pick where to send some kibble love. They’re all deserving and each does outstanding work every day to improve the lives of homeless animals.

Luckily, the ‘Kibble Drop’ itinerary made our decision a little easier: we had to choose partners that are located within reasonable proximity of the trucks’ delivery routes.

The decision was still difficult: all of our adoption partners do terrific work to care for the animals in their charge and help them find loving homes. In the end, the following Pets for Patriots adoption partners were part of Freekibble’s largest Kibble Drop ever:

We’re grateful for the generosity of sponsors like Freekibble and Halo, both of which share our fierce commitment to the health and welfare of millions of homeless dogs and cats around the country. And if it were not for the countless animal welfare organizations that work tirelessly to adopt these animals into permanent homes – those who are our partners and those who are not (yet!) – millions more animals would endure miserable lives without love.


  1. You guys doing great job. Me and my son start doing same kind of help, but we still nedd to grow

  2. Hi P4P,

    Whoa – 40 tons? That is a huge amount of food. Way to go Freekibble!

    P4P – Thanx for setting up distribution for so much pet food. The animals under the care of those organizations really need the food and that helps tremendously with food expenses.

    Well done P4P!

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

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