Remembering WWII


Charles and his main squeeze after our video shoot

Yesterday we held an all-day video shoot starring Charles, our family member, volunteer and WWII veteran. Even though he’s shared some of his war memories before, it’s entirely different to capture them on film. Maybe it’s because we know that his incredible stories, til now shared with only a select few, will be heard by countless others. Maybe it’s because recording them somehow makes them real for us, for those that didn’t live through that war.

Whatever the reason, we’re grateful that Charles and his crew fought on our side!

We didn’t film every story (though we plan to capture more in the future), and will submit at least one along with our September 1 application to the Pepsi Refresh Everything grant competition. You’ll hear from me as the competition heats up; I’ll be asking for your vote early and often.

Additional and very special thanks to Arora Sheru and his friend Billy. Both are graduates of Parsons School of Design, where they met as film majors, and both donated their time to shoot and edit our video. Patriots!

Til then, hats off to Charles for his service to our country and his perseverance during a long, hot and humid video session. As you can see from this picture, the day ended with a smile: a family dinner, lots of hugs and smiles (and a little vino, to boot). The lovely lady pictured here – Naomi – is a family member, volunteer and WWII and Holocaust expert who Charles started dating when he was a mere 86 years old.


  1. esther Davidson says:

    Terrific! Looking for more info., on both the experiences of our veterans as well as how to help.

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