Rescued dog fills void of Navy sailor’s deployment

A rescued dog stands guard for one Navy family when their sailor dad, Carl, leaves on deployment. Thanks to our partnership with the Norfolk Animal Care & Adoption Center for making this honorable adoption possible, and to Carl’s wife, Bethany, for sharing their story.

About ten months ago we were honorably adopted by Maysie, an Australian shepherdBethany Maysie and son

My husband had just left on deployment at the time, but as soon as I sent him her picture at the shelter, we all knew she had to come home with us. She has since blossomed in the household and since his return in December, has completely attached to him like she’s been here her whole life. She loves squeaky Kong balls, her older ‘sister’ Lily (also an Aussie), chasing squirrels, and chilling in the back of the truck or trailer on rides. Her ‘job’ is keeping the cats of the household in check and wearing Lily and our son out by the end of the day.

Duty days are hard, but Maysie’s always there to welcome my husband home with kisses, plenty of butt wiggles and a long one sided conversation on why he should’ve gotten home sooner.

Thank you Pets for Patriots for the help in bringing Maysie into our lives! 

Maysie isn’t one to stand still long enough to take pictures so I had to sneak up on her while she was ‘sunning’ herself in the wonderful 80+ degree weather we’ve been having this week! She was keeping an eye out for those pesky squirrels who like to invade our yard when she’s not looking, and the trailer is a great place to do that!


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