Retired disabled military dog Rocky dies if not adopted; UPDATE: Rocky is saved!

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Pets for Patriots is a small charity, but we were able to mobilize 42,393 people* to save Rocky, a three-tour Iraq war canine veteran (*as of 8:15pm ET 8/18/11).

Your donations are needed to save more pets like Rocky: dogs and cats who will never become an overnight internet sensation or have major news media vying to tell their tale. These “last chance” pets – adult and other at-risk shelter dogs and cats – face near-certain death if not adopted. We connect them to veterans and service members who need a new pet friend, arrange access to reduced cost veterinary care and provide direct financial support towards the purchase of pet food and other basics. Your tax-deductible gift is necessary to help us save the next Rocky and, in so doing, transform the life of the veteran who chose to Be A Pet’s HeroTM.

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UPDATE 8/18/11 9:25 AM ET: ROCKY IS SAVED!! We have been informed that Rocky will be adopted. Please DO NOT CALL Camp Pendleton, Lackland AFB or Pets for Patriots regarding his case; we are all overloaded with a deluge of inquiries about his plight. THANK YOU to all who have answered Rocky’s call and helped to assure his final years will be spent with a loving family. 


Rocky is a retired military dog who will be put down on August 24 if he’s not adopted. He served three tours in Iraq and desperately needs a loving home to enjoy his final years. Pets for Patriots is responding to a request to help create awareness of this veteran’s plight. We have spoken to authorities at Camp Pendleton in San Diego and confirmed this story.

Rocky currently lives at Camp Pendleton, his home base since entering the Marine Corps in 2004. He served three tours in Iraq between 2004 and 2007 as a patrol and explosives dog, and returned to the states. We had previously noted that his last handler was killed in theater, but have since been advised that is not the case. However, since returning to the U.S., he has not had a steady handler, but has continued to serve on base until March of this year. By that time, a degenerative condition rendered him unable to work and he was retired. Typically an ex-military K9 will be adopted by his handler, but Rocky has no handler to call his own. 

The base kennels are not suitable to provide the type of ongoing care and attention that Rocky needs and deserves. And without an individual or family to adopt him, he will be put down. He was recently featured in an article about military dogs enjoying a bright future after service, but that’s not the case for him.

Because Rocky is a retired patrol dog, military protocol does not permit him to be surrendered to a shelter.

Like most military working dogs, Rocky is independent, but he has a sweet temperament and enjoys relaxing in the sun. As a result of his disability, he uses a canine wheelchair and needs assistance to do “his business.” He would do best in a family that can devote a lot of time to him, and that has no small children or other animals. As with many military canines, Rocky shows slight dog aggression. More than anything, Rocky needs someone who honors his service, and who will love and accept him.

Rocky is nine years, nine months old with these known medical conditions:

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia/Enlarged prostate
Mild hip dysplasia L coxofemoral joint, grade I
Bilateral coxofemoral DJD (mild)
Bilateral neurologic defecits rear legs – degenerative myelopathy
Pressure/kennel sores

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  1. Linda Acup says:

    Come on, this not fair at all. Can’t someone love this dog? Use him and discard him….not right…at all. I think a service person should step up for this dog.

    • ArmyReserveWife says:


      Why should a service person step up? Why not you?

      • Kassie Martin says:

        I will tell you why a service person should be the first to step up, this dog is a hero he has saved countless lives while on tour of duty, maybe even your husband, friends or family that is why… no man or dog gets left behind and to be brought home to be put to sleep is a tragic end of a hero’s life….. and for you to say what you said in such a callous way is terrible, shame on you.
        Who cares if the person that saves him is service or not, what you should be saying is what can I do to help save him, and keep your negativity to yourself

        • Anne Britton says:

          No, I think that we the people are the ones who first needs to step up! I just wish I could, I already have a dog and several rescue cats. This dog is beautiful and is a hero to me.

          • Francelle Backstrom says:

            Kassie, you are right about the poster that was so negative!

          • What you have to understand is servicemembers have to move from place to place quite often. It is very hard to have a 4 legged companion period, much less one who has the needs of Rocky. I have friends who have PCSed to posts where they couldn’t get an apartment that allowed pets and had to make difficult arrangements. It is exactly why I don’t have one because I couldn’t deal with parting like that. If the servicemember is single, what happens when they deploy? The dog has to stay in a kennel for a year? That is unfair for the dog and for the soldier. Rocky deserves someone who can take care of him and give him the love and attention he deserves without the risk of being parted.

        • Please keep in mind that a service men and thier families often move ALOT and to locations where they can not take pets. Single men and women deploy and would have to leave the dog often. Who do they leave a dog with that many problems with. Also military family often have young children due to the average age, which wouldn’t be a relaxing old age for him. And the income of many members of the service won’t stetch to take type of vet bills either. I feel strongly that the military should be taking care of these dogs in a more responsible way , but since they don’t take care of thier men and women probably dogs arent very high on that list. Maybe this is a case where civilians who are also being protected by the service people and the dogs as well, step up and be involved! You mention keeping negativity to yourself maybe you should be looking at yourself.

          • Scott you are so right they treat soldier and pets the same if it doesnt function lets get ride of them and their is nothing both can do but face the brutal reality of military ways. Its so sad.

          • I agree with Scott. This dog is a Vet. the V.A. doesn’t do enough for our men and women who put their life on the line for us daily. Look at our Vietnam Vets. they had to leave the K-9s behind and they are still hurting over it. If i didn’t have a baby i would add him to our herd of 4. Keep the ugly to your self especially when speaking of our nation’s Heros. There is enough ugly in this world as it is now. Hey cassandra you need to thank a Veteran for the freedom you have to spew the ugly that you are, try it in Iran. Oh i forgot, women have no rights in Iran. You make me sick. Like your freedoms? Thank a Vet. human or K-9.

          • I also TOTALLY agree with scott and he is 100% right, I could not have said it better! kudos!

          • Thank you for your thoughtful explanation. The civilians who benefit from the military families sacrifices should be willing to help bear the cost of those sacrifices. Don’t always depend on ‘someone else’ to step up.

        • That was rather rude and presumptive of you to declare that it SHOULD be a service person to take the dog. As Scott points out, military families move a LOT, and sometimes can’t take their pets with them! I had to leave my 2 cats behind when we went to Japan. And cost? Do you know how many families in the military need food stamps to keep their families fed? Again, Scott has it right: the military doesn’t take care of their men and women. Just ask any retiree. Most military serve out of a sense of patriotic duty, surely not for the money! For this particular dog, it looks and sounds like a civilian will have to be involved. Since they can’t release him to a rescue or humane society due to his training, he’s hanging by a thread. Would YOU be willing to help him??

          • Tiffany O. says:

            If you took the time to read the description it says that his handler DIED IN COMBAT!! The dog was not ‘dumped’ by a service member. If his handler had LIVED, the handler would have most likely adopted the dog. Makes me sick that our service men and woman are dying to protect your freedom of speech just so you can trash talk them! Even if you don’t agree with war, doesn’t mean you can’t support the people that help keep you safe and your life free. Obviously you have not one patriotic bone in your body.

        • I agree , thank you very well said.I would love to help, but have two babies under two and german shepard.

          • The handler did not die in combat, you people should learn how to read. And a servicemember doesn’t have to be the one to take the guy, although if I wasn’t currently deployed I would apply for him. The pompous, sit-on-your-rear attitude some of you are displaying is deplorable and provides anecdotal evidence of what is wrong with our country today. Many thousands of us put our lives on the line for you and your lack of appreciation for that is disgusting. Do us a favor and remove yourselves from this website. And Laura, nobody asked you to have 6 kids.

        • AMEN! No man left behind!!!

        • Mackenzie Field says:

          I think you misunderstood what Armywife was saying. Why should it be a service person that should be the first to step up to save this dog. First, it is wrong that this dog was even considered for euthanizing. We don’t euthanize our human service members. However, as another poster stated, it probably should be a civilian that steps up, who give this hero a safe and steady home, versus a service member who moves every 3-5 years, deploys every other year, has limited funds for the job they do. For the sacrifices service members make, human or animal, on a daily basis, they are often not thanked for what they do, forgotten for the sacrifices they make, and are the first to get the cuts in budget. So, no, it shouldn’t be a service member who steps up first, but, I am sure, it was a service member who did step up. They always do.

        • ChrisWhite says:

          Yes, this dog has saved countless lives as well as your own, if it wasn’t for him and the ordinance he has found for us to rid of then this war and that bomb could have potentially been on your door step. I think you are just as indebted to adopting this dog as any service member. The love and care this animal would require would most certainly be a difficult task for a active duty service member to comply with. I dont know about you but I myself am happy to enjoy a 12 hour day since most commonly they are 14 hours long.

        • That’s right Kassie. Bless you!

        • OK, a servicemember isn’t who should adopt this dog. most keep long hours ad are often called away from home. But it doesn’t matter. He’s been adopted :)

        • my heart hurt so bad no hero man or dog should be left behind any where. If I could have taken a dog yes I would have taken this one. thank you for taking care of one of our own. again THANK YOU

        • Mitra Singh says:

          Kassie, I have adopted/fostered retired military working dogs. These canines should NEVER go to active duty military unless the service member has a spouse that is willing to be the dogs handler. deployements sometimes leave these dogs homeless- should never end up in a civilian shelter. I, myself, waited for my orders that rendered me “non-deployable” due to an injury. within 10 minutes of getting my orders I was on line/phone arranging for a MWD. These canines do not have to go to Military Handlers, google- Ryan Matthews for example, an army canine handler who should never have any contact with any animal for the rest of his life!!!! Civilians can also be great handlers, qualified people come in many varieties.

        • You’re right Kassie. What is her problem that she feels the way she does? Even if she doesn’t like dogs she doesn’t have to be cruel either figuratively or literally.

      • same question back at you armyreservewife? why not YOU? i have 6 and am disabled myself, that is why not ME

      • Yes! Why NOT? I dearly want him, but have 4 dogs including one elder needy dog. If only he didn’t need a dogless family! Wonder if they would reconsider that aspect? Lots of us want him, but have another dog or more than one. I’m calling friends locally who regularly rescue dogs to see if there isn’t someone available to love and care for him. Come on people, lets do all we can for him. He did all he could for us!

        • Teri Kamaunu says:

          Nana, I have the same problem, I am disabled, and I have a blind rescue dog.
          I have sent emails to everyone I know in Ca, and asked my friends to forward this e-mail to everyone they know.

      • Amy Koenig says:

        Let me first list my credentials in responding to you, ArmyReserveWife. My husband has 14 years ACTIVE Army. He has seen 2 tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan and been in theater over a year each time he has gone. We had a handicapped dog that was in a wheelchair for 4.5 years that we adopted from an abuse situation. His previous owners did something to him, let him drag himself around for 10 months, and then decided someone better adopt him within a week or else they were going to have him put to sleep. So, we said we would take him. We got him a wheelchair, and he did 6 months of underwater treadmill therapy. We spent over 3 months cleaning, bandaging, and re-bandaging wounds that were down to his BONE from these idiots letting him drag himself around. He had a HORRIBLE bladder infection that we had to clear up. Yet thru it all he was so loving and lively. I am SICK of military families using the military as an excuse to either (a) get rid of an animal they have because “they are moving” or “being deployed” or (b) not get an animal in the first place. If we can manage to adopt AND KEEP a dog like our handicapped one as an ACTIVE DUTY military family that moves every 2 to 3 years and has deployments ever year and a half or so then ALL military families can manage this. Sure, it isn’t easy sometimes. Finding a house to rent can be difficult. Finding a new vet we like can be a pain. But I wouldn’t ever leave my kids behind, and my pets are like my kids. I think it is pathetic that people use this an excuse. They are just lazy. The people who WANT to take their animals make it happen. That being said, I will tell you EXACTLY why a service member should take this dog. I am absolutely CERTAIN that this dog saved numerous lives with his ability. I am absolutely CERTAIN this dog would have given his life to save his handler, and any other soldiers near him. And I am absolutely CERTAIN that his handler that passed away in Iraq would fully EXPECT a soldier to step up and give this CANINE SOLDIER a loving and caring home to live out his days. He is a disabled veteran himself – even if he is a canine. Our soldiers SWEAR in their creed that they WILL NOT LEAVE A SOLDIER BEHIND. That is what they are doing if one does not step up for this dog. Now you will ask my why I don’t step up for this dog – well, I have a 3 year old, and an 11 month old child. When you do adopt an animal you do adopt one that will fit into your family and lifestyle. I know there are A LOT of younger and older military couples out there who do not have young children in their home. THAT is who should step up. I sure hope someone does. What a dishonor if they don’t. It would be shameful.

        • Amen! I would love to take him, but I have several rescues that are under 10 pounds. This breaks my heart. It is such a dishonor!

        • Bless you and your husband Amy. I cried while reading your post and the posts of many other honorable men and women who have served over and over again. You would all make my dad (RIP) proud. Rt Lt Col – 101st Airborne!

        • Linda and Amy and anyone else who seems to think is acceptable to diss reserve military service – you are way out of touch with what an average reserve soldier is doing to support current conflicts and you should check yourself before BELITTLING the service of those in the RC. RC members deploy away from their families just like AC members do, the difference being they do so without the support of the AC family around to provide information and services AND while trying to keep a civilian career going while deploying EVERY OTHER YEAR. Service is service and it’s all valuable. Army Reserve Wife – GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!! May your husband stay safe and protected while protecting US and may your family have all you need to manage until his return.
          Perhaps Amy you should consider the impact of a soldier’s loss on their family – here’s an example. The 45th IBCT, OKARNG has lost at LEAST 10 members in the last two weeks in Afghanistan. Should we tell their families their deaths are less important since they were ONLY Reservists? They certainly aren’t getting the same attention as the SEALS, but their families are devastated just the same.

          • Linda Christoffersen says:

            I am not putting her husband down. I respect him for his service. I just did not like her attitude. All I want is a good home for this hero. Lackland AFB says he will not be killed. We just need a good home for him. I would think the perfect match would be a vet who has the time and love to give to him. That is all I want. No disrespect intended

          • Amy Koenig says:

            Did I ever “dis” Reserve members dear?? I said we are ACTIVE DUTY and don’t dump our animals. If we can be active duty and move every 2 or 3 years and not dump our animals then Reserve members who NEVER MOVE FOR THE ARMY sure as HECK can keep their animals. Don’t read into what I am saying. But, since you want to go there, Reserve knows nothing of what Active Duty is like. Yeah, you may deploy. Yeah, the families may be left behind. But that is the extent of all you know. You still live in the area you want to be in, and you still have extended family surrounding you if you so wish. You are never required to move. You can easily own a home since you are not up-rooted every 2 or 3 years. Get over yourself for being a weekend warrior. Is the service appreciated? Sure. But don’t pretend you REALLY know what it is like. Sheesh!

          • Amy, I am not a reserves. I did my time. You are welcome.

        • Amy–I would like to respond to your “I’m sick of military members using an [excuse].” Your husband, not you, is active. I am active, and have been for several years. I’ve seen the middle east more times than I would care to, and I have dogs. You are suggesting single military members not get animals?! You have no idea what it’s like to go to work and be ordered to go home, pack a bag, and leave for no one knows how long. You know how to be a wife, but do you even think of what we go through when we’re gone? How wonderful it is to come home to something that won’t ask why you’ve gone for so long, or whine about why can’t you call, or why do you have to leave again. I have a “plan” for my dogs when I leave, and maybe more members should think of that. BUT these aren’t excuses…we can’t control when we go on a remote short tour, or TDY, or any of the above. We deserve to have a constant, and shouldn’t be judged for “making [excuses].” As a military spouse, I would assume you would be a bit more sympathetic. You judge too quick. It’s easy to say things are shameful, and a dishonor, but you don’t know what we go through. Instead of preaching from the sidelines, I would try to be a bit more empathetic.

          • Linda Christoffersen says:

            God bless you and thank you for your service

          • Tiffany O. says:

            I feel the same way as Amy feels. I don’t think Amy is saying to service members, single or not, not to get animals, but to be responsible for them, like you seem to be. However, far too many service members are not like you. I know, my husband has been in for the past 14 years and I see the same thing every base we go to. Animals that are abandoned by service members just because they are moving or deploying….and it is an excuse. Service members know that they move every 2-3 years and single folks know that there is a chance of getting deployed. Instead of making the excuse, “I have to give up my pet becasue I am moving or getting deployed” man up and take responsibility for the animal whether that be making arrangments for someone to take care of it if you are deploying or taking the pet with you when you move or by not getting a pet to begin with. Like Amy stated, yes…it is harder to move with pets, and yes…it is harder to find a place to live, but so be it. If you have a pet it should be considered a part of your family until that day it dies, even if that means a little inconvinence to the service member while moving. I have seen far too many animals, especially cats, that show up out of the blue a day or two after a moving van has just moved a family out. I have 10 cats and 2 kids and if I can move across country with them, then so can others with far less.

          • Amy Koenig says:

            I never said single people shouldn’t get animals, Lauren. Quite the opposite. I think single people SHOULD get animals, and I think if they WANT them then they can figure out a way to keep them. Too many use the excuse of being deployed to dump them. I would think most single military people could get a family member to watch a pet for them while they are gone, and if they can’t there are plenty of organizations out there that have volunteer foster homes that will watch them for them while they are away. I don’t know why you got out of what I said that single military people shouldn’t have pets??? Because I don’t think that at all.

          • Lauren,

            You said it well. Ultimately, our military work dogs deserve to be taken care of and
            I wish that our Military Men, Women, and the work dogs were cared for by our government for the rest of their lives . For the sacrifice and service that they all provide in protecting our freedoms, each one should never have to worry again about housing, job security, education or job training, medical care, psychological care or long term disability, and income. I thank each and everyone for making a difference in protecting the freedoms of the United States.

        • I was 8 years active, and my husband retired, so I’ve experience both sides of the military; being shipped out, and waiting on my husband when he was shipped out. I take a bit of umbrage at your comment about anyone not able to take their pets with them as being lazy. How about the folks who cut the orders not being able to find the info on how to get your pet over with you? That’s what happened to me. My mother kept my cats for me, but we ended up having ot have our dog shipped over…at $800 when it should only have cost us $30!! Just how many people could afford that??? My mom helped out, because he was refusing to eat and she didn’t want him to die. We were able to get him back home when the tour was done, as well as a new cat, for a total of $30. The only lazy person in my case was the one who cut the orders.
          If an active duty service member takes that dog, you know who will end up caring for him; the spouse.

          • Linda Christoffersen says:

            God bless and thank you for your service

          • I’m personally aware of several Army officers overseas who refused to allow personnel going PCS to take their family’s animals along, and who told the kids the animals would be rehomed.
            These jerks then destroyed the animals via target practice.

            Don’t tell me it’s a vet’s responsibility to step up for this dog. His handler was killed. He’s as orphaned as a service dog can be now — and I mean that in the same sense I would had he retired from years of work as a seeing-eye or PTSD-assistance dog. Rocky deserves a loving home.

            Our military members and their families deserve our respect. No, they’re not all saints. They’re human beings. So are our veterans, and for those of you — I’m looking at YOU, Cassandra Glasnapp — who can’t wait to curse at servicemembers and veterans and try to send us all on a guilt trip because we don’t have the means to answer this dog’s needs, you’d better reconsider whether or not the venom you’re spewing isn’t infecting the animals you’re protecting. Or maybe you’re an animal hoarder — if that’s the case I hope there’s help available for the animals in your custody.

          • Amy Koenig says:

            First of all, that is what Active Duty spouse members do. We take care of the homefront for the service member. Why is it a problem for the spouse to take care of him?? Also, there are plenty of organizations out there to move military pets reasonably. This, for example, is one: If you try to move your animal by commercial airline, yes, it will cost a fortune. And they will be handled like crap. You have to go with someone reputable like this. Some very simple research locates these companies. For some reason people think if a pet costs anything then they should leave it behind. They can pay for their flat screen TV’s, they can pay for their Wii and XBox, they can pay for a nice new car or motorcycle – yet when it comes time to move and they need to pay something for their pet they “can’t afford it”. That is lazy, and that is an excuse. They manage to do what they WANT to do. They manage to pay for the things they WANT to pay for. Yes, I know the military pays to move those things, but they managed to find the money to purchase them in the first place. SO FIND THE MONEY TO MOVE YOUR DOG (or cat)! If the base doesn’t allow pets – live off base. If some other reason prevents it, then leave the pet with a family member or friend. My husband and I both agreed if we were ever moved somewhere that we couldn’t figure out a way for our pets to go then myself and the kids would stay in our hometown until that station was past. If there is a will, there is a way. I think too many military members play the pity card when it comes to their pets.

        • Amy Koenig took the words right out of my mouth.. Amen Amy…
          This is a terrible story…This Dog should be treated as Veteran. Wake Up..

        • Cassandra, you are such a loser! As a military veteran, and current governmetn employee, let me first say that Freedom isn’t free. If you had bothered to read teh article beofre droppign your F-Bombs, etc., you may have noticed that the dog’s handler was killed! If your literary talent extends only to reading profanity, and spewing the filth you have been spewing, I really feel for you, I feel for you, because Karma is gonna come knockin Baby! Do not knock the soldiers. WE do not get to choose where we go, and there is a saying, if the military had wanted you to have afamily, they would have issued you one! In Hawaii, my Air Force friends had to quarentine their dog for 3 months! You say you are involved in rescue, and have to clean up after soldiers, I don’t think so! You obviously don’t get out much!

          • Linda Christoffersen says:

            God bless you

          • derwoodff64 says:

            Can all of you please go back and reread the article. Especially 2nd paragraph 3rd sentence ..
            ….we previously reported the handler was killed in theater, we have since learned this was not the case!!!

        • I would love to have this dog. I would be honored in his presence. I know all about DM. I would walk on hot coals to have this dog if I only could. Unfortunately I have a 12.5 year old German Shepherd Dog in wheelchair and an 8 year old pembroke welsh corgi. Not to mention 3 cats. If I got him the three dogs would kill each other as the story mentions Rocky has dog aggression issues. As do both of my dogs. This story breaks my heart. How can we send any being on tour duty and dispose of them
          Like this. It is unthinkable to me. But look how VN Vets were have been treated. I don’t care who adopts him or foster him. I could care less if it is veteran or civilian. SAVE this beautiful dogs life and give him the respect and dignity he deserves!


          • Linda Christoffersen says:

            Thank You gwen. God bless you.

          • I agree with both sides..I have been on both sides…an active duty memeber and a spouse. And at a certain point an active duty and spouse of a deployed member also. It is NO picnic let me tell you. Most months you don’t have the money to pay your bills…at least when I was in it was that way. Oh and I grew up in the military where yu were moving around a lot more than you do today. But I tell you what…I would not have missed a minute of it for anything in the world. But all of this in not important…the important thing is that this beautiful hero needed a home and the best news is that he is going to be adopted and taekn care of for the rest of his life. Thank God someone stepped up for this hero. He is a VETERAN and should be treated as such…with love and dignity. I know how the Vets are treated now a days…like they don’t matter most of the time. When we signed on the dotted line they promised us that we would have medical care for the rest of our lives…yea we have the VA hospitals but most are not worth much…and we are not getting that. We have to travel…I know 72 miles one way, for us to see a VA dr. It took them 2 months to get my huband an appt to see a Neurologist and get an MRI done cause they found a tumor in his brain. Civilian would not have taken that long to do something. We have to pay for our insurance, which was supposed to be free for life. Look at our Congressmen and women, our President, V.P, they ALL serve 1 lousy term of 4-6 years and they get care for the rest of their lives and their husband/wife. If my husband was to die I would only get 1/2 of his retirement pay and None of his VA pay,,,high governament get ALL of their pay for the rest of their lives. Now how is that fair to any of us that have served our country. I am proud to say that I have served our nation…if you have NOT served or been a spouse of military then can yu really sit there and diss our military. It is a rough life and a lot of people are not cut out for it. God Bless our troops and their families…they all go through hell!!!

        • All thier asking is someone to take in this hero.All this nasty language is uncalled for.

          • We agree, Rosa, and are working as quickly as we can to remove and block people who use foul language.

          • Thank you for that!

          • yes, agree. God bless and keep him.

          • CindyInFlorida says:

            *scratching head*

            What happened to Rocky?? This whole thread was suppose to be about helping Rocky find a perfect forever home and instead it’s turned into a thread about who is and who isn’t in the military, how the various things work in the military.. i read several post before posting this and not once was Rocky even mentioned it was all about how other ppl see things, view things, do things blah blah blah.. with no mention whatsoever of Rocky

            Poor Rocky.. a hero that saved many lives and he can’t even get recognition on a thread that is suppose to be about him.. How sad is that

            I personally would love to take him..but i’m disabled and have 5 furbabies of my own of which 1 is blind and 2 are under 12 lbs and also i’m currently leasing (in the process of buying but still under the lease until next May) my home and the least has a breed specific clause that included Pits, Dobies, German Shepherds, Akitas and a few others

            With that said.. lets see if we can at the very least when we post.. *MENTION* the Hero.. Mention Rocky.. he deserves that much.. Don’t you think??

            God Bless

        • Cassandra, You are obviously very proud of the fact that you work in animal Rescue. Well I’m so glad for you. To bad you’re not intelligent enough to to write an thoughtful comment without using a crude expletive. You appear to have a problem with reading comprehension as well. In one of your post you make a comment about the dog being dumped by a service man. Actually, as the article stated, service dogs are usually adopted by their handlers, unfortunately this dog’s handler “was killed” while on tour in Afghanistan. You get all defensive when someone ask why does it have to be a service man, why not you. Well I think it’s a very good question. That service dog was over working for ‘you’ just like every service man does. Why shouldn’t a civilian be the one to take this dog in? I would think that with all this dogs issues it would be better off being with someone who would not have to ‘leave it behind’ if they were deployed. It would be a shame for this poor dog to get used to someone who loves him and cares for him and then have that person suddenly leave him for 9 months or more while they get deployed. Obviously you don’t care much for the human life of our service members. So at least you might try and have a little compassion for the poor “service dog” and not expect it to endure being left alone while it’s owner is deployed.

          • Mitra Singh says:

            Laura, there are so many people out here who want to do something great, especially for our military working dogs who are about to retire. As well meaning and sincere as people are military/civilian it doesnt matter we MUST realize this canines are “combat trained” they can never really transition into being a pet-fully. I have adopted and fostered MWDs, one of my MWDs was “bite trained” (as most are) these are walking breathing weapons and should be respected as such. They have been the joy of my life and I will always have a MWD in my home forever.

        • cassandra you can’t spell, your grammer leaves alot to be desired. You are uneducated. In America that is a choice. What country did your family crawl their way out of to get to America, then only to have a moron like you for a child?, or are you first generation ungreatful forigener? go back to where you or your people came from. We the people can certainly manage with out you in this country. To call you what you really are in a public forum is inappropriate. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE MEN, WOMEN AND DOGS WHO SERVE HER!. May God have mercy on your pathetic lack of soul/not that you deserve it.

        • Col. Jim, USAF (Ret) says:

          Oh Cassandra… A little investigating reveals so much about you. Orange County trailer trash that adopts a pocket dog from a shelter so she can be a Paris Hilton wannabe, and now has to proselytize her misinformed opinion in order to hide her lack of self-worth. You do understand the Internet definition of a “troll?” Next time you want to demonstrate your ignorance by being a troll, might I suggest that you adopt a nom de plume? After all, you’re as easy to find on Facebook and MySpace as your lip piercing is in a room full of metal detectors.

          May I suggest that you go back and finish third grade, then come banter with the grown ups?

        • If your husband’s been in the Army for 14 years, then you should know the difference between a soldier and a Marine.

        • Amen ,And you know what, Iwas left behind and I juste reade about are friend ,and my self have 4 rescue cats ,but he would have been welcome in my home .Not because I was left behind that i would do the same too hothers THANK YOU.
          God Bless the personne how thouk him home. Sorry about the ritene mistake ;)

        • I agree with you Amy. You addressed very well.
          Thank you for your remarks. The dog was placed in a situation and trained for great duty and now is in the position that he needs care. It isn’t about this or that….it is about what would be in the best interest of this dog. Who is capable? Who can take on this responsibility? Where will he be able to live out his years…<3 <3 <3.

        • Stacey Kelly says:

          I agree with you army wife…we are a Navy family that has moved often as most military families do…we moved overseas to Sicily and took our three dogs and 4 cats…it was a task but we did it and would do it all over again gladly. So people who say they need to give up their dog due to moving should re-think owning an animal in the first place…many people goto shelters and leave their pets and animals that are owner surrenders are the first to be put down… it makes me sick and disgusted.

        • I would have loved to have been the one to step up and rescue this HERO; however, my own medical problems have us in a rough spot. We also have a young rescue dog who happens to be EXTREMLY friendly and OVER playful at times, and I fear that would not be good for either dog as one may very well get snapped at by the other… It does say above preferably no other pets in the household due to Rocky’s training. My heart broke over this story.. as well as over some of the comments made. I can’t believe they’d put him down after his service. How ungrateful of our country. I also agree with you, though… If you wouldn’t give your child away then you shouldn’t be giving your pets away!!! It’ll be a VERY cold day in Hell if I ever part ways with my dog (I am a Marine Spouse and I don’t believe military families should get pets if they have no intention of taking their pets with them. NOT right!! the poor pets go through enough with you or your spouse in and out of the house on deployments… i also don’t believe in kenneling your pets. would you kennel your child??).

        • Julie Matter says:

          I would be interested in adopting a military man and his dog. I am single, never married and no children. I live in the mountains of North Carolina. Both of my former fiances passed away. Any takers? I am 44 and would be willing to be a military wife with all it entails.

      • Linda Christoffersen says:

        In answer to your question Army reserve wife. Most Military people would be more willing to want this hero. I am a military wife with 3 Grandchidren in service. Not reserve! I would take him in a heartbeat but I rescue and he would not be happy with all the other dogs. He needs and deserves peace and quiet. He needs a veteran who can love and spend time with him. Thank God it wont be you!

        • Linda and Amy and anyone else who seems to think is acceptable to diss reserve military service – you are way out of touch with what an average reserve soldier is doing to support current conflicts and you should check yourself before BELITTLING the service of those in the RC. RC members deploy away from their families just like AC members do, the difference being they do so without the support of the AC family around to provide information and services AND while trying to keep a civilian career going while deploying EVERY OTHER YEAR. Service is service and it’s all valuable. Army Reserve Wife – GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!! May your husband stay safe and protected while protecting US and may your family have all you need to manage until his return.

          • Casey Walters says:


            But seriously, the service dog’s handler was KILLED, you moron, maybe you should read the article. The dog wasn’t just “dumped”.

            And for your comment about shooting a military persons leg off, most specifically usmc, I’d like to see you try! LOLOLOLOL

          • Amy Koenig says:

            Trust me, Meg… the “support services” are a joke. And the pay that the majority of the Active duty people receive sucks and isn’t enough to keep the household afloat. At least the reserve people have something else to come home to, and they don’t have to worry about being uprooted all the time (when at home). Other than deploying and possible occasional training you know nothing of what it means to be in the military.

      • David Feldman says:

        A service person, a Marine, just like this dog is, should be there for his buddies…Semper Fi…shame on you for your post…you obviously didn’t marry a Marine…

        • good on you david niece of 2 navy seals ww1 &2 and do pit bull rescue would love rocky to bits have shared that sweet face from ny i know of 3 gsd rescues in my list yesw hes been sent to all 3 we will prevail and find a forever home for our hero will bust my ass doing so we dont leave our own men behind ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Cassandra Glasnapp says:

          who cares if your hubbys a marine! thats not the damn point. EVERYONE SHARE THIS SO THIS DOG CAN GET SAVED.

          • Well Cassandra, We are! Despite the fact that you have been hating on Us and our Military family members.

          • chaney, J.L. LCPL/USMC says:

            No shit, but to the point you really should have read the article better before you accused his owner of just abandoning him, his owner came home in a metal box and it would be a shame if he made it through all that just to end up in one to. Service members as you have seen on this post are quite loyal to family, friends and yes pets. We all want to be able to keep our animals forever and love them dearly. there are times when after try as hard as you can to find a home that you just have to surrender them to a shelter, when that happens at least they are being responsible enough to do that. I personally know of a situation of some people that claimed to be dog rescuers abandoning 3 adult dogs and 3 six month old puppies, just left them behind to die. So we are talking about people everywhere from every walk of life, chill with all the bad mouthin people just send the word out of an animal in need of our help.

        • Amen David or she hadnt had anyone in the service.GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND THIER FAMILIES INCLUDING THIER FOUR LEGGED FAMILY.

      • Amen, Stillserving! I think Cassandra’s literacy abilities end at F-Bombs, & A words! lol!

      • Thank you for bringing to this idiots attention that this poor dog’s handler was killed in action. Cassandra, you obviously have an issue with our military & the people who serve in it, keep it to yourself. You are a complete idiot, people like you are a waste of time & space!

      • Yes, Ross! Thanks for that! I thought I was the only one who thought her ravings were a bit crazed! I have no idea why she disses the mlitary, obviously no veteran is a part of her life, or she would know a bit more about us!

      • Linda Christoffersen says:

        I am a military person as is my husband and 3 of my Grandchildren. I would love to step up but have to many dogs here as I rescue. This guy needs peace and love.

      • STILLserving says:

        AMEN to that! Obviously has some sort of issues/military hate mongering. I also find it hard to believe any rescue would allow an asshat like that to volunteer much less “work” for them.

      • Brian Williams says:

        I think that Cassandra, needs to learn HOW TO READ, and COMPREHEND, what she is reading, or is she deliberately ignoring the FACT that his handler was KILLED on an overseas tour of duty. She is not the only person here who is doing “rescue” I myself have been actively involved in Rescue, and rehabilitation, of dogs, cats, penguins and also birds of prey, in my home country of South Africa, and now in Philippines, and I am also a Retired Sergeant in the Signal Corps, and I think that she needs to wash out her filthy mouth, and show somw respect for serving members of the military who selflessly put their lives on the line, for the likes of people like her. Cassandra, in the words of Bob Dylan ” Don’t criticise what you can’t understand”

        • Karyl Redmond says:

          Re-read the article, folks, his handler was NOT killed in action. “We had previously noted that his last handler was killed in theater, but have since been advised that is not the case.” It does not state what happened to the previous handler, but he was NOT killed in action. I hate to point it out at this point, only because everyone is too busy being at each other’s throats to remember what this thread was originally about, but…it’s the truth.

      • Linda Christoffersen says:


      • Take really good care still serving, we love you and are greatful for your service. Of course this moron missed the part of the story that said the soldier was KILLED IN ACTION. She can’t read or write. Only in America, where you are fighting for her freedom, can a moron like that say such garbage. What comes around goes around. I hope she gets out of life all that she spews.

      • Cassandra:
        I really really hope you’re not as stupid as you’re making yourself out to be here.

      • And why not YOU, since you are so quick to call out others!

    • I know it is a terrible thing to think about but even if he gets a good loving home his physical conditions are serious and costly conditions in less he goes to someone who can propperly take care of this war hero in the manner that keeps him comfortable he has quaility of life issues. I had a bulldog with the hip dysplasia and he got to point where i had to help him use the bathroom i and made the hardest decision i have ever had to make by putting him down but it was the right one no animal or human deserves to suffer in pain and loss of dignity well maybe there are some humans that need to suffer like that but no animal should.

      • Linda Christoffersen says:

        I think the military should pay for his vetting. He is a veteran

      • @Mimi, better you never get you a pet again. Seems you like to play God. Who are you to decide whether a (apart from the hip dysplasia obviously healthy) dog or pet or human being has to be put down? You just were too lazy to help your dog, propably you also feared that some additional costs will occur – ooooh – then you had to renounce to your I don´t know…cigarettes, alcohol, haircutter, artificial nails…or whatever crap you are wasting your money on…SHAME ON YOU!!!!

    • Can anyone contact Pets for Vets ? They may have a conncetion to someone who would be willing to give this “soldier” a forever loving home. I would If I could but have 5 schnauzers of my own and another foster cannot take on anymore.

      • Military protocol does not allow these dogs to be surrendered to shelters, rescues or any other organizations, only directly to adopters’ homes.

        • This dog NEVER should have been accepted into military service with ANY grade of hip dysplasia!!!! SHAME ON OUR GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!! If Rocky had not been asked to perform the rigorous tasks that a military dog has to do, he would probably be in a whole different situation……. less pain and walking on his own and living out his final years carefree. I believe the condition this dog is in now could easily have been prevented.

          • Actually, Denise, I work with some military working dogs myself, we have a case of a canine who has just been diagnosed with a beginning case of hip dysplasia. DO NOT BLAME THE GOVERNMENT, because the breed itself is KNOWN for having this problem, it isnt always there from the get go. So no, not in all cases, the condition can not be prevented. Esp. if it is common for the breed.

          • I guess it depends on what you consider “any grade” of hip dysplasia. Do you consider “good” hips to be acceptable or not? Should the military only take dogs that are hips and elbows “excellent”? Because, let me tell you, those are few and far between.

            Actually, the reason the military’s own breeding program is as small as it is is because they do only breed dogs that are hips/elbows excellent – so instead of producing more, more than 50% of their dogs are sourced from overseas where breeders produce good dogs.

            Many dogs who do rigorous work will not come up hips / elbows excellent at this age, even if they started out that way. Age and wear and tear take their toll on a dog just like they do on people. (I started out with two good knees, myself …)

          • Actually the low grade HD it is would cause no real issue – it is the degerative neurological issue that has dabilitated the dog and that could be either genetically predisposed or as a result of damage but regardless, it is what it is and the dog after serving dutifully for the US is (was) supposedly being offered up to a home and according to the information was in jeopardy if it didn’t get one – that is what is the problem to me. The military took on the responsibility of the dog, as they have many other dogs and humans, and they need to own up to taking care of it even if they hadn’t been able to locate an appropriate home. There will be (and have been) other dogs with like circumstances and they need to have in place a means for properly caring for their retired military.

          • @ Denise not DM degenerative myleopathy. It is a genetic disorder. Dr. J. Coates at University of Missouri has isolated the gene. It is closely related to ALS in humans. Although Dr. Clemmons at Florida State researched the neurological disorder in GSD’s specifically. His research in GSD’s claimed it was most closely related to MS in humans. An auto-immune neurological disorder. No matter what Rocky most likely would have developed DM.:((( Thank the breeders for that. Yes it is true no dog with HD should serve. But DM is NOT preventable. It is horrid disease, that takes a dog slowly.:((( Thank goodness Rocky found a home. Amen!


        • That’s so sad. Pets 2 Vets is an amazing program. It benefits both the soldiers who need someone to love and who loves them back. Same for the dog. Military protocol needs to be relaxed especially for soldiers with PTSD. We need to take care of our Vets and our Pets! Both need our love and help.

          • Brian Williams says:

            Amen to that, Michele, and Chris, personally, I am disgusted that the US Govt. treats its “vets” in the way that it does, both Human, and service animals, as a once avid supporter of the USA and all it stood for, I can now say that I cannot understand how Joe Public, just let the Govt, ruin the country like it seems to be doing, without doing anything to correct the situation.

      • Linda Christoffersen says:

        Good idea

        • Oh brian did you say “once avid supporter of the USA”?. I have no respect for you. The beauty of this country is if you don’t like it, you can get up from your computer and change it. Walk the walk B-man. I am joe public and i take offense to your comment but i am doing something about it, not squealing on the net like a little girl.

      • chaney, J.L. LCPL/USMC says:

        he is a Marine not a solder.

    • Come on everyone lets not waste our energy fighter over who should adopt him. Lets just try to find him a loving home, sounds like he has giving for all of us to have freedom just like our service men and women and there families have.
      I have 5 rescue dogs myself and I have to tell you it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced.
      Please someone step up to the plate and help. I’m sure you wont regret it.
      God Bless America and all of the people that have and would give there life for our freedom just like this wonderful animal was ask to do.
      Please no more negative stuff, its not helping anyone.

      • I agree with you Peggy. Military or non Military lets find this dog a loving home. I would take him myself, but I have two children under 5 and two germanshepherds myself. It is not that hard to take care of a GS in a wheelchair, I did it for my dear departed Jack.

    • I think it’s unfair to say, “Well, he’s a military dog, so someone in the military should step up and adopt him.” I think it comes from a well-meaning place but it’s very ignorant of the military lifestyle. Some issues include –

      – Frequent moves. A lot of Soldiers move every three to five years. Sometimes faster, sometimes less frequently. We have made moves as close as 1.5 years apart.

      – Military housing. Single Soldiers below E-5 usually live in the barracks and are not allowed to have any pets. Married Soldiers often live in on-base housing. A lot of on-base, and some off-base contracted housing is privatized now and they do discriminate against a number of dog breeds and also limit the number of animals you may have. Most limit the number of animals to two, and prohibit German Shepherds.

      Finding civilian housing, for those who haven’t tried recently, with a large dog is hard. Finding it with a large dog that was trained to bite people (such as a dual purpose explosives/patrol dog) is even harder – getting renter’s insurance (or homeowner’s insurance) as well. Ask me … I have a retired police K-9 and it’s hard to find a place. I have to carry $1,000,000 in liability insurance on her, too.

      I have a friend who has three German Shepherds – her husband is active duty. They ended up getting a VA loan and buying a house because they couldn’t find anything. They basically agreed if the husband got stationed elsewhere, they’d be living apart so they could keep the dogs.

      Just some thoughts.

      • Lisa Keener says:

        i don’t think it’s unfair at all saying that. i understand the military life, and i also understand that when getting a pet, you should realize that, just like having kids in the military, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure that pet is safe, taken care of and never abandoned. getting a pet is a lifelong responsibility for the life of that pet and for it’s well being. pets, kids, anything, NO EXCUSE for not taking care of your pet or having a place for your pet to go while you are deployed.

    • has anyone thought about contacting Best friends animal sancuary out in Utah they do sometimes take on cases that are special and they let the animals live the rest of their lives at the sanctuary if nobody adopts them and they have vets and techs on hand all the time.I wish Rocky all the luck in the world god bless you pup and may you find only the best of care.

      • Awrsome Idea! I know the owners they could get it done!
        Way too much bickering about this poor sweet dog. Some peoples true colors really show through ! Proud mom of a US Marine. Currently serving in Afghanistan !

    • Linda Acup, Our military members have made many sacrifices. Given up years of their lives without their families. Given up many precious moments such as births, birthdays, baptisms, Christmas’, etc for our country and the civilians living in it. They have put their lives on the line on a daily basis, And their families have either lived with the thought of losing them or actually living with their death. It is selfish to feel that they owe us more than they have already given. I love dog’s also. I think that they should be protected and loved, But so should people, However our countrys safety is dependent on the military members, Law enforcement, fire fighters, etc whom are all at risk of danger and Rocky cannot be an exception to the rule. So I believe that it would be completely unselfish and heroic for a civilian to care for Rocky if they have the required means necessary to properly do so. This is not meant in any way to be disrespectful toward you. I just believe our initial response should be “Thank you for your service, What can we do to help” MFoley

    • We are making the appropriate inquiry and hope the military will let us take in Rocky to honor his service (as well, the life sacrificed in service of this country by his handler) and provide for Rocky’s care. Thanks to Pets for Patriots who brought Rocky our attention and for all their good works. Please make a donation of any size to their organization in Rocky’s name if you are able.

      • Best of luck….I hope Rocky finds his forever home….and all this fighting can stop….we’re forgetting the most important issue here…..this dog needs a forever home that is capable of caring for a disabled dog.

    • Bev McMullan-Kungl says:

      I agree, Linda. This is no way to treat a brave dog who has served a Nation. Very unacceptable. I’m very happy to see that many people have stepped up to save Rocky. Very sad to hear that his handler has passed away. Rocky must miss him a lot. Good luck, Rocky. May you find a family to love you!

    • The plight of many of these dogs is not known until there are no options left. I grew up in the military and the dogs did their work and were pets the rest of the time. Trainer and dog were rarely seperated. In Rocky’s case, this wasn’t possible BUT when the need became known, pet lovers…military and non-military alike, responded en masse.

      Congratulations to the family that will get Rocky. We would all love to see photos and hear updates on this brave, veteran canine!! You go Rocky!!!!!!!!!

  2. Julie Silva says:

    This is absolutely heartbreaking! These dogs are veterans, too, and they should receive the respect they deserve for serving their country! I, too, would love to see a service person – maybe retired – adopt this dog. I’m praying hard Rocky will find the home he deserves where he can live out his days.

    • Melody Clark says:

      There is NO way I’ll allow this to happen…if he can get to Kentucky (or nearby), I’ll take him!

      • Michelle Spayde says:

        If you’re serious, there ARE organizations that can help with air transport. One is

        • Terri Preston says:

          I’m sure there would be no problem getting someone to help get this dog anywhere he needed to go! This is ridiculous, I’m speechless on this one!

      • Jean Bird says:

        Well done Melody, you are his angel. I would take him but in UK and he’d have to go into quarantine for 6 months and that wouldn’t be fair to him. He certainly needs a loving, caring home, bless him.

        • The quarantine thing is false – they haven’t done that in the UK since the 70’s. I live in the states and took my dog with me to Germany and the UK, and no quarantine was ever necessary. They will do it on some occasions if the animal is wild coming from a 3rd world country, but not from civilized countries, and not pets. Just travel with their vet paperwork– and you’re good.

          • Carmenthespy says:

            You’re assuming that a dog from the US would not go straight to quarantine, but that is incorrect. In the 90’s, my friends moved to London from Austin. Their two Jack Russells were quarantined for 6 months, and other have told me this does still happen. yes, there is a quarantine, Virginia. Perhaps you got a pass by going to Germany first.

          • Actually, it’s NOT false. Check out the DEFRA website. The UK supposedly will be loosening up the regs significantly on Jan, 1, 2012, but there IS quarantine normally for most all islands on the planet.

            The enlarged prostate is the biggest fear. Prostate cancer isn’t at all uncommon… but yes, this service member deserves better. Most dog lovers already have a few, and he should be a single dog. Pass it along?

        • Actually, if you look up something along the lines of “UK pet passport” you will see that the UK will allow certain pets (dogs, for instance) immediate entry into the country with no quarantine IF you follow certain requirements in a specific order. It involves microchipping (we used HomeAgain as they’re one of the companies whose chips use the required signal or code or whatever), vaccinations, rabies vac with follow up blood work a few weeks or so layer, a vet certification within 10 days of travel…and that might be it. It’s a bit of a lengthy process, and not cheap, but worth it to avoid months of quarantine.

          As for Rocky, I certainly hope he finds a very good home very soon. Hate to hear a story like this. :(

          • Brian Williams says:

            Usually they require Quarantine if the animal is moving from any country that has incidences of “Rabies” to those countries that do not

      • Really Melody? That would be awesome!!!!

      • Kathleen Owens says:

        If someone is able to take him, I will contribute $100 towards his transportation fee.

      • Mary Howe says:

        Melody you need to call the contacts listed at the end of the article

      • Pet Airways flys dogs, If indeed someone gets approved to take him, please post, there are many who will donate to help you get this dog to your home to live out his life as a HERO..
        I am a animal rescue and will personally help who ever it is in any way, since they won’t release to a rescue.

      • Amy Koenig says:

        Start a chip-in link and I will donate to help get him to you. Friend me on FaceBook if you do this, and send me a message with your link. I’ll share it around to get others to donate as well. My name on FaceBook is Amy Shorter-Koenig.

      • Tena Hastings says:

        Did you get him??? I saw all the support for you to get him to you. Have you been able to get in touch with someone to adopt him??

      • If you WILL step up and take him, I will personally organize the transport. The only issue is that it may be hard for him to go from car to car. However, I would NOT recommend flight!!! There’s ENOUGH people right here to RAISE THE GAS MONEY … is there any way you could go get him if we did that? Let me know and I’ll do all I can to help you get him to Kentucky. ;)

        • Let me know what I can do to help you by emailing me at or friend me on Facebook … Quietwolfspirit. I hope this works out. GOD BLESS YOU for stepping up to save this soldier!

          • Sorry … that SHOULD read INQUIRY@HHARTS.ORG … too tired I guess. LOL! AND … JUST IN CASE you don’t get Rocky … consider this?

            Just HAVE TO put this out there for you and the others willing to help, as obviously only ONE of you will get Rocky, and I’ve exhausted every other option so far … Please forgive me, but I am an animal rescue, and I’m shameless when it comes to helping my “kids” find home. That said … In the event that you DON’T get him, I have ONE female, GSD/HUSKY mix who DESPERATELY NEEDS A HOME, and would be very happy if you would consider her. I run a very small animal rescue, and she has been OVERLOOKED FOR FIVE YEARS. My husband left me two years ago and I am disabled. Consequently, it is increasingly harder for me to care for her as I/she needs because have ONE volunteer or NO volunteers at any given time, and four other house/personal pets … all rescues too. I haven’t had ONE DONATION for her in the entire time I’ve had her, and I live on disability. My parents have been helping since he left, but are becoming increasingly less tolerant of the rescue dogs, because “their just dogs” and it costs too much money. So … IF you find you have the space in your home and your heart, please consider giving her a home, won’t you? You can see her and all her information at … and can friend me on facebook … quietwolfspirit or Shelley Schultz … Profile should come up either way. You can also write me at Again, thank you SO MUCH for stepping up to the plate. You’ll never know how much these babies appreciate it. ;)

      • If someone is serious as well as qualified to be a permanent, loving, adoptive home for this animal I am more than willing to help cover the cost of transport if that is the issue. Contact me via twitter @owstarr

      • Melody,

        If you are able to get him and need help with transportation fees, contact me and I will donate as well. We have three dogs now (two rescue) and a rescue cat. We can’t take anymore, but I will gladly help you.

  3. Austreberto Mendez says:

    How bout the President giving a Combat Veteran a reprieve, a wounded & good friend. Saving lives in a Combat area. Let him live.

    • @ Austreberto – the heck with the pardoning of the thanksgiving turkey ! Let’s see if Obama would pardon Rocky and give the guy a medal !! (doubt Obama would though) .

      • I think Congress should authorize funds to pay for his care to anyone who will adopt him. Good luck on getting Obama to do anything not self-serving!!! Wish I could take him but have 3 rescues and medical problems. I pray he is adopted and loved as he deserves!

        • This is about the dog, not your political views. Save it.

        • Your absolutely correct. Goverment should be footing this dogs bill. This (so called) president is not going to do ANYTHING that is not self-serving. But he will be gone in a year and a half though! YEA!!!

  4. Dialla Ingalis says:

    Picture isn’t working

  5. This is a shame! I wish we could give him a home but we have 2 dogs and 1 cat. Please someone help him!

  6. picture isn’t showing up in either small or full size.

  7. I would like to adopt this pet..I have left a message but if anyone knows these SPC personally please have them email me. thank you very much

    • Terri Preston says:

      @ Sandi C, there were a couple email address, did you try that? We can’t let this dog be PTS, I can’t believe it’s even a option, makes me sick!

    • You can email them as well as call them. I am hoping that they get to you so you can help rocky

    • I’m sure they will get back with you tomorrow. I emailed Jade tonight and she did reply to the first email, but not to subsequent ones. Also voice mail is answering the phone so I’m pretty sure they are gone for the night but will be back tomorrow.

  8. I’m praying that Rocky will receive the help he needs and I’m spreading the word wherever I can. I wish I could adopt him myself. Please, somebody out there with the resources and ability to do this, please, help Rocky. He served this country which means he served you and I and all of us. The very least we can do is give him room and board for the rest of his remaining years. He’s a veteran!

  9. C’Mon Marines! Semper Fi! Find this faithful Marine a home!

  10. Roger Stradley says:

    As an old retired soldier, who has two dogs who are my best friends, I find this heartbreaking. I too hope that someone out there can help. I’m spreading the word on my Facebook.

    Good luck Rocky, you deserve better, but I hate to see you suffer.


  11. Sharon Cooper says:

    This is disgusting! This dog is a veteran, too, the same as any other soldier. I can’t believe they’d treat a vet like this: use, discard, then kill him. That doesn’t sayw much for the people who run the K-9 program in our military, or the thinking behind it.

    How about his commanding officer giving him a break? Surely someone there wouldn’t mind helping and caring for a disabled vet who probably even gives wet kisses back in gratitude?

  12. Lisa Keener says:

    OMG YOU’RE KIDDING ME!!! This dog has saved MANY lives and NO BODY can do anything for him?? Between the way the government and military treat the Pitties, as well as former military dogs, it’s a shame the human Veterans get any help at all. PATHETIC!!!

  13. Jo Ann LoDuca says:

    I had a german shepherd with the same medical condition. Maxi was sweet, smart, good, gentle and as his condition worsened, he knew we were beside him to help him. Took him for private swim lessons with a special harness – I would take him but I work and have 2 dogs. GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS HIM~!~

  14. PUT DOWN is the same as being killed. Why don’t people realize that!?

    • Dorrie Torp says:

      Amanda, thank you! When I crosspost dogs I never say “put to sleep”. They are not being put to sleep. They are being put to death. I just needed to say thank you for pointing it out. Dorrie

  15. I just…..I just don’t get it!!! What is wrong with people? Can someone please help this dear dog, let him live out his life comfortably in a loving home. He has saved many human lives!!!!
    C’mon people help this dog.

    • I take this poor GSD if was not for there no other animal rule. I got people here all the time including a old human vet. What about one the vet hospital adopteding the boy, then he can keep working as military vet and can lift the spirits of those who also are learn to move on pass there time in the armed service.

  16. Well, this dog is being treated the same way our govt wants to treat ALL veterans!!
    Use them and throw them away, and pretend they never existed!!
    Unfortunately, we have small kids, and other animals or I’d adopt him in a heart beat!!
    Most military trained dogs like this very lovable, and VERY loyal!!
    He’d die trying to protect his family, that is YOU, whomever adopts him!!!

  17. Elaine Swarts says:

    has anyone contact Best Friends?

    • Lori Gillespie says:

      It said in the article that because of Military rules he can’t be released to a shelter. I’d take him, I even have ramps and everything for a disabled dog because I just lost one, but it says he has dog aggression and I have 2 Malamutes with the same tendencies. Please someone help this soldier out!

      • Just passing on a tip. My dog is dog aggressive. I read a recommendation on to use this trick of putting pebbles into a jar and shaking it and growling at them when they misbehave, showing them you’re the bigger dog. It works VERY well, I don’t even have to do anything else but shake the jar. I used a glass jar with large, glass aquarium pebbles in it which is very loud and intimidating. She has gotten so much better since I have been doing this. Now when she’s not doing the right thing (e.g. dominating the cat, pushing ahead of me through a doorway, growling at a dog) all I do is shake it gently or more, depending on how serious the behavior, and she immediately stops and/or walks away from what she was doing. Who knew that the magical pebbles could fix my dog?!

        • Seriously Rebekah? What archaic training methods. I hope no one takes this suggestion seriously.

          • Michelle B says:

            Actually, you doubting ninnies, the pebbles in the jar makes perfect sense. It’s the same sort of training that the clicker does for dogs (only the clicker is for good behavior).

            When you growl and shake the pebbles, it does 2 things. 1 – it shows you are the Alpha (duh) 2 – the dog associates one with the other (i.e., the growling & the shaking of the pebbles – therefore if you shake the pebbles, what’s next? oh! the Alpha will growl and put you in your place).

            The clicker, just FYI, you give them treats and lovey them up to the point happiness is associated with a click. When they hear the click they are ecstatic.

            How rude to speak before you are knowledgable in the matter :(

          • Denise, you mock her for doing what EVERY trainer will tell you to do. Though every trainer I know uses coins in a metal can, but either way it works. A LOT of times, its the ONLY thing that works. They immediately put their head down, slick their ears back and stop whatever they were doing thats negative. You also use that method when you have a dog that won’t stop going crazy when you have to put them in a kennel. Everytime they go into a barking fit, you shake the can against the kennel and they stop. Not that anything besides Rocky even matters at this moment, I just thought I would let you know that you are mocking a woman that not only knows what shes talking about, but was just trying to help whoever adopted Rocky.

        • My dobie (rescue) was extremely fear aggressive. I found that holding her leash firmly, directing her head toward me, telling her “leave it” (sometimes I had to “hug” her with my “old 60-yr-old” body), and repeatedly praise her and brag on her when she followed my lead. It took a few months, but she made great improvements. I am a “love them greatly” dog mom. She flunked out of “formal training classes” before. Would hurt to try it first :)

        • That is so dumb…why not just train your dog. So tell me what happens when your jar breaks, or you don’t have it with you, or someone breaks in your house and shakes something at your dog. So, just so I understand, to take your dog for walk you carry a glass jars with rocks in it….OMG.

        • victoria flapjack says:

          Rebekah: See 11:09 pm post by victoria flapjack.

        • Brenda Adams says:

          OMG! I have NEVER heard of this practice before! I have a dog that comes unglued when anyone comes to the door! It is to the point tht people don’t want to come over to visit with me anymore. This makes me sad! She is not a biter, just a barker! I have tried REMOVING her from the situation, (shutting her in the bathroom), so she misses out on the action. This hasn’t slowed her down a bit! She just loves to bark at the door! I am going to try this tip in the hopes that it will end this problem! Thank you so much for posting this! :D

  18. Thomas Mitchell says:

    I cannot believe there is not one soldier or person willing to give this hero a home. I myself am a single disabled Veteran, with no job, should I be put down as well?

  19. D Richards says:

    ATROCIOUS. Shame on the handlers at Camp Pendleton- surely one of them could offer Rudy a home. Seems the military doesn’t have compassion for its own.

    • Yes obviously the military has no regard for their working dogs who serve them well. He’s lucky he didn’t get abandoned in Viet Nam like they did with their dogs in the ’60’s and ’70’s, but they will kill him anyway over here without a person to take care of him. He might as well be in a typical shelter for all it matters! And the military won’t lose an ounce of sleep over his death if he ends up being ‘put to sleep’. Mark my words…

      • STILLserving says:

        Obviously. *rolls eyes. How pathetic. I bet you were one of the ones that spit upon the Vietnam vets when they came back.

  20. How sad,that this beautiful dog served in the Marine Corp.and now because he is retired and disabled and now may be euthanized?Wow,this is horrible.I really pray to god that someone will adopt this nice dog who deserves a second chance at life.He is a veteran for petes sake!!!
    Semper Fi Rocky(from a Marine wife).

  21. Linda Christoffersen says:

    This boy should have all medical billls paid for him as any disabled Veteran. My husband served 34 yrs in the Army. Still involved in SMR (State Military Reserve). Have 2 Grandsons in the Navy, 1 Grandaughter in the Army. This guy should receive all Military benefits. I would be proud to have this Veteran in my home.

  22. I would love to take him but hiw woukd I get hin to the uk?

  23. I hope this is true. I would take him in a heartbeat! If by chance he still needs a home, please let me know!

  24. I cannot believe this would be allowed to happen – I thought the military considered them one of their own? The US doesn’t have a retirement home for these amazing animals? They’ve risked their lives to serve and protect and they end up pretty much on the scrap heap – hell, why don’t we just ship them to Korea and make them dinner? Shame on the military and whoever the takeover handler was.

  25. Thanks, I only just saw that post after I was banging away very heavily on my laptop in rage!! Stil though, is there no support/retirement home for these amazing furballs???? xxxx

    • chaney, J.L. LCPL/USMC says:

      Most of the time the handler will adopt the dog or the handlers family sometimes. But with the numbers of forces over there and the number of KIA (killed in action) especally EOD personel there is a shortage of people to take care of these beutifull animals.

  26. I had a retired army K-9, he was the most loving dog I have ever had. he was 12 years old when I got him and for the last 2 years of his life we treated him like a king. We retired shortly after we got him and bought our house for his needs. He was very loved, and I miss him everyday. I have cats and other dogs I rescued, so I can’t take this baby. I hope someone else will give him and other retired dogs a chance to live. People ask me if I would do it again , because of all the vet cost, and I always say Marco deserved and earned he happy retirement. He died in my arms…

  27. Per Lackland airforce base website, Adoption Information link “The Department of Defense is committed to finding good homes for these four-legged warriors and a dog will NEVER be euthanized because a suitable home cannot be found.”

    • … unless the dog is not safe to be adopted out. A lot of the very handler-protective and more aggressive dogs won’t be adopted out to the public due to safety and liability concerns. They may also be PTS if it’s deemed to be the better thing to do due to health issues.

    • STILLserving says:

      If that is the case then why does the article say he’s going to be put down? Lackland runs all of the military working dog adoptions.

  28. Bill Kaminsky says:

    I have four 4 legged girls, if I didn’t I’d be on the road to Jacksonville in the morning. I do hope someone out here can adopt this Veteran. This US Army Veteran would appreciate this.

  29. Christine Pitcher says:

    Is this how we treat our heroes? The military should be ashamed.

  30. This canine hero needs a home. How I wish I could be the one to offer it to him! These great dogs will give their lives for their trainers…the least that can be done is to have him finish off his life in a restful environment, being loved and spoiled. Please post, re-post and share until he is safe!!! God Bless our Military Dogs!

  31. SouthernBelle says:

    I will talk to my landlord tomorrow and will drive if necessary to get him!


    • Southernbelle- glad to hear it- Rocky deserves a good forever home! I have 3 big dogs already (in a neighborhood that only allows 2). I know a lot of people would contribute to your travel & pet medical expenses if you adopt Rocky. If you do adopt him, let us know where can send a PayPal contribution to help!

  32. Poor guy. I would take him but already have three rescues and two have aggression issues with new dogs. We had a lab who also needed special care when she lost the ability with her hind end…another had a knee replacement with harness for recovery. I would love to honor and take him. I just dont think it would be safe for all involved alphas here. I hope someone that can will step up for him and honor him the way he deserves

  33. The sad truth is that all service non-human animals are regarded by the military as ‘equipment’. Nothing more. And another truth is that they have paid a terrible price for their part in our wars. There is a monument, I believe in the UK that commemorates the service of horses during the First World War. As many horses died as humans.
    What does this say about humanity?

  34. Someone will adopt him, they have to!! That would be crazy if they put him down. He’s a war hero! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! Where’s Obama, maybe he can help it? (I doubt it!!)

  35. Alexandra E says:

    I would love to get him because he would love running on our land of 12 acres. But there is no way I can get time off. If anyone has any ideas let me know.

  36. I find this appauling that this veteran war hero is treated with such disdain from the very people he protected, just because he is disabled he is being cast aside !!!!!! My old GSD had the same condition and she lived til she was 12. His disability is not such a big deal, time and effort is all it takes to give this guy a happy fulfilled life………… I have 4 rotts otherwise I would’ve taken him in a heartbeat, I’m Scottish and live in Scotland but would be proud to have him……………… AMERICA waken up and see what this dog has done for YOUR COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!!

  37. I have a disabled dachshund with rear paralysis like Rocky. Mine also needs help “doing her business.”

    I just want anyone considering adopting Rocky to know that it is not that hard to take care of a disabled dog. Sure, they need a little extra effort. But, it is soooooo worth it.

    Please help him out.

  38. Diane Witter says:

    This is sad indeed. I have 2 dogs and a full time job or I would take this guy. He does deserve a wonderful home where he can be loved and cared for. He deserves that and so much more. Military or non military family doesn’t matter. We, the people of the U.S. owe him so very much. He has protected and saved many lives in his time so the real point isn’t WHO should save him but WHO WILL save him! Who out here has the time to give back for all he has given up for OUR country. My situation doesn’t allow it. Will yours?

  39. I would bet someone at Pendleton would take him, the problem is we are involved in two wars. Whether we agree or not about why we are there, these soldiers are subject to deployment on any given day. I am grateful to the armed forces for all that they do, especially the K-9’s. Sadly, I’ve seen through the rescues I’m linked on FB many dogs given up because soldiers have been deployed. This veteran needs to be in a home that’s stable and not subject to the upheaval of war. I wish him well and am glad to hear, what I hope is true, that he will not be put to death. I also think the military needs to step up and provide options for military personnel going overseas and having to leave pets behind. Some of these guys don’t have family to lean on in a time of need, but they serve our country.

  40. Margaret Durrance says:

    My thoughts aren’t very kind when I read this. Blatant disregard for an animal that went innocently to war & was trained to do his best & this is the only option? Hopefully a rescue group will come forward there. I’ll share this with plea but I am very angry that no provision was made for him, a sentient being.

  41. Rhonda Moser says:

    Please someone step up and give this retired military dog a loving home. I cannot and will not believe the military will put this dog to sleep on August 24th if no home is found. This dog has faithfully served 3 tours of duty and has served and protected our country, The United States of America, and that is all the respect and honor he gets?? Where are your hearts and your dignity?? How can you even look this dog in the eyes knowing all he wants is a home to retire in. Think about it. I would take Rocky in a heartbeat, but already have one dog. God Bless you Rocky and thanks for all you did for the USA <3

  42. I cannot believe this dog would be killed after what he has done for us. I have two English Mastiffs so I am not able to take him since he is aggressive and because they would want to play with him. With his conditions that would not be good – they might hurt him. Too bad too because we have a pool that would be good and easy exercise for him. This breaks my heart and I feel helpless because I cannot help! I hope someone will step up – this just cannot happen!

  43. Nuno Lopes says:

    My oh my… You Americans are the best and the worse too!!!

    Those who dedicate their lives for you guys to live a free, accommodated and meaningful life, are heroes alright. Those who send them to war without necessity are the stupid, rich, politicians bastards. And the smart asses that do nothing, post meaningful replies in sites like this… shame on you people, shame on you!

    I own a dog that was abandoned on the streets, so i have the right to say what i’m going to say… first of all, i love animals, probably more than most of you, but that’s not the point… the point is, that you guys post petty comments and do nothing about the situation… let me tell you this; don’t confound dogs with humans alright? dogs are dogs and humans are humans… dogs are no heroes, dogs react with instinct, and you are putting them on a pedestal that do not belong to them… if that dog were never to be taught, he would never be able to save a single fly… they don’t fear death, because they don’t know what the hell death is, so, that is instinct, not bravery! cut the crap already and adopt the poor animal that is going on his way to be killed just because he obeyed the ones he trusted!

    And no, i can not adopt him because i live in a sad country that lost his pride, and adopt misery has a way of living; Portugal. :(

    But i’m happy to know that I don’t think like you guys… sorry for being rude, but that is the truth… you make me sick.

    • kathleen owens says:

      Nuno that’s a pretty crappy posting. We’re on this site because we’re concerned for this dog. You’re babbling and really making no sense. Take your negativity and Anti-American hate elsewhere.

      • Nuno Lopes says:

        No, you take your stupidity elsewhere, because I’m not a hatter, I do not hate Americans and I just don’t make sense to persons like yourself. Just talk talk talk… I bet you have a good damn house and tons of space, Why don’t you keep the poor animal? Come on, tell me… if you please! And don’t BS me, ’cause I live with a salary of 450€ per month and have a really small house, and i bet i’m happier than you… i had lots of animals… oh, and by the way, i lost a leg in a train accident… so, cut the crap “lady”! bla bla bla, no action, just words… :P

        • You are a very bitter little man. Jealousy gets you no where. And what the hell does losing a leg have to do with anything?

          • Nuno Lopes says:

            Actually, is quite the opposite dear… I’m just stating a fact, and the truth hurts doesn’t it?

            I have helped many animals, but first i have helped many people with the few money that i have… what about you?

            I only said that to those who do nothing about other people, or animal suffering, and come here making pity comments, trying to impress or whatever they have in their little minds… if it fits you, then you are far worse than me.

            GoD speed…

        • Linda Christoffersen says:


          • Nuno Lopes says:

            Go take a bath darling, you words stink a thousand miles away!

            The dog does not need that BS, he only needs to be kept alive. And be in a good house. So, you shut up will you?! Please… :D

    • Nuno, try spanish next time. Did you really intend to say all that garbage?

      • Nuno Lopes says:

        Listen, you only speak to me in Portuguese the next time you want to waste my time… I would love to see you try… hahahaha

        Go take a bath dude! :D

        • Susan McDonough says:

          No animal lover would say such things! A true love of animals bridges all boundaries!

          • Nuno Lopes says:

            You understand nothing about love dear… sorry, but your statement, tells me that.

            “And if I bestow all my goods to feed [the poor], and if I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profiteth me nothing.
            Love suffereth long, [and] is kind; love envieth not; love vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,
            doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not its own, is not provoked, taketh not account of evil;
            rejoiceth not in unrighteousness, but rejoiceth with the truth;
            beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.
            Love never faileth…”

    • Really? You are a moron for even posting on here. This dog is a hero has saved lives, and has done 3 tours of duty. Animals can feel they have emotions. I feel sorry for your dog you are not the animal lover you claim to be!

      • Nuno Lopes says:

        Shhh… can you hear it? It’s the echoing of your words right back to ya!

        You just bla bla bla… talk talk talk… and Rocky is still in need. Get a life will you? PLease… :D

    • ame on you for downing the people who are trying to save a disabled animal/vet. Do not be so ignorant, dogs know death. Walk in a high kill shelter and look into the eyes of the dogs and tell me they do not know death. Just because he was TRAINED to save, does not make him any less of a hero. The men and women who serve our country are TRAINED and put their lives at risk 24/7, does that make them less of a hero because they were trained? You assume your the biggest animal lover? You have no idea what it is to be an animal lover. You might care for animals and even own a couple, but when you are a 22 year old broke full time college student who in the last 6 months single handedly saved over 22 dogs from being killed just to make space in a shelter, then you can talk to me about being an animal lover.

      • Nuno Lopes says:

        Wow… yours is bigger than mine! Really? Are you serious? Go back to school and learn a little bit more, I don’t have the time to educate “teenagers”…

        AND then they say that I’m the hatter… yeah, right! :D

    • Thanks nunno or what ever. You do live in a sad country and we hope you live a sad life there as well. A Hero is a Hero 4 legs or 2. I geuss someone from a country like yours couldn’t understand that. You cut the crap and stay out of it, this is an American thing.

      • Nuno Lopes says:

        And who the hell invited you to make a part of this philosophical conversation?

        Go learn some history will ya… Because you know nothing at all… I almost bet that even your own history you do not know.

        For the records, Portugal has 900 years old of history… and your America less than 400!

        And Christopher Columbus was PORTUGUESE, not Spanish nor Italian.

        You still have schools in America you know?


        • Nuno, you are a small-minded, short-tempered, bigoted little man. You do not understand Americans the way you think you do and you think that bad-mouthing is the best way to get a point across. I love animals. If I didn’t have two cats who get insanely jealous, I would gladly take this dog. You got a dog off the street and that automatically makes you more of an animal lover? No. It just means that you have a good heart and will take in a stray. You’re no better than any of us. I don’t really care if you’re Portuguese, black, white, striped, polka-dotted, whatever…It has nothing to do with how you feel about animals, so just drop it. Also, unless YOU’RE planning on adopting this dog, get off the comment page. Because in the long run, if you don’t take action either, you’re just as bad and just as much of a hypocrite. And you can insult me and tell me I’m stupid, but I know one thing. I have a brain to mouth filter and you do not. I also know how to phrase my sentences correctly since English is MY first language.

          • Nuno Lopes says:

            Such hypocrisy in so few words. You said it yourself, that you won’t adopt the dog, and you are imposing your stupid ideas all over me? That is why you will never understand the meaning of life!!!

            Your American pride blinds you to greater things… you will never be better, smarter, awesome as me! Believe me, I know that for sure, because of your attitude.

            I stated my own opinion just like you did, so you get off the page! Don’t be a hypocrite!

            E já agora, eu pelo menos sei como falar e escrever na minha própria língua e na tua também, sem recorrer a translators… I rest my case!

        • Elizabeth Taylor says:

          Nuno ? So in those 900 years you still haven’t leaned what shut the hell up means and mind your own business ….And we really don’t care if you like Americans ??? Klause said it the best !…. your just a little bitter old ____? ..I would say man but it really don’t suit you !!!…lol

          • Nuno Lopes says:

            Shut up you old hag!!!

            You don’t understand a thing… Internet is free for all and you don’t own the site, so I can state my own opinion. This is a free world do you know?

            No, you don’t know, you still think that America is the center of the world!

            For your information, Portugal was the very first FREE ESTATE of Europe and one probably of the World too.

            “The death penalty has been abolished in almost all European countries (48 out of 50). Of all modern European countries, San Marino and Portugal were the first to abolish and only Belarus still practices capital punishment. Latvia has abolished the death penalty for ordinary crimes but retains it for crimes during wartime.”

            SO, you know nothing about freedom or humanity.

            Agora vai mas estudar que te faz bem e está mas é caladinha!!! :P

  44. Mats Croon says:

    Save this heroic dog! Someone! Please!

    I had a explosives dog when i did my service in the Swedish Airforce. He did 2 tours, Lebanon and Afghanistan, and finally retired to a warm, caring family. I’m in tears for Rocky. Id take him if it was possible

  45. Has this dog been adopted yet? I would like to know because my husband is deployed right now and i will not return to cali. Camp Pendleton san onefre area til end of sept. So please let me know if anyone has adopted him or not!! I can’t believe they would put him down…. I hate it when that happens..

  46. Galen Slade says:

    What nobody seems to be getting here is the fact that it is customary for the dog’s handler to adopt a dog after it’s service is over. Handlers and dogs are members of a family – two parts of the same being. They build a bond of trust between each other that goes beyond life itself.

    Unfortunately for Rocky, his handler was killed in action, and he’s now an orphan – the man who worked with him, and loved him, is gone….

    • Linda Christoffersen says:

      What nobody here is hearing is that Rocky will not be killed. Lackland AFB is in charge of Military dogs. They have said, HOURS AGO, that he will not be killed. Camp Pendelton has nothing to say about it.

  47. The article says his last handler was killed. Just look how many people here have multiple pets already, good people who are adopting until they have a houseful. I would take him too, but I have three big dogs (my county limit) and a flight of unavoidable stairs. He looks like a GSD, I had 4 until my Belgian Malinois recently passed away at 15 1/2. It’s not right to use them and discard them, at least someone is trying to place him. I wish him a loving family and a good life. And I agree, I’d like to see an active service person take him, not all move around and next a veteran.

  48. I live in NC Ill go pick the baby up I want him. Im going to call tomorrow and find out more. I have three teenage girls a lot of land and my husband and we all have a lot of love to give this baby!

    • Awesome!

    • Thank you, Karen …

      Just HAVE TO put this out there for you and the others willing to help, as obviously only ONE of you will get Rocky, and I’ve exhausted every other option so far … Please forgive me, but I am an animal rescue, and I’m shameless when it comes to helping my “kids” find home. That said … In the event that you DON’T get him, I have ONE female, GSD/HUSKY mix who DESPERATELY NEEDS A HOME, and would be very happy if you would consider her. I run a very small animal rescue, and she has been OVERLOOKED FOR FIVE YEARS. My husband left me two years ago and I am disabled. Consequently, it is increasingly harder for me to care for her as I/she needs because have ONE volunteer or NO volunteers at any given time, and four other house/personal pets … all rescues too. I haven’t had ONE DONATION for her in the entire time I’ve had her, and I live on disability. My parents have been helping since he left, but are becoming increasingly less tolerant of the rescue dogs, because “their just dogs” and it costs too much money. So … IF you find you have the space in your home and your heart, please consider giving her a home, won’t you? You can see her and all her information at … and can friend me on facebook … quietwolfspirit or Shelley Schultz … Profile should come up either way. You can also write me at Again, thank you SO MUCH for stepping up to the plate. You’ll never know how much these babies appreciate it. ;)

  49. Kristy Spurgeon says:

    I emailed the POC listed. I offered to bring Rocky into our family. My husband is a wounded warrior and they would be a perfect fit together. They even have matching wheel chair accessories =) I had to resign from my career years ago to care for my hubby so he would have care around the clock like he needed, so I would be available to provide care for Rocky also. I just hope it is the correct POC listed. *fingers crossed*

    • Susan Karbe says:

      Per article adoptions of Rocky are handled through Lackland AFB….there is an online application!!

    • Kristy, that would be awesome if you can adopt Rocky! I know a lot of people here would be happy to contribute some money to help cover travel and pet medical expenses to anyone who adopts him. Several people- including me- would also be willing to help with the transportation. Email me at if you get him. :) Mike

    • Good luck Kristy. Lots of love to your hubster. We thank him for his sevice and you for yours. Hope it all works out.

    • That’s wonderful Kristy…you must be a very loving person =).

  50. WHY does this dog have pressure/kennel sores?? Come on now….this whole situation is upsetting. If I didn’t have a 21 month old and 3 rescued dogs, he’d be coming here without a second thought. If any dog deserves a repreive, it’s certainly this poor kid.

    • Pressure sores/decubitis ulcers result from sustained inactivity. The elderly get them too, it’s from a lack of care and not always the care takers fault. It’s usually the facility who makes it impossible for the care taker to provide a quality level of care or just basic care.

  51. ok I finally got through all of the article and I would love to adopt him and keep him from being put down. I have two small boys and a rat terrior and I don’t think with his conditions that would be best for him. I really wish it would have worked out for me to adopt him. I really do hope he finds a home and I will post this on my facebook for my friends to see! I pray that he may continue his life until he dies of natural causes..

  52. Pama Walker says:

    Come on folks. Just use him up and put him to sleep. I’m surprised the government doesn’t do this to soldiers too. This dog did what was expected of him and now its time for the USA to stand up for this hero.

  53. Carrie777 says:

    I will take him. I have 4 dogs already and one is a retired police dog. I will be calling tomorrow to see about getting him here!

    • girlymctx says:

      BLESS YOU!

    • Sabine Vetten says:

      Carrie777: REALLY????
      I have tears in my eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

      Would you be so kind and update me on Facebook about him???
      You will find me there by the same name like here!!!

      Thank you and all the best for you, your pack and Lucky!!!

    • Nuno Lopes says:

      Now, that is what I was talking about… congratulations and claps on to you for such attitude…

      My respect to you from Portugal!

      Have a great life and God bless you!!! :)

      • Sabine Vetten says:

        Yes this is wonderful!!! I would like to adopt him too… but I still have 3 dogs… 2 rescued and adopted from Romania and 2 horses. Also I´m not sure about the long flight for him to Germany.
        But I´m sure he will have a wonderful live at Carries home!!!
        God bless you all!!!

    • STILLserving says:

      the article said he should go to a home with no other dogs because he was dog-aggressive. Or I’d have gone out and gotten him myself. I already have 2 rescues…so far, one of which I went from Wisconsin to eastern Ohio to get.

    • God bless you Carrie. Please keep us posted … this brought tears to my eyes.

  54. heather walker says:

    I would love him. My husband is a former Marine. But we have a 2 year old. I pray he finds a good home. He deserves that. He’s a veteran, just like a human he deserves respect and live for his service.

  55. girlymctx says:

    I wish I didnt already have multiple dogs! I want more than ANYTHING to take this pup-pup into my home & love on him! If not for the threat of being called a hoarder, I’d do it. I have 6 pom-poms/rat-terriers-all related by mom,dad 2-girls&2-boy babies….Dang IT!

  56. I hope that someone will welcome this retired service dog into their home & their heart! He deserves to spend his remaining years in comfort with someone who cares about him.It is sad that his handler died or I am sure he’d be taken care of! If no one takes him, can he not be sent to an animal sanctuary to live out his life with other animals like himself?He might be property of the Service but he is still a living, breathing warrior!!!!!!Best of Luck to you !

  57. You have got to be kidding….has ANYONE CONTACTED BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SANCTUARY???? I will if I knew the contact info for this wonderful living dog….please let me know I will try and get him in there….if no one can adopt him…I hate that I cannot but have two intact males(show dogs) and it would not work they would drive him crazy…and he could not relax and enjoy his life…whatever that may be he does not need to be killed…e gads

  58. Sabine Vetten says:

    I´m german… but for me… I can´t believe a MEMBER of the BIG US ARMY should be killed!
    How many millions does USA give for Military “stuff”??? And is NOT ABLE to feed a HERO til the end of his live???
    A life he REALLY deserves???
    Why is he handicapped now??? From all the lazy days laying on a sofa???

    Hey… USA… come on !!! Is this your true face to your Army members???
    You have “UNITED” in “USA”… so what is it meaning by doing this to Rocky???
    Think about it and do not make your “name” a shame!!!

    • Everyone is trying read the posts people want to adopt we unfortunately can not control our government. This hero won’t die he will find his home.

      • Sabine Vetten says:

        You are right… the gov. is “a mess” for things like that!
        And yes… I believe he will find his new home!!!
        Fingers crossed!!!

    • And Germany has such a “loving history” of slaughtering millions of innocents…. hmmm…. If I recall, wasn’t it the United States that rallied to the cause and saved millions who would have been enslaved by your “wonderful Hitler!” We are not perfect, but lots of people try to come to our country – wonder why? Let’s spew love – not hate!

      • Ah… and “GRETE”… before I forget:

        Read ALL the comments here… (also the first under that here!) and you will see and maybe understand!? what the others wrote about the US Army and the gov.!!!

        Go… go with your wonderful knowledge and judge them too! Ha??? You don´t dare??? Why not??? Ahhhhh…. they are not germans!!!
        I understand… so…. do not tell me anything about Hitler and racism!!!

        • Brenda Adams says:

          Sabine: I feel the need to apologize for Gretchen! I am so sorry…. I think it is a bit late, because reading what is going on with this dog, certainly makes the US look like we are a bunch of ungrateful and uncaring bunch when it comes to this dog. I URGE YOU TO CONTINUE READING….. You will find that THIS DOG IS GOING TO GET HIMSELF A WONDERFUL HOME WITH ONE OF US AMERICANS! We are NOT ALL UNCARING! We are NOT ALL UNKIND! We have ALL KINDS IN THIS COUNTRY! We have to take the bitter with the sweet! You will find that THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF SWEET HERE! The Americans have an Animal Rescue Community that is filled with the most kind, loving, caring and GENEROUS PEOPLE that anyone could EVER come across! I think that YOU will be IMPRESSED as this story comes to an end and THIS HERO HAS FOUND A HOME AND A FAMILY THAT WILL BE PERFECT FOR HIM! I know this is going to happen for him, as sure as I know my name! YOU WILL BE SURPRISED AND I WILL BE PROUD! Watch and learn…. IT IS GOING TO MAKE YOU SMILE ALONG WITH ME!

      • Brenda Adams says:


        • Brenda… I appreciate your apology… but really… no worries about that!!! I also have wonderful american friends!!! :o)
          And also I have my own opinions about the USA! This is just a case that makes me angry and sad because of what Lucky did for the US Army and now they are not taking care of him any longer or giving him enough time to find his home!
          But if all the other good people in here will help and share… I´m sure that Lucky ( I call him Lucky because he needs luck ;o) ) will find that wonderful “fur” ever home he deserves!!!
          I know what the americans are able to do for animals… and I appreciate that! It´s not the fault of the american citizens… it´s a fault by the law I think!
          In which part of the US do you live?

      • hey gretchen what kind of person r u? u r talking here bout hitler & jump on germans who want help? u better listen to news on tv to know reality & ur recall u can keep by urself. it´s a shame to read ur post. im a former marine too. we´re here for rocky. sabines right before open ur barefaced mouth – first google.

      • Good god do you have to bring hitler into this because a German posted? This has absolutely nothing to do with helping a poor animal in need. You should be ashamed of yourself totally!

  59. As a disabled vet this is very upsetting to me….here we have a war hero who gave his life for OUR freedom…it is only my opinion but I feel that the goverment should,as with all disabled vets,take care of this heros’ medical bills for the remander of his life.Why would we give the politicians free medical care for the rest of their lives and they can’t can’t even get the job done?! Here you have a warrior be it 2 legs or 4 legs that has done a job well and has proven his worth. Shame on all you goverment official. Unfortunatly I am not in a position to take this dog(I have 10 GS and run a horse rescue) but if I could I feel it would be a priviledge and an honor to take this dog. I must throw caution to the wind….There is a possibility that this dog can suffer from PTSD( Post Traumatic Stress the person who adopts him must have a very willing and loving heart. That is why I think the goverment should take care of his medical treatment….Honor this hero Please!!!!

  60. Sabine Vetten says:

    Read what Carrie said:

    Carrie777 says:
    August 17, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    I will take him. I have 4 dogs already and one is a retired police dog. I will be calling tomorrow to see about getting him here!

    • We’re told that Rocky needs to be the only animal in the home.

      • Sabine Vetten says:

        What the hell shall that???
        Everybody should be happy he gets a new home with a good life and not telling the people that he has to be the ONLY dog there!!! I think it´s always better to have company than to be alone… also a handicapped dog.
        They can play like the others… not 100 % … but they can and will love it!
        I´m shocked and sad!!!

        • Tena Hastings says:

          It states clearly that military working dogs tend to be more aggressive, making them better off as only dogs. It’s a safe guard to protect the dog and the new owner. This dog can play but I would SLOWLY work it into playing with other dogs. I would NEVER dream of subjecting my handicapped doxie to a possible threat. Some dogs with aggression issues will see a disabled dog as something to kill. It is GENETIC and called pack mentality.

          I am however APPALLED at the USMC for not trying harder to give this dog a home!! There are many veterans who could provide a home. Retired or a veteran of some kind who is TRAINED to handle this dog could be a good idea. Active duty service members would not be a good idea due to moves and some places we move to charge a fortune for people with pets while we wait for housing. As a reservists wife you have no idea about active duty life and should not be insulting those of us who live it DAILY or have lived it daily as our real life not something we do occasionally. I’m sorry but as a disabled FEMALE vet~it gets my back up! And if I had no dogs at all I’d be in my car on my way to get him!

          • Tena Hastings says:

            Comment includes my remark also to the wife of reservist who verbally went after someone.

          • Sabine Vetten says:

            If Lucky has this aggressive potential … it´s really not easy to take him with other dogs I believe!
            And also other dogs might be checked before meeting each other!

            So…. the rest of the comment was not for me!? ;o)

  61. Angela Aronie says:

    I have read the comments and it seems that there are some people who are thankfully serious about adopting Rocky. I agree with many of you that this is nothing short of inhumane. The fact that the military would not at the very least find a rescue group that uses foster homes as opposed to shelters to temporarily house this dog is beyond me. I just lost my 13 yo GSD last October that I adopted from German Shepherd Rescue of New England when he was 10. I know for a fact that they take in handicapped and senior GSDs. I also know they network with similar organizations in other areas. I will pass this info along to them and also email the Spc. Our dog used a special harness and a wheelchair the last year of his life and was still able to run and play. It was not easy, but unbelievably rewarding to have given him that chance. I truly hope someone will give Rocky the same chance. No doubt he’s earned it.

    • I so agree with what you said. Unless you’ve worked with and loved special needs dogs, you can’t understand how rewarding it is. Dogs are such amazing creatures…they don’t wallow in self pity the way many of their human counterparts do….they just put their ailments aside and go on with life. I took in a 12 year old deaf and blind Doberman who was one of the most delightful dogs that I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. Another foster was a former agility Dobe that due to an injury was confined to a doggie wheelchair like Rocky. He loved life and never missed a beat. One of his favorite things was chasing squirrels in the back yard. I really hope that Rocky will be given the chance he deserves. It seems a number of people here are interested in adoption and I’m more than willing to foster him, so let’s hope the military will be cooperative and this boy finds the home he deserves!

  62. kathleen owens says:

    Wow, we’re being attacked by Portugal first and now Germany? Really? Sabine, the dog has Degenerative Myopathy, which is a nerve disease which controls the dogs back legs. It immobilizes the dogs ability to control his hind legs. Shepherds are very sucseptible to this. And, condeming how the US Military treats it’s dogs? Really? After the Berlin wall fell, I could swear that I read that all the dogs that were between the walls were all slaughtered. Hmmm….

    Lets stay on track and focused on the whole purpose of this blog, shall we?

    • Cheryl Lueddeke says:

      Thank u. …u spared them my brutal retort! And yes, let’s stay focused on finding this guy a comfy living home to retire to….( ill end here…my brain is about to spew some brutal replies to our concerned foreigners…funny…they’d b nothin without us!

      • To you the same: you have absolutely no idea what you´re talking about. Lueddeke… hmmmmm seems to be a german name. LOL

      • Nuno Lopes says:

        You really are dumb… if it wasn’t a Portuguese brave hero called Christopher Columbus, you guys would not even exist… as Americans.

        Go back to school please… it is good for you!

        • What does your Country an history have to do with this beautiful dog? Go someplace else an spew that crap. Better yet, get over yourself!
          Frankly, i’m Sick of reading your spew!

    • Sabine Vetten says:

      Kathleen… I think you are an animal lover… aren´t you!?

      I will tell you my opinion…
      I know about paralyzed dogs and yes I´m commending how the US Military is treating it´s dogs!!!
      No matter where he got his disease from or why…!
      They took him when he was a healthy dog and used him for work! And now???
      It´s their duty to make sure he can have a good life after all he did for the US Army!!!

      And to be honest… I never heard or read something you said about the dogs between the walls! You can be sure… if that really would had happened… EVERY TV channel and EVERY newspaper had been talking about that!!!
      By the way… between the walls… NO ONE… not even a duck could survive there!!! Or did you never heard about all the bombs between the walls???
      And…please… before judging us for something what should happened there… “touch your own nose” and “first wipe away the dirt in front of your own door”… like we german say!

      We have an animal law… since 1933… and we do not “slaughter” dogs.
      USA is up to date with all modern stuff, sending rockets to the moon etc. pp… but not able to create a really good animal law!?!?!?!
      That´s a shame and not just me is thinking like that… no… the most americans agree with me!
      But what happens in this modern USA??? Nothing!!! Look just on the Rodeos… wonderful “sport”!
      For sure we have rotten apples here in germany like every country has… but… we have no killing shelters… or death rows like in USA!
      NO animal in our shelters is allowed to put to death by a “date” because of full shelters!
      And when you are honest… you also do not like the “rules” in the USA for animals…
      I believe our dogs have the the better choice.

      Just hope Lucky will get that lovely home he deserves!!!

      And now we can go back on track…

      P.S.: Don´t take it personal!

      • Faran Issoba says:

        Ok lady, you need to stop now. You obviously do NOT know what you are talking about. Do you have any idea what the Germans did to any animals they came into contact with when the Nazi’s were in charge. Slaughtered Lady all Slaughtered. The US does have some good laws and some bad. You can’t sit over there in Germany and make a blanket comment like that. And if you can sit there and say all rodeo is bad then you are obviously stupid. Have you ever even seen one. Mind your own business and stop minding ours. No country has a perfect record of taking care of it’s people or it’s animals. And Germany’s record of taking care of either seriously sucks. Without us stepping in a saving your butts you would not have the ability to sit there and make such stupid comments. So once again mind your own business. Someone in this country will take care of this dog I am sure of it.

        • lol
          u r telling the same bulls**t like that gretchen did. u have been there with the nazis? u r talkin bout any butts? u should google to see the german history. what do u think how old the us is & where r the most from? u r the one who has no idea. shut up & go home.

        • @ Faran Issoba:
          You absolutely have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! “Mind your own business”? What do you think who brought the most technology to the US for business? Germany! WOW they created the fist “unidentified flying object”. You know the round thing! Why do the rich people here like to have german cars? You´re just talking about old things and ask if the lady has been to a rodeo. Have you been to a rodeo or in germany by war time? Faran Issoba you´re not really a clever person!!!
          I´m here to help Rocky and I´ll not reading stupid coments like yours!
          Btw where does your name come from?

  63. I too am a disabled (army) vet and if I didn’t have my own SDiT, I would take him in a heartbeat! It’s too bad that he needs to go to a home with no children or dogs! :( I have both… I pray that someone with a large heart can take in and care for this wounded vet.

  64. Awww :( I would love to have him, but we already have 2 dogs! Hope this guy finds a home!

  65. Teri McCallum says:

    Please immediately contact Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. Or Angel’s Gate Hospice in New York. Both of these organizations have a reputation for stepping up and helping dogs animals like Rocky. He deserves better than this. Please, please, please exhaust your possibilities before ending another life. Rocky is a veteran too. What is the rush to end his life? He, like all of us, only get one.

  66. Cheryl Lueddeke says:


  67. Andrea Ryan says:

    Bottom line, this wonderful dog served in the military, the military would honor and take care of a human, would they put a human down? I think not. This is what this country has become. This is BS. If we can not count on our own government to save this poor guy than someone needs to save this poor boy.

  68. Shame on you for downing the people who are trying to save a disabled animal/vet. Do not be so ignorant, dogs know death. Walk in a high kill shelter and look into the eyes of the dogs and tell me they do not know death. Just because he was TRAINED to save, does not make him any less of a hero. The men and women who serve our country are TRAINED and put their lives at risk 24/7, does that make them less of a hero because they were trained? You assume your the biggest animal lover? You have no idea what it is to be an animal lover. You might care for animals and even own a couple, but when you are a 22 year old broke full time college student who in the last 6 months single handedly saved over 22 dogs from being killed just to make space in a shelter, then you can talk to me about being an animal lover.

    *God Bless Our Troops!*

    • ^^That was to Nuno^^ Scroll up to see his stupid comments he made!

      • Nuno Lopes says:

        Wow… yours is bigger than mine! Really? Are you serious? Go back to school and learn a little bit more, I don’t have the time to educate “teenagers”…

        AND then they say that I’m the hatter… yeah, right! :D

        Someone please give this guy a bone, he deserves it for his own brave heroic act of saving 22 dogs… single handed! May you be applauded… or not…

        E vê lá se estás mas é caladinho que a tua conversa já cheira mal…
        Alguém que mude aí as fraldas ao menino, tá todo borradinho! lol :D

  69. Pearl Caddell says:

    It doesn’t really matter who adopts as long as it’s someone who cares and will give this hero a loving forever home. After all he served his country and deserves to live out his life in comfort and not be put to death. 3 tours is a long and faithful time to his country.

  70. SpousefromOkinawa says:

    Im praying someone will adopt Rocky. I know my family would in a heartbeat if we were stationed in the US. <3

  71. It just shows how the military treats the disabled war dogs kill them if it was a human there would be an outcry of MURDER.

    • Brenda Adams says:

      Anonymous: PLEASE TELL US WHAT THE REAL DEAL IS WITH THIS DOG! I can not believe that he would be put to death! If what has been written is not the truth, (and I hope it is not the truth), PLEASE TELL ALL OF US WHATEVER YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS. Our country is being shown in a putrid, putrid way through all of this! People are bringing Hitler, Native Americans, African Americans into all of this and it has gotten REALLY OUT OF HAND! People are hating from Portugal, to Germany and plenty are hating from right here in the US! One telling the other to “mind their own business”, another, “don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house” “Sweep the dirt from your door step” and on and on! PLEASE SHED SOME LIGHT ON THE TRUTH HERE! WE NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH! I AM BEGGING!

      • As of 1am ET this morning we received a message from Camp Pendleton that Rocky will not be put down as long as there are pending adoption applications. Please continue to refer to our post for updates that we confirm; we are in direct contact with Camp Pendleton.

  72. Mickey Brown says:

    I 100% agree with what Karren said,” the US govt. should pay all of the vet bills for this dog for the rest of his life. It is a crime the way our veterans of war are treated. No jobs, homeless, Yet they just bought new buses at a cost of over one million each for Obama and the presidential candidates to ride in. I believe I heard they bought three. We are so worried about sending money to Pakistan and other foreign countries but we don’t take care of our own. We have starving children in this country. It’s time we take care of our own first!

    • I do agree with you Mickey. The government has no concern for anyone but themselves lately. They care about putting money in obama’s pockets, and making sure everyone in the white house is taken care of. But how are they doing that? By taking out of our soldiers pockets. It’s a shame they couldn’t do anything for this poor dog. Unfortunately for america, as much ‘pride’ as we take in our soldiers, we have fresh veterans returning every day to absolutely nothing but a park bench, and a piece of news paper to call their blanket. I hate how the disabled veterans, and homeless veterans of this country get treated, and those dying currently from being sent to do a job by our government. They could use the money they have in the ‘agent orange’ fund that if it goes unclaimed automatically goes into the politicians hands instead of finding a cure to take care of them. We as americans talk alot of shit but do absolutely nothing to back up these words. If I could I’d take Rocky in a heart beat. But I am a single female working an odd ends job, and suffering from the decline of an economy. Reading this made me sit here and cry. I’m sometimes ashamed to call myself american, if america can’t even take care of the people living here.

      Poor Rocky desrves a veterans honor, a purple heart, and all the awards, and promises the government promises you upon signing your life away. As a child of a reservest and many a veteran in my family. I hope and pray this poor veterans reaps what he deserves. If it wasn’t for him ‘saving lives’. Just think he could have saved your son or daughters life out there in Afghan/Iraq. Both my aunt and my uncle are retired soliders from your barricks.


  73. I would adopt this dog in a heartbeat but there’s a few reasons why I can’t. I have another dog and he needs a home with no other animals. Also, I’m on the east coast and can’t afford the cost to bring him out to me. I hope someone can rescue this hero. He doesnt deserve death

  74. I want to adopt him but I live in Philippines.

  75. webgalpat says:

    If you want Rocky but need transportation, please contact Operation Roger. They are truckers who transport pets across this nation to their furever homes..No charge. Just google for them.

  76. It seems that several people here are interested in adopting Rocky. If there is anything that I can do to help facilitate his transport please let me know. My email is I have written and offered to foster Rocky if this is permitted. My situation isn’t ideal in that I’m quite under employed right now but I have expressed interest in adopting him if another good home does not surface in time and fostering is not allowed. I am waiting to hear back. I do have experience with special needs working breeds including a Doberman who had to use a doggie wheelchair. If I can help anyone here to help Rocky, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Together we CAN save him!

  77. In my opinion I think that putting the dog to sleep is sad and tragic but I think because of his condition it is the best thing for him I would NEVER allow one of my dogs to suffer like that I love my dogs dearly and putting them to sleep would be Devastating for me but it they were in pain and suffering all the time I would do the Humane thing. He cant walk and he cant even “do his buisness” with dignity how can allowing him to suffer in this way be the right choice.

    • Obviously you’ve never worked with special needs dogs. I have and believe me, their attitudes are nothing like human attitudes. These dogs have an unbelievable zeal for life and it would be heartbreaking to see it snuffed out before his time. The special dogs that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing have taught me more about life, happiness, and overcoming limitations that you can possibly imagine. Rocky needs this chance.

      • I have worked with one, and I agree. I am crying for him. Bless all who are working to find help for him! I would help some with a donation. I don’t have much left over after caring for my 3 rescues and my own medical, but he deserves it. If everyone who reads this could donate what they can afford, it all adds up. I also plan contacting my Congressman about this (although I don’t think it will help). Any other ideas??

  78. I spoke to Jade a little while ago. I have a great home for Rocky.—The Adoption Information form speaks about a process that could take months.—Euthanasia is scheduled for August 24 . My client is prepared to adopt tomorrow. —Please call me 24/7 at 610 581 4141 OR 610 526 2828.— Please look at: where we have homes for Rocky situations.—Buzz

  79. sean mcintyre says:

    I will take him, I just adopted out two foster shep/rotts, they are leaving monday and then I can leave from detroit to camp P, gets me there thursday or friday latest. sent email and will follow with repeat calls in the AM (got the recording) I am in Detroit though, so If someone is closer, by all means go get him, or lets get him transported here? I can take him, its a week round trip for me though… and I still have two other rescue dogs… I have room for Rocky in my pack though!

    • Sean, the original post said Rocky would need to be the only dog in the house. I would think they could bend that rule, though. I have three dogs- 2 rescues, including a pit bull- which is the sweetest dog I’ve ever met. Conventional wisdom isn’t always right- Rocky might thrive with other dogs- if they’re introduced cautiously.

      If they do let you take him, I think a lot of people here would help cover transportation costs (including me). Let me know what they say (

  80. I pray Rocky finds a home. It is a sin and a tragedy that Rocky cannot live out his years with someone to love him after he served our country. He deserves no less love, honor and respect than his human counterparts. If I could provide for him I would. Please someone help him.

  81. Police dogs are treated like any policemen, why is it that when it comes to this dog, he isn’t treated like any other soldier???? That’s a shame! Lets all contact our lcoal humane society and see if they would take him. How many of these cases are going on? Shouldnt there be an organization that specifically takes care of cases like these??

  82. Rocky is a veteran and should be treated as one. If I had the room for him, I would apply. It’s a shame to see this happen!!

  83. Susan McDonough says:

    I wish I could take him. My and my husbands jobs do not allow for us to spend the time at home needed to have a dog. But I will certainly help with funds for his transport as well. Facebook friend me…. Susan- John McDonough with info on how I can help ! God Bless You Rocky ! Thank you for your sacrifice. There are alot of people praying for you tonight !

  84. katharine says:

    We get this notice about Rocky today & get a very short notice for the 24th.. I think it’s not enough time to search for a home for Rocky.. Please work this out in respects for Rocky hero’s. Set up a fundraiser for him & a new owner will need help for his vets needs. Looked like Rocky has come along way & has been the best he can ! Please give him credits !

  85. We all would take Rocky if we could, but not just anyone can afford to care for a dog with such medical bills. Wish you all would shut up and stop attacking each other, it’s disgraceful and horrible.

  86. This is disgusting! This dog gave so much only to be treated so terribly. These dogs deserve to have a home to go to. If no home is found for Rocky, why not a military hospital or base as a mascot?
    And to say dogs don’t know fear is crazy. Animals are aware and sense danger as much as you and I. Through training Rocky may have been able to surpress that fear like his human soldiers. But like human soldiers, I’m sure that fear doesn’t go away. And that means every time he went into combat and over came his fears to do his job makes him a HERO. And many dogs HAVE saved lives without ever being trained! Acknowledging these qualities isn’t anything any of us should be ashamed of!

  87. the first thing i want to say is, I salute ROCKY if only i am capable of adopting this K9 i love to have him and take care of him! i have 5 dogs here in the house! 1 australian collie, 2 labrador’s and 2 belgian malinois! if someone can send ROCKY to me here in the Philippines I will take care of him and gave him the honor of being a hero!

  88. How much time are people wasting bickering back and forth about what the government or what any one person or group of people should do? Let’s spend our time finding the one person (or family) that can do the right thing and give this guy a home.

    Kudos to all the people willing to step up to the plate and adopt him, and for those who are willing to help him get to his new home.

    He’s the epitome of a “GOOD DOG” — he deserves the comfort and love of old age, and the warmth of a family to love him each of his remaining days.

  89. I am sorry Rocky that I can’t adopt you ,I have multiple pets at home . I do hope you will find a great home with people who will love you and an awesome yard to rest and relax.Is it true that most military dogs are put down because they are to aggressive ? And that you have to have experience with German shepherds and dog training before you could adopt?
    I hope I am wrong ….
    My GSD wasn’t that friendly either but she loved our family unconditionally , and I never once thought about of putting her down because of her aggression.

    • These dogs are trained through positive reinforcment methods and this does not create aggression. In contrast, aggression can occur when a dog is trained using harsh methods. In general when you are dealing with the working breeds it is best that you do have an understanding of them and a commitment to providing the training and structure they require. They are highly intelligent animals and can wind up running the show if their human is unprepared to take the leadership role. This is not all that difficult when positive behaviors are rewarded and less desirable ones not acknowledged. The most important thing is consistency — A dog should not be allowed to disobey a command so that he learns that the only acceptable option is obedience. In Rocky’s case he has already acquired superb training. His new owner will only need to reinforce this while providing him the love that he needs and deserves.

  90. So did anyone finally adopt him? I read several posts about people interested in taking him… I prayed that his life is spared….

    • Not yet, but we understand that there are a lot of people submitting applications. Lackland AFB, which handles all military dog adoptions, has a process for qualifying adopters. While adoption applications are pending, we have learned that Rocky will not be put down.

  91. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like Rocky is gettin put down. No one wants a dog with that many problems. It is a dog people. Not a human. He’d be better out of his misery than suffering through that long list of health issues.

    • Trust me….there are plenty of people who will take on an animal with multiple health issues. If he can have a good quality of life, then why should he be KILLED simply because YOU think he is in misery and suffering? If you’re not going to be supportive, then don’t post.

  92. If I had a place for him and the time to give him I would take him in a heartbeat. I love animals and wish our rescue group could take him and help him find a forever home. I will do my part by spreading the word and praying someone steps up and helps him out.

  93. donna bond says:

    well, I have 4 dogs ( 2 are senior rescues ) 13 cats ( fosters ) and one cockatoo and I’m willing to take on another one in a heartbeat nothing here but love, would have to have a ramp made since I have stairs. Does anyone know if he got a home yet

  94. I would love to take him!! My husband is in Afghanistan right now and I am in the middle of moving back to Cali but if I could talk to my husband before they put him down I am sure he would be okay with it. I am always home anyways,

  95. I have a number of friends online with disabled pets. Anyone who is considering adopting Rocky should understand what the responsibility would entail, but also know that pets with paralysis and many other major challenges can be a part of a happy home.

    Our friend Indigo:!/profile.php?id=100001112134731

  96. I’ll take him! Someone get me the info or email me. I will do whatever is needed to save this hero!!!!

    • Dana,

      The contact info is at the top of the page- at the end of the original article- along with a link where you can fill out an online application.

      If you get him, let us know- I think a lot of people would be happy to contribute to help cover transportation and pet medical expenses!

  97. what will it take to bring him to my home

  98. Navy Veteran says:

    This is a sad story, indeed! I’d be VERY happy to foster this guy! I’ve had plenty of dog aggressive, chicken murdering crazy dogs come through my doors, and they all get homes eventually! I just hope they’ll at least let him go to a foster! Seems they only ADOPT them out, but we’ll see what they say! As far as adoption goes, I’ll take him if they say I can’t foster! I’m a sucker for Marines! At least they brought Rocky HOME and are giving him a CHANCE! Have you heard the story of the dogs from the “conflict” in Viet Nam? The military has gotten a lot better about caring for the K9s, and treat them more like any other member of the service (like crap! Sort of joking…maybe…). Anyway, let’s all hope that he gets a home and gets love like he deserves!

    • ethel solis says:

      Hi Navy Marine,
      I hope you can adopt him if you are not allowed to foster for him. I feel so helpless seeing him and not able to do anything. I have two small ones already and i am not able to adopt him. If you are able to adopt him, please add me in facebook or email me to LETHELSL@AOL. COM…BEST WISHES AND TAKE CARE

  99. Charlie McKinney says:

    I’m a Marine, I’ll take him.

  100. But, but, but, but…….instead, I think what people here are trying to say is, that (because of the restrictions put on placing this dog – no kids, no other animals), he wouldn’t have a good quality life in their home because they have kids or other animals. I have 8 dogs. I’d take him, BUT my first thought was……what if he didn’t get along with mine? He’d have to be segregated and then human time would be minimized. He deserves better. He deserves to be the center of attention, the only animal the owners can and want to dote on, the…..ONE. Despite his “slight” aggressive tendencies, he deserves to be anxiety free. Why make his last years full of anxiety, fear, sadness, or any other negative emotion because he is in a home where there are other animals or children? SURELY SOMEONE suitable would love to have him and give him what he deserves, maybe even moreso than any other animal – love. Perhaps if the perfect forever home can’t be found be his D-Day, we (the public) can raise enough awareness and cause a big enough stink that the military will HAVE to do something better for him……….

  101. OMG If My Mom Would Let Me Take Him I Definitely Take Him =(

  102. There are several people on here that want him…Best Friends in Utah will take him, accommodate him and let him live out the rest of his life – but not with a family that could give him the life he so deserves.
    I would take him in a heart beat, but I live in a town that has too much snow (we had 55 feet of accumulated snowfall last year!)
    To let this aniaml die this way is an undignified death – he deserves do much more – he is a military veteran.
    Please, contact Best Friends in Utah – I will!

  103. Walter Johnson says:

    I am a former Marine, I would take him in a heart beat,but I am a animal lover and have 4 cats now and a big dog. I hope someone steps up to the plate and adopts him. He is a hero and hero sould not be treated like this. This just makes me sick what they want to do to him.

  104. It would be best if Rocky could go to a service member who is not deployable. The stress on such an animal who is disabled maybe agonizing for both the owner and the dog. And it must be someone who can afford the vet bills. I’m personally going to have to pay out $7200 per month next month for 20 months for my Mom in long term care until she qualifies for Medicaid. Otherwise I’d be tempted to adopt Rocky. But I am also wanting a service dog for myself and Rocky needs someone who does not need a service dog. But what a great dog though. It should become possible for the dog to be given lifetime care grant by the military payable to the vet the owner so chooses and perhaps a food stipend. That would make the dog adoptable to more people.

    • Susie Cooke-Erskine says:

      To SSG Lyons, If you need a companion dog, check with P2V (Pets To Vets). They are a great organization and match veterans with rescue dogs. Mostly, these dogs are for comfort and to help the veteran assimilate back from the war zones. They are not specially trained like guide dogs, but the vet bills are taken care of and the food provided also. Check out their website and see if this is the type of dog that may help you. Thank you so very much for your service.

  105. Has anyone seriously stepped up for this dog? Please let me know. Thank you!

  106. The Humane Society will take him in and find him a home!

  107. I saw someone post about this and I have shared it on Twitter. My tweet about it was used in a “daily” from a company with lots of followers so hopefully it will help. As the daughter of a retired Marine and relative of several others in the service, I am grateful to all our service personnel and to Rocky and the other dogs who have served our country. This breaks my heart and I wish I could give him the home he needs. We have other small animals and that would not be in his best interest. I pray he finds a loving home soon with someone who will be able to give him all he needs.

  108. Marty Jensen says:

    I read on Facebook that Justin said he would adopt this dog. He knows in his heart and soul that we would all be behind him every bit of the way, We may be separated by miles but we can all help him. I know Justin will be the best thing that ever came along for this sad dog – esp right now. Justin has a wealth of knowledge, he will use it to do the best he will be buoyed by our strength and donations, Please keep in touch Justin..I know you are the one to do this. You rock. Let me know what I can do to help OK???

  109. A wonderful young military wife that works for our rescue just put in an application to take care of him for the rest of his life. I think it would fantastic that all of us that wish we could take him but can’t, donate to this young couple to help with his medical care. Let me know if anyone is interested, I’ll set something up for them if she’s approved.

    • Rob- let us know- I’ll be happy to contribute, and I’m sure a lot of other people would, too. Please Email me ( and let me know if she’s approved and what I can do to help (including transportation). Thanks! Mike

  110. victoria flapjack says:

    Denise: Why so rough on an interesting suggestion re: stopping aggressive behavior by shaking a loud noisemaker? There are many things we don’t fully understand and that noise could stimulate her dog’s intimidation and stop the aggressive behavior. That is how dogs work. We do understand that. Rebekah: Don’t let them get you down. I thought it was a clever use of something deep and instinctual without cruelty and lots of tension on your part. Kudos. Rocky will get an wonderful owner soon, especially with the clever use of this media.

    • Michelle B says:

      Piggybacking for Denise to HOPEFULLY see:

      Actually, you doubting ninnies, the pebbles in the jar makes perfect sense. It’s the same sort of training that the clicker does for dogs (only the clicker is for good behavior).

      When you growl and shake the pebbles, it does 2 things. 1 – it shows you are the Alpha (duh) 2 – the dog associates one with the other (i.e., the growling & the shaking of the pebbles – therefore if you shake the pebbles, what’s next? oh! the Alpha will growl and put you in your place).

      The clicker, just FYI, you give them treats and lovey them up to the point happiness is associated with a click. When they hear the click they are ecstatic.

      How rude to speak before you are knowledgable in the matter :(

  111. Charlie McKinney says:

    Lisa, tried calling. Nobody answered. Will try again in the morning!

  112. My goodness! This is about a sweet dog that deserves a good home. People on here are arguing over personal issues and trying to defend themselves against one another. I’m sure we all wish we could help, but there is no need to fight in trying to justify why you can’t. I have three dogs, reside in NY and have a 22 month old (who is heading straight for the terrible 2’s :) I do not have a lot of time & often feel just awful when I feel like my doggies do not get as much attention as they used to prior to my little one being born. I know that I could not provide the time needed for sweet Rocky. But do I wish I could…YES. I will do everything I can to assist in getting this story out. I will pray that Rocky’s life will not be taken! It’s wrong!!!! But please people…stop fighting!

    • Sharon Blythe says:

      Totally agree Layna…I just got on this site late tonight..and Im amazed at he good hearts..but dismayed at the amount of egotistic comments Ive seen as well. Sad..This dog deserves a loving home and care..just like any other military hero..and I say..Just get over your damn politics and save this dogs life!

  113. Gina Bellassai says:

    I am not military nor have I ever been. I Have 5 dogs`, 2 parrots. I work only 3 days a week and one of my dogs is handicapped. The vet told me to put him down and that if I didnt , he stood a 5% chance of ever walking again. He would have to have his left leg amputated at best and I was wasting my time and my energy. I have to help him (do his business) every day and all though he needs extra help, it doesnt feel like that to me. I would die with out the Love of this dog (and the others) in my life. He walks on all 4s….even though he uses his back legs more like oars rather than legs but he is walking regardless and does have use of BOTH of his back legs. (just not a large %. But he uses them enough that he doesnt need a wheelchair. Every time I see the happy, excited little guy jumping (as best he can) in the sun light I know that Im witnessing an amazing gift that has defied odds most of us would not have had the heart to fight against. If this dog doesnt find a petless home, I will take him if they will allow me to. I have the knowledge to care for him and the ability to help him become a family member with other (siblings) may even be better for him in the long run if any one has seen they way dogs can bond. I would not give up on him and He would know he is Loved and respected. Please. someone keep us all posted on whats going on with him so we can make sure he is adopted and well cared for as he should be.

    • Sharon Blythe says:

      Thank you of the few that seem to realize that this dog needs an experience dog owner that give him the quality of life he deserves after a life time of service!

  114. EO2 (SCW) Christa Mode says:

    I’d LOVE to adoopt a retired military K9. I have 3 teenage sons whom would be estatic to love a K9 Hero.

  115. Tim Zagra says:

    I am a military man myself, and if i had the finances i would love to adopt him and give him a great home where he would be nurtured and loved for all his day, in my family we have a rule, and that is take on any dog that needs rescuing, and if anyone could help me to adopt him i would promise you that he will know no better owner than me. I am currently in the reserves after being active duty AF and honestly would enjoy the company of a dog to call my own, problem is times are tight, its not that i can’t afford vet bills, because i would happily sacrifice anything to give this dog a home and treat him as one of the family, its the adoption costs. but here he would know no better of a home. I don’t wanna see him put down, he is to much of an warrior to be put down so easily, if not one can take him than he will have a home here with me if i could get him in any way possible

    • Tim, I’m former military with 3 dogs (2 rescues) and I’m already getting threatening letters from my homeowners association because I’m only allowed 2. That said, I’d be happy to make a contribution to whoever adopts Rocky- and I’m sure a lot of other people here would, too. The problem is that there’s no way to know what that means. I’ll call tomorrow and ask if we can contribute to a Rocky Retirement fund to help whoever adopts him. Not much time to put it together, but it’s worth a try. I’m also happy to help with transportation if that’s an issue.

  116. poor thing

  117. I don’t think it matters what kind soul adopts this Hero.Please.
    I live in Fl so I can’t.
    Someone should give this great Hero a good and loving home.That is all that matters!!!!

  118. Wow… How strange humans are. How quickly so many people started blaming each other, or saying who SHOULD and SHOULDN’T take on this vet. How many assumptions (like “this dog has saved countless lives” and “obviously the military has no regard for…”) have been used here to AVOID their discomfort with the real subject. ROCKY. Who is alone because his HANDLER gave HIS life. Taking on this animal will not be a small task at all, but would be a huge act of honor toward the animal himself, as a veteran, AND an honor to the HUMAN soldier who was his partner, and the sacrifice that he made for us. I just want to hear whats being done to fix the situation, or fix it myself. Who “SHOULD” step up to the plate?… Whoever CAN. Whoever will respect and care for this honorable life. Me? You? Vet? Active Duty? Civilian? WHO CARES, as long as he is well cared for… Lets just all put in an application, who are able, and if you are not? Don’t. No blame needed. Lets not be like the politicians, letting the blame game and the word “should” cover for our not achieving results. These soldiers, and our whole country, deserve better than that.

  119. Actions speak LOUDER than words my friends! says:

    Actions speak louder than words my friends. Grew up a Military Brat. Lived all the world. My fathers gave this country 25 of his best years. Taking this majestic four legged companion and giving him the love and appreciation is the least I can do for my country! God bless!

  120. Tim Zagra says:

    and i have no other pets, currently with me, i live in a separate house, no children, i would love the companionship, and the ability to give a k9 war vet the life someone like him deserves, he is a gorgeous dog, we had a litter of puppies one born without the use of her rear legs, we held onto her as long as we could (lived 6 months) before she was paralyzed to her neck, it was not my decision to do so, but knw ultimately it was best ot put her down, and since then i have sworn to take on a dog with a disability to give them a life that precious(the puppy we had) deserved. Please contact me via email if anyone can help me get the credentials to get this dog into a safe and happy home here.

    • ethel solis says:

      if you go to the very bottom of the page, there is an application that you can fill out. I hope you qualify to help this poor dog. I cannot adopt this doggie because i got two small ones already. I hope and pray you are able to get him and able to provide all the things that he needs. Please if you are able to, add me in facebook or email me to LETHELSL@AOL.COM and send me pictures of him and see how he is doing. Thank you so much and best of wishes…

    • Have you heard anything? Is there anything any of us can do? Help with transport? Set up a chip in? Anything? Please let us know what they say about you saving Rocky!

  121. The Immorality of breeders who breed Police dogs that are VERY low, through the hind quarters should be drawn and quartered!!! At about 3 yrs, they start to “break down” through the hips and hind quarters! DO not buy such a puppy, and this story tears all our hearts out! If you are buying such a dog demand that you see BOTH parents, and aGUARANTEE that the breeders will PAY for any surgery[currently at about $4,000!!! Most of the Military are importing Belgiann Shepherds at about $29,000 each, delivered here! DEMAND those breeders get very tough penalties! It’s Sick!!!All the suffering the dog goes through for the vanity of the buyer… They think they look “cool” leading a slinky Shepderd!!! For SHAME!!!

  122. Louanne vargas says:

    Ladies. This is about a Dog. And a hero. Not you find him a home

    I have 15 dogs on 15 acres all rescues.
    I could sit here all day a talk to you. While his chances. Die

  123. It is not a matter of “You take him!” “NO YOU!” It is more a matter of what can we all do as dog lovers and honorers of veterans to help this particular furry veteran get a new lease on life. I’ve linked this on my Facebook and advise you do the same. Network, network and network some more until this guy finds the home that can best serve his unique needs.
    I don’t know much about military families or about the military, but to me it seems like they are doing the right thing in trying to find a place for Rocky that can give him all the love and devotion his special needs require. Not an optimal situation to have to find a new home for this dude, but to me it seems like they are doing their best to take care of one of their own=)

  124. Can this baby be shipped? Would he make the ride?? Im in alabama!

    • Clerissa, can you call them tomorrow and ask? I have rescue people in a lot of states that would help with transport and like someone else mentioned, we could set up a chip in to donate for transport fees.

    • Alabama isn’t a problem- I know a lot of people who would help with the transportation (including me).

  125. Please folks, adopt this wonderful dog and save his life. He did the same for you.
    He deserves a good retirement. Unfortunally, I am not be able to take him, living
    in a small apartment and have a dog by myself.
    God will love you for doing something good to some of his creatures.

  126. Has anyone checked with the german shephard rescue group nearby. Sometimes these groups will pull a dog and keep it from further harm especially if there is a adopter who want it. There is also the possibility that this dog transport would be interested in helping.. It appears that there are some interested adopters from reading this so they may check these resources out for assistance in getting this dog into a safe home.

  127. Krista Ross (USMC Wife) says:

    Can you all please stop arguing and focus on what is important! How dare you waste space on here fighting over who should take him! Everyone should share the sense of pride and responsibility that would come with giving this hero a loving home. Network these stories, and get the word out! We live on Camp Pendleton and would happily take him in a heartbeat, but we have two dogs (who have moved all over the country with us,) and three boys five and under, thus disqualifying us, but we would chip in for transport or help in any way possible. My entire family has German Shepherds, including us, and I cannot tell you how amazing they are…if you are even considering giving this handsome boy a home, you won’t regret it! Please let us know if anyone adopts him and we can help in some way!

  128. Krista Ross (USMC Wife) says:

    Why are you posting things like this? Did you fail to read that his handler was Killed in Action? His team may still be deployed, and/or may have kids or pets, thus disqualifying them. This sort of thing is not helpful to him or to the guys who are mourning their fallen comrade or this pups condition. I am sure they are heartbroken, and if you understood the military community you would not say things like this. Please save these harassing posts for a blog that is not trying to accomplish good! All you are doing is distracting from the people who are trying to help. The poor language only ads to the ineptitude of your post.

  129. Suezenne,

    I cannot speak for all breeders of course (nor do I think all of them are saints, as I have a puppy mill rescue) but I hope it helps to know that my family raises drug/search&rescue dogs. Mostly Belgians and Aussies, but no matter the breed they are taken care of and loved to the fullest. It’s hard to “love” a working dog in the sense most pet owners think because they have to be hardened from affection but they are loved. And those “low” shepherds that often have to have surgery…well, shepherds are prone to that, it’s part of their genetics. It’s just worse when there are irresponsible breeders so I understand your view.

    Aside from all that, I read the first few posts and got sick of them. I love how a post to save a defenseless dog IMMEDIATELY led into an argument on what kind of person should save him, military lifestyle debates…all that is useless in this case. The point is, this dog, like so many others, needs a loving home and some people have chosen to broadcast it to help him. The type of person to save him shouldn’t be based on their occupation, or age, etc, but who is willing to let him into their family and give him a good life. That’s all. We need to stop turning everything into an opportunity to argue and point fingers and focus on the task at hand. In this case, it’s to save a poor pooch who deserves a longer, happy life!

  130. Krista Ross (USMC Wife) says:

    My posts were directed at this Cassandra, by the way. Thought it would reply to hers.

  131. I will volunteer transport if he comes through North Carolina at all. I also have people in other states that would help. To everyone who is sending in applications for this brave boy, will you please keep us updated when it is finalized? I believe a lot of people would be willing to donate to a chip in for his transport, myself included.

  132. Jeri Catlin says:

    I would love to take him, even if I am half the country away. Save for one small problem. I already have the dog of service person. My son’s. I have two dogs and cat of my own. That’s four animals. And to compound matters I live in Joplin Mo, where have lost half our vets on top of the rest we lost. Trying to bring that dog here, with his health problems would be completely irresponsible and a disservice to him. While I agree a service person, rather retired or active should try to adopt him since they would be most familiar with his training, I hope someone… anyone… manages to adopt him. I would truly hate for someone to decide my son needed put down if he was handicapped in the service.

  133. Everyone should stop thinking about themselves the whole point of this post is to let people know that there is an innocent animal that needs to be saved. The only thing that u all seem to care about is arguing over who is justified to not take it. Hell I’m only 20 I have two dogs of my own that are both rescued and if I had the money I’d take him in a heart beat. Everyones lives are full of other obligations and responsibilities having a dog is like having a child u make that time and you give it that love. THE DOG think about the dog that’s why this information is here. If you can’t take him yourself who ever the you may be then just spread the word that he needs to be saved!

  134. I have shared this with my 451 Facebook peeps. Most of us are dog lovers, some are also former military, a good portion live in So Cal. I hope we find this hero a home!

  135. I’mnot in the Military. I’m a divorced single person, and I would take that dog in a heartbeat and have ramps made for it if I didn’t already have 3 small dogs (1 I just took in because it was dumped at my niece’s house and nobody around them would claim it and they have two big dogs and didn’t want another dog.), as well as my grandson, my daughter’s year old beagle I babysit a lot. If they’d let me, I’d take him but I don’t know that with this many dog’s if I could give him the proper care, esp when it comes to money.

    I do want to say that I think it’s a disgrace at the bickering and cussing between all of you. You want to help this dog, post this everywhere. M personal opinion, everybody wants the unconditional love of a dog; however, I feel if you know you can’t take a dog with you when you move overseas and you don’t have a family member to help take care of it till you get back form Iraq, Afghan, or wherever, then you shouldn’t be getting a dog. I would never consider giving up my dogs when I moved. I see it all the time on Craigslist. It’s sad. Some friends begged me to take in this pup that was maybe 5 months old or less, and knowing I didn’t need another dog, I took it in anyway. An Army couple from Fort Wood drove to Springfield to get this baby the very next day I posted it. I asked her what they were going to do when they went overseas, and she already had plans to leave him with her Mom till they got back. That’s responsibility.

    Now my last opinion, I think it’s a shame that some Military, active or non-active, person can’t take this dog on after using him for what he was trained to do and end up a crippled baby because of what he did. I’m not happy with our government right now at the way they are treating our Military families anyway and not bringing our troops home, as was promised. For the govt to just want to throw this baby away after what it’s been through for the United States of America is a pure shame. Our govt don’t help many of our vets like they ought to either, so I guess I should say it really doesn’t surprise me that they would throw a military dog aside like they do some of our vets.

    It’s my prayer that this baby finds a good responsible family to take good care of it till it’s time for it to go to Puppy Dog Heaven. I don’t know about you all, but I feel dogs have a soul, or they wouldn’t have the unconditional love they have for us humans. I believe God made dogs to show us his unconditional love he has for us. So how can our govt just throw a beautiful soul like this away is beyond me!

  136. Everyone stop fighting each other and lets try to find a place for this dog. OK that is the main objective, put your difference opinions aside and focus on the dog. Its about the dog not you, her , him or anyone else.

  137. Has the dog found a home, yet?

  138. Cassandra:
    You are such an idiot! Don’t you have any respect for the men & women of the United States of America’s armed services? They are “ALL” heroes along with that military dog? You are one “heartless” bastard with a filthy mouth. Your grammar leaves much to be desired. However, I see that you don’t have any difficulty spelling those negative vulgar words though. Grow-up loser. If you can’t find it in your heart (you probably were born without one) to make positive statements, then don’t bother wasting decent readers time with your “trashy”….”ruthless”…. and imbecilic remarks! Find another web site to spawn your shit!

  139. You must not take him put to sleep have no reason. He is Hero for our America. You know that I want this dog so bad. I cant afford. Damn you. You must keep dog own good home and wait for people. You better not let him go. Rocky is hard work become our hero. Now I dont understand why most people love killing the animals when they are no home.
    If dog already dead. I think I should take military human put down and become not our hero.



  141. ROCKY did not get to choose to join the Military like humans get to. Rocky was put in the Military…. He has been forced to go to Iraq, not asked. Rocky had to see terrible things, like his handler die and hear horrible cries and loud explosions! No animal would want to do this…….Animals are like children not adults. These dogs are picked and trained by force of the Military. Rocky has a lot of physical and mental problems due to his life being chosen for him. I think it would be in his best interest to let him go to God…He is tired…He has been left behind in bad shape….There is no place for him in the Military anymore NOW that they have damaged him. Let this be a lesson to all. No one should make a dog do this! Look what happens. This is probably one of many that have been left in bad shape. But lets not talk about how many have been killed serving the military. Oh, and what is the DOGS SALARY for serving? Nothing but pain……..sadness…….stress……loosing loved ones………die a painful death in the field…….and left behind for his supposably wanting to serve. Everyone be quite and let the dog go in peace. The last thing he needs is to be moved and put on another home. Think of all the stress he will go through. He will be like, “What is going to happen to me now?” The whole time.

    • Jeff Lewis says:

      amen, he had no choice…ironic, he has no choice in death either.

    • I disagree 1000%. Two of my three dogs are rescues- one was beaten savagely before he escaped and ultimately we adopted him. Early on, every time I reach down to pet him he recoiled, like he was about to be hit. Ranger is now a happy, healthy, affectionate wonderful dog (you can see his photo on my Twitter account: @RightonMainSt). My other rescue is a Pit Bull- who nobody would adopt because of her breed. We rescued her the day before she would have been executed. She’s also a happy, healthy dog- the sweetest, most affectionate dog I’ve ever known. Yes, her breed has a bad rap, but if treat them with love an affection, that’s what you’ll get back.

      Yes, Rocky had undoubtedly suffered greatly- including the loss of his “human” (handler). That doesn’t mean he should be killed, though. With a loving, affectionate home, Rocky can be happy and enjoy the rest of his life. It would be a huge mistake to assume that because he’s seen terrible things in the past, that he can’t live out his days in peace and happiness. He deserves it, and I think whoever adopts him will get a wonderful, loyal dedicated best friend in return.

  142. Oh, and I noticed some of the get paid by being put in a kennel after serving. Notice Rocky has kennel sores. They would love to put him in a shelter, but can’t due to the wheels. So I GUESS ALL OF THE DOGS THAT SERVE GO TO THE SHELTER. WHAT A GREAT SALARY FOR SERVING AGAINST THEIR WILL!!!!!!!

    • chaney, J.L. LCPL/USMC says:

      most get adopted by their handlers but rockys handler is dead

      • Also MWD’s don’t make the best “family” pets due to some of their training. Bro said that oftentimes if handlers have small children they opt not to adopt the dog, is this true? Not demonizing, I agree with that decision 200% to not adopt a dog that could be “dangerous” if you have kiddos, I am just curious. Rocky, along with all his comrades (furry and human) are veterans and deserve to be honored. Thank you for trying to find this pup a home that is right for him so he can live out the rest of his days in peace.

  143. Jeff Lewis says:

    What a sad state of affairs. With what is going on with human veterans and the sad treatment they receive when coming home, after seperation from service, I guess this is to be expected..As a former U.S. Army Infantryman, it pains me to see ALL vets in the shape they are in. With all the money this country spends you would think after veterans, both two and four legged, would get and SHOULD get better treatment. I am sad to say and although it was before my time, it almost seems we have reverted back to the 60’s and 70’s, the way viet nam vets were treated, out of sight, out of mind. I have and WILL have a lifelong love and respect to all veterans who stepped up to serve this country of ours, but it seems unfortunate that the MAIN source of help FOR veterans, will be FROM veterans. I wish I could do more but I try and do all I can. Kind of ironic, if you kill a police dog, you get a murder charge, if you’re a 4 legged veteran of the U.S. Military, if you are of no use…you get the death penalty. Please someone give this veteran what HE has EARNED…a place to enjoy life, relax….and the love he has EARNED>

  144. Brenda Adams says:

    I have witnessed so much warmth and caring on this thread! This part makes me so proud, though I am only a witness of this and have NOTHING TO OFFER THIS HERO/DOG!

    I have also witnessed much unnecessary hateful remarks that have made me ashamed. I wish that the hatred would STOP RIGHT NOW!

    I have read that several people are willing and able to provide the environment that this dog needs and so well deserves! It is this that makes my heart SWELL WITH PRIDE FOR MY FELLOW AMERICANS! I am not the most patriotic person that can be found, but I DO HAVE SOME PRIDE IN BEING AN AMERICAN! I do have a special place in my heart for our veterans. I don’t like the way that our veterans are not cared for upon return. Seeing them homeless breaks my heart. This dog is no less of a soldier than the human soldiers. I am PROUD that many on this thread are willing to open their hearts and homes to this boy! Regarless of WHO ends up with Rocky, I WANT TO THANK ALL OF YOU FOR VOLUNTEERING TO TAKE THIS VETERAN INTO YOUR LIVES! YOU MAKE ME PROUD!

  145. As a lover of dogs and all animals for that matter, I really hope this guy gets a good home. On another note, I don’t recall seeing this much attention given to our soldiers that have returned from the US occupations in other countries with disabilities and are homeless. The soldiers are the fastest growing section of the homeless in the US right now. I guess people think people can take care of themselves where dogs cannot. I just needed to say that, best of luck to him.

  146. stephanie says:


  147. my son is presently serving in iraq,,if you can make arrangements here i will cherish him…we live in nepa about 15 miutes from bingham nywe run a small kennel and he would fit righ tin..god bles u on ur me if necessery 5708402578

  148. Zandra kinsella says:

    Just curious if the handler normally keeps the dog (and I know his handler died) why doesn’t another handler who may have lost their dog step up. I think due to the type of work this dog did that either a military person or someone who has experience of these sort of highly trained dogs would be best suited to take the dog. I really feel for this poor dog just isn’t right to dispose of him cause he can’t work anymore. Imagine if every soldier that came home with a disability was euthanised?? There would be a huge uproar. I’m not American and I don’t agree with war but at least the soldiers chose to fight the dogs had no choice, even more reason to take care of them now.

    • chaney, J.L. LCPL/USMC says:

      when a dog is KIA the handler is often assigned a new dog whom he has to build a repore with and learn to trust him with his life

  149. Just wanted to say thanks to service men, women and dogs… Although I cannot take him due to other pets and small children, I’m praying he finds a forever home… Oh and for as much as some claim to dislike war, they sure like to stir it up in this forum…it’s too bad that that misguided passion isn’t used more effectively….

  150. This is absolutely terrible. Do we have no shame treating veterans poorly, whether they be human or canine? What have we become?

  151. I would be honored to donate money to his transportation cost.

  152. That dog served three tours and this is how you repay him? You should really be ashamed of breathing the same air as him.

  153. Katherine says:

    I think it’s incredibly sad that this post to find this amazing dog a home has resulted in a slanging match with obscenities and insults being posted. The point here is to save a dog’s life and find him the right home, so please focus on passing his information on to those who could help him.

  154. Stephen Frater says:

    I’ll chip in to help Rocky, as we all should. What is needed here is a clear plan. Frankly it’s an outrage that the military which can afford every other gadget and billion dollar gizmo, can’t take care of their own vets men, women or animals.

  155. Karli Morey says:

    Okay, I got half way through reading all of the comments and I just could not take it anymore. You people are crazy. As long as this dog is adopted and taken to a good home, WHO CARES who is doing it?! As far as I’m concerned, you can be in the military, or you can be just a regular average joe… it doesn’t matter, when it comes down to it, we all bleed red so why fight about who is better for this guy…
    As far as “Cassandra” goes, I bet she’s a 15 year old little girl, still in HS, doesn’t know what the world is about and is trying to get a rise out of you people. IT’S WORKING! Just ignore her and the people who agree with her… I know ya’ll are better than that. Especially the ones that can spell, HA! :P. Anyway. Military or not, this guy needs a home, let’s find him one, shall we? :).

  156. I hope this dog gets a home. I wish that I could take him, but I already have two dogs and two cats.

  157. Air Force says:

    My god! all the bickering in this post!, I have read more back and forth verbal jabbing, post of who is better than who. this is NOT ABOUT YOU! Please remember this is about a animal who lost his beloved handler, has been passed around from person to person, Is in pain every day. and yes has served his country. If you cannot help him yourself the least you can do is post this story on your social networking page, (facebook, myspace, twitter).

    • Susie Cooke-Erskine says:

      Reply to Air Force, Thank you so very much for pointing out the wasted words these people are continuing to spew. It is unbelievable to me that people cannot put their own egos aside for any amount of time and stay with the subject at hand. Which is Rocky. I have e-mailed Spc.Joseph Ramsey and also P2V (Pets To Vets) and I hope that will help Rocky and a veteran in need be matched up. They certainly share a common bond. I know there is a veteran just waiting for the right companion and Rocky may be the answer to his or her prayers. Some of these posts just make me sick. As for Cassandra Glasnapp, your venom toward our country and our military is beyond sickening. Guess what Cassandra? AMERICA~~LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! Thanks again Air Force for pointing out the selfishness and bickering in some of these posts. And, most of all, thank you for your service.

  158. sylenalynorre says:

    It is uplifting to see all the name calling and foul language here….this poor boy, has anyone heard if anyone has stepped up and offered him a home yet?

  159. STILLserving says:

    Ditto to that! I’m wondering wtf they’re doing here on a “pets for patriots” page in the first place. They should be trolling in their Daily Kos, or Media Matters, or Huffington Post. There’s at least one who I’d like to punch in her illiterate, dumb bitch, anti-military, hater mouth.

  160. Annoyed by people says:

    A blog to save a dogs life and people are arguing about politics and war? You should be ashamed instead of arguing and calling names why not pass along info and be a part of a solution? Praying that rocky finds a much deserved home soon!

  161. Cpt h ortman says:

    I am military. I have experience with mwd’s. Are you positive he can’t be around small kids and animals. A lot of the time that is said as more of a disclaimer. I will take him or I will help pay for transportation and vet bills. All of this military slamming is not needed. We do our job for love of country and belief of freedom. None of us want or like war. However, to cassandra, we would not have the liberties we have were it not for the revolutionary war. I think it is time for you to sit down, shut up, and be schooled about our great history!
    As said earlier, just let me know where he needs to go and I will get him there!

  162. hear, hear air force! i have plenty of opinions on the military but they are not being posted here… just wanted to say i wish i could adopt rocky (there are so many animals out there i wish i could adopt!!) but i live in england- transporting him wouldn’t be very fair!

    we should contact the people at camp pendleton (where rocky lives) and see what else can be done, besides putting him down…

  163. Air Force says:

    Please remember not everything is as it seems, another handler CANNOT adopt another military dog. When i was in, it was against regulations, and those of you who are not active duty, or active reservist do not understand the complexity and extent of military regulations and no… dependents also do not know completely the extent either, you may have a broader understanding, but there are so many smaller regs. that you do not even notice. I am not trying to insult you, I am trying to get a message across that there are more dynamic’s involved than many may realize, and for those that think reservist are not as important as active duty, then again you do not understand. I was never a reservist but I do know more times than not, the reservist are sent in first. many times it is they who are in the front lines, they also will shed their blood, risk their lives right along side of us in “active” service. I AM A VETERAN, I SERVED MY COUNTRY WITH HONOR, and I WOULD DIE FOR MY COUNTY, MY HOME, THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE FOR MY FAMILY. I am disabled and am unable to give this fellow veteran the care he needs, or i would drive there myself and get him. Please remember ignorant and uneducated people leave ignorant and uneducated comments, let us all stop breathing life into them, Do not waste time commenting on this post.. Just do what you can to try to save this animal life. This animal has saved countless lives and could just as easily save his new owners life. If you have never enjoyed the love of a pet, you have no idea the unconditional love they can give, the pure devotion to you.

  164. Jann Kelley says:

    Well the ONE thing I learned on hear is, Many throw around A LOT of Nasty comments, None really pertaining to the Dog. I do NOT CARE what anyone thinks about Anything, except this poor HERO DOG. Has he found a Home??? I find it amazing, one woman saying she is a Grandma, I hope she does Not use the words she used on here, around the kids. In Another post, she writes God Bless!!! I would hope this dog goes to a Calm, Loving home. He needs Peace and a Gentle hand. Three tours has to be Just as bad, or even worse for a dog. I wish him the very best and Blessings to whoever gets the Honor to Love him:) Fingers Crossed. The Place in UTAH would be Ideal, if no other is found. They are AWESOME people. They would probley come get him too. I know they delivered a dog to the Bakersfield area…..Hoping!

  165. stephanie says:


  166. WOW it is so sad how so many people can get SO off topic! I pray this dog finds a hope that can take care of him and I pray that some of the people who posted on here can learn to look past the stupid things people post to get attention and worry about the main topic here. I hope all you people who got your 5 min of attention by other people because of what you posted on here are happy that you could make a plea for help all about you.

  167. Wow. Just listen to the anger coming out of some of the people posting. This is why we have war.People being nasty and judgemental to people they dont even know. Why are you so angry and bitter towords one another? Do you know each other at all? A lot of hate going on and it certainly wont help this dog.
    Its plain to see that everyone posting really cares about this poor dog, and since that is the issue here, why argue and place blame instead of trying to come up with a solution together?
    If no one who has heard this story can adopt this cute critter, then possibly a friend or realitive can. It wouldnt hurt to ask around or make this story more mainstream/public, thats my plan anyway.
    With any luck we can find this little guy a home…

  168. Air Force says:

    Capt. H. thank you for your generous offer to provide transportation and vet care to who ever can adopt Rocky. Maybe we can get a “fund” going for him?

    Cassandra — child you need to get a better education of the United States, not just what is taught in the California school system, and being a nanny for two children, I am sorry does not qualify you to speak of war. Could you hack a full term in the military? your only 20 yrs old. your young enough. then speak about war and our freedoms. otherwise hush child and take a nap with the 2yr old you watch .

  169. Elaine-theRainbow says:

    every dog or person who served in war, mostly like to have ptsd, the dog deserves our respect for it served 3 tours in Iraq. so many of our leaders in power have never even visited any war-zone, what a shame

  170. wow come on you guys i am sure there is going to be stiff competition for who is the lucky human that gets to adopt rocky, what is with all the hating? veterans nd families of veterans should go to the top of the pile of aplicants to adopt him, it is their right . he is an awesome dog and you guys should come together to help him out, not argue. you know if each person here put $10 in a hat, he could hire a dogsitter for at least a month to take care of him? sheesh. and by the time the money runs out, they’ll have bonded with each other and be friends for life

  171. Cassandra Glasnapp says:

    SHUT UP I CARE MORE ABOUT THIS DOG THAN ANY OF YOU WAR TERRORISTS. why should I need to adopt him when you’re the reason why hes like this?? America makes me SICKK!!

    • Don’t waste your breath on this twit Steve. I did twenty years after having been draft bait in 1971. I wouldn’t want trash like that serving along side me. Likely would get the rest of us killed.

  172. Air Force says:

    Kudo’s to you Andrea! well said, well spoken. I love the positiveness in your post!

  173. Smallbusinesstaxpayer says:

    I am disgusted that out government in this day & age would even send an animal into danger at all since there are so many electronic bot devices that coul be used instead. Regardless this animal is a national hero & I for one woul rather see my government use my hard earned tax dollars that I pay them to give this hero a comfortable life until his time here is over instead of using my tax dollars to provide medical, housing, entitlement programs of all kinds to millions of illegals in our country. They Justify such actions by saying there is no way to reck how many illegals are here when to get food stamps, Medicaid, WIC, education, etc. They have to have all zeros or all 1’s turned in on any government form if they are not legal citizens! I say that his animal deserves much more respect & consideration than even common legal citizens do! Why can’t he live at the Whitehouse! He has earned it.

  174. Judy Watson says:

    I think it’s time to quit fighting these fraudulent wars and people stay home and care for their own famil;ies and pets, so many have ended up in shelters to be killed because their owner went to war, Time to STOP,,, Not surprised about this, the Military left all the Vietnam dogs over there at the end of the war, and you know they ate them, so that is how you Thank your Military buddies, SHAME!!

  175. I wish I could adopt this guy, but my circumstances won’t help him.

    I would like to know what the hell the arguing is about, shut up, it’s not about you, it’s about the poor dog. People are messed up these days, use your time to help the dog, not prove you are right. No matter who wins the arguement, the dog is not helped and that’s why the site is here. I’m guessing the dog is smarter than some people who have been posting.

  176. I will adopt him if someone can watch him till I get back from Iraq in Jan

  177. hey

  178. MedSurgRN says:

    Wow, reading Rocky’s story made my heart sink. I seriously considered inquiring, but I know deep down that I would not be the best or ideal candidate. I work full time at nights, and my husband works days. We have an elderly dog & cat, as well as a new rowdy kitten that would probably drive Rocky nuts! I pray that the proper person who can truly take care of this dog gets him, be it military personnel or not. I liked the idea of everyone chipping in for a long term dog-sitter!

  179. Too much ego here, not enough dog. Is someone getting the dog or not? Alot of you people really suck at life. Dont forget to take your meds daily.

  180. Re-posting and re-publishing via various sites; find it difficult to believe that no one has yet adopted. Very sad element here no matter how you slice it.

    • We understand from Camp Pendleton that there are numerous inquiries, but there is a process for adoption a military dog and we hope that people have been submitting applications to do so via the link to Lackland AFB provided in the post; they handle all military dog adoptions.

  181. I will adopt him if someone can look after him till I get back from Iraq in JAN

  182. Wow lol!!! k I know we are all getting worked up over this cassandra retard.. but seriously I really think that that’s what they are trying to do. I really don’t think they actually even care about this topic and are only posting their vile useless spew to anger as they are probably doing on many other topics and sites as well, they are probably just some lonely loser sitting in a basement that’s never had a friend and probably never will and this is the only attention they will ever get so they get off on it, so why stress ourselves out and just totally ignore them and they will get bored and go away as attention whores usually do..

    Peace all
    I would also love to adopt him but I and my husband are both serving reg force members in canada, I do have a small 11 year old min pin that I have one heck of a time finding someone to watch when I have to go to the field (which is quite regular) or on tour(in afghan right now). I see most people are bickering at who should or should be more responsible to adopt him.. the answer is anyone or everyone who is able and ready.. as it does seem like a very devoted owner that needs to take him and be able to give him the time and attention he both needs and deserves, I really do hope he finds a home and will not be tossed aside and forgotten as many of our vets have been.

  183. steve holt says:

    Cassandra, I don’t know what your really about, but I wouldn’t give this dog to you if you wanted it. In your eyes I guess he is a war terrorist also. I hate your thought’s and your additude toward the service and its people. Its people like you that make me sick. You want to look like a hero and save a dog in every ones eyes but don’t have to guts to do anything about it. I guess thats why you’re on the outside of the hero ward looking in. You don’t know crap about being an American or a Hero. So just shut up and leave the fighting and the saving to the people that know how to do it! ( THE UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES) We don’t tell any one to save someone or something, we go do it. Sorry baby, but you just aren’t good enough for a dog of his ranking!!!! And about the Vet dog getting left behind in Nam, They are still hero’s and don’t ever think they aren’t. The guys that left them aren’t the ones that made that decision, it was the civilians here at home and the same civilians that gave our Nam hero’s that big welcome home party when they got back. So get off your high horses and do something if you want to talk about it. The recruiting station is right down the street!!!! Get you some of that and come see me in 20 yrs!!!
    OS1(SW) R.S. Holt USN Retired

  184. Profanity is the refuge of the ignorant. Can’t you post without it? Jeez

  185. Instead of fighting and arguing with each other why aren’t you actively posting this story to all your Military friends? This dog needs a home but he also needs an owner who understands the uniqueness of a Military dog’s training, handling, and care. Military Dogs and Police Dogs are not pets, they are working dogs forever… even upon their retirement. Despite Rocky’s debilitating injury he is still a trained Military Dog and we are not talking about a cute little poodle. He needs an owner who knows how to handle him and keep him under control. A retired Military dog handler would be the perfect owner for Rocky. I am posting to all my military friends as an informed, trained, educated rescue volunteer. I suggest that everyone follow my lead, there has to be someone, somewhere who will responsibly adopt this wonderful ” Soldier”.

    • Dusty Debandi says:

      Great comment Chulland. It is important that people fully understand the temperment of the animals that they are considering taking into their homes. This is why we have so many homeless animals now and animals being put down at the shelters because people didn’t take the time to be responsible and learn about the animal/breed that they are considering taking into their homes or whether they could feesibly provide a loving permanent home. Someone with expierence with German Shepherds, perhaps the Military training that this dog went thru, know about obedience training and how to continue on in that training with this dog and has the means to financially provide for his ongoing care as well as the time to do so….so that this big guy will not end up being another statistic at the hands of ignorance.

  186. Thank you VERY much to all of you here on this board who are serving now or have served. I retired 19 years ago, and if my health permitted it I would go right back. Please pay no attention and don’t waste breath or electrons on trolls. They aren’t worth it. Ignorance sometimes knows no bounds. God bless all of you vets, serving and having served.

  187. Amen.

  188. Marine Infantry Wife says:

    We are a military family, Marines, which I’m guessing this dog is a Marine since hes on Camp Pendleton. I can’t believe anyone is saying it should be a service member who “steps up”. First off it would be an honor for anyone to have this dog. Now tell me this, obviously only a married service member could adopt this dog since single ones either live on base or work too much and won’t have the time to devote to this dog. How many married service members do you think there are with no small children who aren’t planning on having any? Also they don’t pay military much so most with no kids its likely the wife works. We also move around often, too often, and too far, that isn’t fair to this dog. And since I bet you have never in your life lived in a military town before I am sure you do not have any idea what it’s like to try to find a home that accepts pets, or dealt with the bs they put us through on move out inspections, breed restrictions in these towns. Our husbands also deploy, how many wives out there can take care of this dog alone, I can’t pick him up any time he needs to go somewhere that isn’t wheelchair accessible. Think before you speak, or just continue to be an ignorant and clueless member of society who shouts out their unwanted opinion every chance they get, you have that right, but you don’t even deserve to have this dog as your companion. Also he has a rank, military working dogs have rank, he does deserve to be honored as a veteran and not just a dog.

    I would take this dog if I thought even for a second that we could provide for him, but we have dogs that i can’t just get rid of to take him, and with his medical problems, I am just not sure that I, or many people for that matter can provide him a quality life.

  189. We are really getting off point here! Lets just accept that there is no end to stupidy and move on to whats really important, This beautiful Hero!!! First off (( No man left behind )) He was not left behind his brothers and sisters brought him home from war!! He was not left behind!! Lets put blame where blame is due our goverment does not take care of its Vets!!!
    This poor hero lost his best friend, and now needs someone be it a retired Vet or civilian, it show him the love and respect he deserves!! And for the stupid ones out there…Yes I would take him in a heart beat but I already have 6 yes thats right 6 dogs 1 cat!! In the artical it states there can be not other pets in the home due to his Military training!!!! God bless our Men and Women and K9s, much respect and love to all of you…Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now lets rally and find our hero a home :)

  190. Watching this closely from the United Kingdom. Rocky does not deserve to die, he’s a HERO. The person who is willing to take this dog on will get such a wonderful friend, ok, he’s got Degenerative Myelopathy, that’s not such a hardship, I adopted a DM dog myself and believe me, there is a lot of help out there with that, far more help in the USA than in the UK.

    May Rocky get the loving home he truly deserves.

    <3 <3 <3 for Rocky.

  191. Lets get back on point, We are really getting off point here! Lets just accept that there is no end to stupidy and move on to whats really important, This beautiful Hero!!! First off (( No man left behind )) He was not left behind his brothers and sisters brought him home from war!! He was not left behind!! Lets put blame where blame is due our goverment does not take care of its Vets!!!
    This poor hero lost his best friend, and now needs someone be it a retired Vet or civilian, it show him the love and respect he deserves!! And for the stupid ones out there…Yes I would take him in a heart beat but I already have 6 yes thats right 6 dogs 1 cat!! In the artical it states there can be not other pets in the home due to his Military training!!!! God bless our Men and Women and K9s, much respect and love to all of you…Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now lets rally and find our hero a home :) :) :)

  192. Thank you all (minus a couple of idiots…you know who they are! (they apparently don’t!) :) for such kindness and generosity. Hoping this guy gets the care he deserves, he has earned it! I really hate when there is so much negativity involving saving dogs lives. Lets save that energy for saving them please! Peace to all our military families out there. Thanks for doing what you do…and lets hope there is a day you don’t have to. Nothing but love, D

  193. MSgt USAF (Ret) says:

    Why should we expect a dog to be treated any better by the US Government than they treat our military members. Having spent 20 wonderful years in the USAF I pass along the same advice I give young people that ask me, regularly, about making the Armed Forces a career; “it’s a tough life, but if they do away with the 20 year retirement do not go enlist!” Washington’s bureaucrat are totally clueless about the military life. America had better wake up, because if they continue decimating the US Armed Forces the draft will once again return. In the past two years we have already become a borderline top fighting force.
    As far as Rocky, someone will step up, and my money is on the fact it will be a veteran or an active duty member.

  194. I would adopt Rocky in a heartbeat but I do have small children . . . I sure hope someone steps up to the plate and provides this incredible animal with a loving, appropriate home:)

  195. I would adopt Rocky in a heartbeat but I do have small children (whom I know would love and care for him so very much). I sure hope someone steps up to the plate and provide this animal with a loving, suitable home:)

  196. What an amazing dog at hero a buddy just one of the boys and to see everyone’s comments and love that they have for animals brings tears to my eyes. I pray that they find him a family that will love him and care for him. If I didn’t live so far away I would have been first in line to adopt him.
    Well done everyone for leaving your thoughts and comments about this and giving Rocky a little more time to find his forever home.

  197. Kelsey King says:

    This is how we treat our members of our military?! Dog or not this animal served our country and I dont believe its right to just put him to sleep. I would take him in a heart beat just to keep him alive and give him a good home but I honetly cant. I hope someone feels the same as I do and has the room and means to take him in. God bless Rocky!!!

  198. This is SO unfair! This poor animal has served our country, has become disabled because of this and now may be put down because there is no where to put him. I would take him in a heartbeat but have 3 cats, and am currently disabled. Please save this poor animal-we wouldn’t but a veteran (soldier) down if he/she had the same ailments!

  199. Will be calling Cassandras place of business to see if she is speaking on their behalf

  200. Roadcat73 says:

    Interesting… I write non-profane statement to defend the ugly things being said about our military (I am a dependent BTW), and also post that I am going to alert friends of the need to adopt Rocky. So WHY was my comment removed when you people (the Moderators of this page) allow those postings that are profane, abusive, and insulting to remain???? What the heck is your deal??? I’ve STILL shared this info with folks I know who are looking to adopt, regardless of those in charge of this page. You people really need to rethink about whose comments you remove!

    • Roadcat73 says:

      Oops. I meant that I was defending our military and armed forces NOT the ugly things being said :)

    • We apologize if a previous comment of yours was removed in error. We are doing everything we can to remove profane posts as soon as we see them, but we are a very small organization with very limited resources (financial and human), and are doing the best we can.

  201. Obviously this touched a nerve….but we need to ask ourselves one question…..How is ALL this bickering helping Rocky. If we all invested this much energy, emotion and passion into finding a forever home for this dog…..we wouldn’t need these post. The important goal here is to find this dog home that is able to care for dog with disabilities.

  202. Jason Hutt says:

    I am A disabled Iraq veteran I’ve done two tours there (infantry). This whole thread here shows what the majority of our country even military families think of us as soldiers (human or dog) most of you would rather argue with each other than really care about any of us. This is why the suicide rate is so high for soldiers that have been deployed. Those of you engaging in arguments on here no matter what the reason should be ashamed of yourselves. Thanks for being so selfish that your arguing is more important than this soldier needing a home. And before anyone says it read I’m disabled that’s why I can’t take care of another disabled soldier……..

  203. Marty Robinson says:

    So glad to see the update that there are several adoption applications pending for Rocky! I only wish I could be one of them but I have 2 male schnauzers (one of whom is 15 years old) and a 2 year old human baby. I’d have been honored to care for Rocky in his “golden” years after all he has done for me and my family; it’s the very least we could do for him.

    God bless those of you who have submitted adoption inquiries; you will be rewarded tenfold by the love & joy I am sure Rocky will bring to your life.

  204. I Hope The K-9 Finds A Home, I’m A Disabled Marine, Still Working To Get What’s Rightfully Mine, It Doesn’t Surprise Me That He’s Up For Adoption. It’s Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be, I’ve Been Fighting 5 Yrs For Medical Conditions That Are Clearly Diagnosed N In My Records, But Truth Is Ur Only Good For Your Country When Ur Serving And In Good Health, After That They Just Treat You Like Another Number. Would Love To Have Rocky On My Farm, But With Him Needing So Much Attention It Wouldn’t Be Fair For Him. GOD Bless America, & Thank All You That Have Serve Faithfully With Ur Blank Check… USMC Cpl Milton/4066 1993-2001 Semper Fi

  205. Trudy Mertz says:

    My husband is K9 and we have adopted retired MWDs, and currently have one now that gets along great with our 3 small kids and other dog. You have to look into each individual dog for a reason. These dogs are trained to be aggressive and need to have their special circumstances and needs met when talking of adoption. It is aweful how many dogs go unadopted and get put down when they are retired. There are many many more dogs other than Rocky that need a home! You can go to the website and see what Lackland has on file for adoption. Military can get threw the process of adoption faster than civilians, but by no means should adopting a former MWD be only the responsibility of the Military! Civilians need to show the Military more support, and this should include the dogs. I get soo sick of reading excuses and hearing people rant and rave about the military and their responsibility, if everyone would just take responsibility for themselves and show some support and pride for our country none of this bs would even be debated! I hope that Rocky finds himself a great home to spend the rest of his days, and that this article brings to the light the need for people to step up and adopt more MWDs!

  206. I would like to say that every dog is equal as a human being we should treat these animals as they have a great purpose in life. Hope they find a good home for Rocky as he has served his country as much as our soldiers.

  207. Bill Thompson USN (ret) says:

    This is not the site for arguing back and forth. This veteran dog needs a home. Can everyone focus on this request rather than bickering.? I’m a Vietnam vet and the K9 dogs were put down rather than return them to the US even though they were the best battle buddies A nation that treats its animals that way (especially military dogs) s not a nation to be proud of. The K9s did their bit for their country and the least that can be done is to ensure they are not discarded because their use is done . This is such a case !

  208. PAM MCCONNELL says:


  209. PAM MCCONNELL says:


  210. Im hoping someone somewhere will adopt this wonderful dog who is a hero in my eye helping human in a war which as nothing to do with his dog life-Its all well and good to use dogs for military,police etc…but how selfish and immoral to discard them when they are not needeed anymore surely they’ve earn the right to a safe and confortable retired life…Human should always provide for those working animal who are helping human beings selflessly those wonderful dogs should always be protected and provide for it is immoral to let them down like this its so shoscking to know after all he ‘s been trhough he was in risk of been put down how great for rewarding a hero…..thank you for Pets for patriots Blog to inform us of the situation and keep us posted on his futur which im hoping will be happy in a loving forever family….

  211. Lila Colleen says:

    i would love to adopt Rocky. we have one dog and he’s been with us for 13years. why die if he can still live?

  212. Dusty Debandi says:

    I would love to take this handsome hero who so willingly risked his life to save and serve others. I am disabled and live in a Facility that only allows one pet and I already have a an 11yr.old dog that is now recently in a doggy handicap cart provided to me from Eddies Wheels after a Patella Surgery went haywire and ended up in amputation. I think it is a shame that it is even being considered to put Rocky down. I feel that they should hold onto Rocky until such a home can be found. It is not fair to him to be treated this way . He shouldn’t have to die. Our men , women and animals in the Military are there willingly because of their Loyality, Courage and desire to Honor this Country by laying their lives on the line to defend this Country. They are all Hero’s in my book regardless of what branch they serve in and they should never be abandoned by their Government nor by us. I will always stand in Defence of our Service people as well as the canine Soldiers. YOU ARE ALL HERO’S IN MY BOOK.

  213. Brilliant news!! Saw this story from the UK and was hoping that he would be safe! I see the comments turned into something that didnt necessarily help rehome this dog but im glad his new owners saw past them and contacted the base to rehome him. Fantastic news and lets all hope Rocky enjoys his forever home! :)

  214. just in case people didn’t get that far down on the story i copied this.. “UPDATE 8/18/11 7amET: Due to the high number of inquiries about Rocky, we have been informed by Camp Pendleton that he will not be put down while adoption applications are pending. We are told that there are several families already in the adoption application process for Rocky.” i belive all the nasty comments can stop and people can start a chip-in to help the new home of this vet dog.. but he will have a home soon . oh and btw for those of you who enjoy being nasty please contact jerry springer.. he is running out of trashy people for his show..

    • There will not be a chip-in for the home of the new dog, but if you are inspired by our cause – connecting last-chance shelter dogs and cats with service and veteran members of the U.S. military – please consider a donation to our cause.

      • will do !! i saved the page and whenever i can i will send the cost of a big bag of food ! i have 2 rescue dogs and one cat ! i understand how often programs like this get overlooked. it isnt fair.. but as long as backyard breeders and puppy mills are running we as a whole need to help and find these furbabys homes. i cant take in anymore but i will donate when i have the extra ! people who cant donate money who are interested in helping can also go donate time at a local shelter ! or take in food ,treats,toys.. anything helps !! :)

  215. Dog lover says:

    Great to hear he has a family. Alot of heart effort went into forwarding this story around the world. I hope the intention is to keep everyone updated on how he is doing. I think a number of people have an interest in seeing that his home is good and loving and not media seekers. Please keep us up to date on his progress.

  216. Rocky has found a home!! So grateful to the person who will love him and take care of him as he has taken care of others all his life!!

  217. Dusty Debandi says:

    Ye ha! Hip hip horay, hip hip horay. God bless the person who took Rocky into their care and many blessing upon you. May you have a forever loving and permenent home Rocky. You deserve it and I salute you … canine hero!

  218. katharine says:

    GOD BLESS YOU HERO ROCKY !!!!! PHEW… You deserved more than anything in this crap of the military after all the hard working & putting your life in the line of duty to protects the America ! I wish you many good luck your new family. HUGS All THE WAY FROM MASSACHUSETT !

  219. Joel Bromberg says:

    God bless the person(s) who stepped up at the eleventh hour and adopted Rocky. You truly have a heart of gold.

  220. I am so happy to hear that Rockys life will be spared and that he will have a good home to live out the rest of his life. He is truly a hero and deserves to live out the rest of his life in a wonderful and loving home. I did not appreciate reading all the responses where people were bashing each other. Everyone has a right to their opinion but this article is not about your opinion it is about trying to save Rockys life.

  221. michele von stein says:

    I think mark zuckerberg needs to hear this story, and the outcome, which is that a retired disabled military dog would have died if it were not for crossposting. He has suspended crossposting and other animal advocacy tools for saving lives of animals. It seems antipatriotic to me.

  222. Tiffany Branton says:

    I am so glad that Rocky has found a home! I hope he and his new family are happy together.

  223. Janet Duncan says:

    Taking care of Rocky will be a big responsibility. We’ve had a GSD with the same condition for over five years. It is hard work. His new owner will need to manually express his bladder at least once a day. Also, Rocky will not know when it is time to poop, so it will be a mess to clean up each time. Our Jericho is wonderful, but it is taking a toll on me (61 years old) physically and emotionally. We can’t take vacation because it wouldn’t be fair to ask someone else to take on his care. It’s tough to watch him be unable to enjoy the activities he used to do and he doesn’t know why. Otherwise, he is healthy and happy and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. The person who adopts Rocky will be an angel for the care given to him. Wish I could take him. He sounds wonderful.

  224. Someone please help this puppy! I signal boosted like crazy on my Facebook and DW.
    Why are they going to euthanize him so quickly? Please give him a little more time and let people get the word around! Can you guys at least extend his ‘sentencing’ a little?

    I would take him myself but I have another large dog (greyhound) who’s also special needs, and I live in an apartment. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be an issue. I hope someone steps up!

  225. Carla Benoist says:

    Seems this situation has been resolved, but I Have to point out something to a lot of previous posters. Yes, military dogs serve and help the military in their mission — but what is that mission? Their mission is protect us and our families and the freedom we cherish, among other things. SO — Military Dogs work for All of Us and it’s silly to say that one group or another should be adopting them after service — what matters is who is in a position to properly and lovingly care for the retired military dog, disabled or not!

  226. I am actively looking for a home for Rocky and may have found one so I need to know that he has POSITIVELY found a forever home (posted above today). Anyone with knowledge that this is true, please let me know so I can tell the person I am working with.

  227. I am Australian so I am going to give the “dumb Australian” point of view. First of all please learn to read articles before posting. It very clearly stated & I quote ‘We had previously noted that his last handler was killed in theater, but have since been advised that is not the case. However, since returning to the U.S., he has not had a steady handler, but has continued to serve on base until March of this year”

    Now quite a few people pointed this fact out, just to be shouted down by the masses that the handler had died, as they obviously did not want to have to go to the trouble of reading the updated report on Rocky.

    It was also stated very clearly in the description that Rocky had to go to a home without children or other pets as he suffers from aggressive tendencies. So what happens? People say they will take him & he can play with their other dogs. What part of being the only pet did you not get?

    Then we had people swearing at others because they were being reasoned with. There were well meaning people from over seas who were insulted because of their views. I do not think that a young German is responsible for what Hitler did, so why on earth is it OK to throw it into their face what happened in WW2? It was not their fault WW2 happened & all it actually did was made the posters doing this seem racist, intolerant & unintelligent.

    What many actually missed was this point. There is a dog called Rocky who has served the USA in 3 tours of duty. Now whilst some say that dogs do not fear death that they are just trained to do their job, well guess what. Soldiers are trained to do their jobs too. Thus Rocky was a soldier & he deserves a good retirement home.

    Instead of all the arguing which was going on, the constant necessity by some to be the loudest to be heard etc, imagine what could have been achieved if the insults had not happened. Then a chip in fund could have been set up to help the eventual adopter of Rocky with any vets fees they will incur. Of which I would imagine there will be quite a few to during the duration of his remaining years.

    I sincerely hope that those that offered financial help find out who the adopter of Rocky is & carry through with that offer. Taking on a disabled pet is a huge responsibility. Both financially, emotionally & also time wise.

    Maybe in future if you remember your egos do not matter, what does matter is the animal in crisis you will be able to stop the mud slinging & actually get things into motion much quicker smoother than this time so that help is in place (like the help suggested in the previous paragraph) at the very beginning, instead of having to wade through such drivel & chest beating just to find reasonable, intelligent replies & genuine offers of adoption from people who had taken time to read all the requirements this poor boy has before jumping in with their heart leading their head, when their home is clearly unsuitable.

    Sorry if this has upset anyone but it had to be said

  228. Glenn Mitchell says:

    I am glad that this canine was able to find a home. I was a K-9 handler in the AF. Loved all my k-9 partners. But my girl Vandy and I had a very special close unbreakable bound. I am still to this day very sad, BC when I was in the AF they would not let you or anybody else adopt a MWD. When the AF decided that the canine was used up or no longer useful the k-9 would be put down. I was ordered to bring my canine to the vet clinic. I held my best friend in my arms while an Army vet placed that needle into her leg. She just laid there as I asked her to. She looked at me with those trusting soft loving eyes; she faded away in my arms. I wept in silence. That was 30 yrs ago. I hate myself for letting that happen. PTS was not spoken of back then I did not know what it was, without a doubt I have it. It affects me every day. Writing this I feel today as I did 30 yrs ago. Pray for me.

    • I know that had to be very difficult for you Glenn to lose your best friend in Vandy and you are in my prayers. The loss never goes away; you just learn to go forth. I am thankful that this is no longer the case and that the handlers can keep their dogs when they retire.

    • RIGHTBACK9 says:

      Glenn just remember that you gave her your love and was there with her till the end. Thank God there is greater awareness of animal care and rights than years ago and hopefully it will keep improving. Vandy is with you spiritually and knows it is not your fault since you were following orders. In her honor just support laws that will further improve animal care and rights.

  229. Kathleen Owens says:

    So, Rocky has been adopted? Is it approved and confirmed?

    I think it would be great if people donated to PetsForPatriots and a portion of the donation goes to the ‘new’ parent or parents of Rocky. He’s going to need medical care and medications, which can be expensive!

    I’m donating NOW to Who’s on board? :)

  230. This was a disgrace: He couldn’t be surrendered to a (potentially no-kill) shelter? The military establishment would kill him before giving him a chance to live because it didn’t fit their “policy?” I only had time to scan this, so I hope I have some of this summation wrong, but I don’t believe I do. . .

  231. shotgunner says:

    His home is heaven. If this were my beloved dog I would have no issues making the call to put him down. I love my dog, but clearly this warrior is living with a myriad of pain and other issues. The fact he needs assistance to ‘do his business’ is quite telling. Rest In Peace Rocky. We love you and appreciate all your efforts in the Middle East.

    • How sick are you? People in wheelchairs often need help with going to the toilet. However this does not mean that they need to be put out of their misery. Hip displaysia is not fun. However there are anti inflammatory meds & pain medications that will help with any pain he suffers. He can quite happily live another 3-4 years totally pain free. IF he is suffering & there is nothing to stop the pain then yes they should be put out of their suffering as you do not keep a pet alive for your sake. However this boy is obviously enjoying his life & for you someone who is not a vet obviously to make such a call with no medical knowledge of what is wrong with him is absolutely disgraceful. Maybe if you suffer & need a hip replacement when you hit your 70s someone should put your out of your misery!

  232. Brenda Hanna says:

    It would be nice if you could post where people could donate to his care since he has been saved. He is a very special dog and I would like to help out in some way.

    • Brenda, there is not a means to donate to his care. He’s being adopted by a private family. However, please consider channeling your donation to our not-for-profit: we connect last-chance shelter pets with service and veteran members of the U.S. military and could use your help!

  233. Carolyn Higgs says:

    I have been reading this & see that alot boils down to civilians who don’t understand what alot of military life involves & means giving up. My father served in the Korean War. I tried, but do to a shoulder reconstruction that meant metal implanted in me, I was unable to. All returning military, human & canine, deserves our praises, our fighting for better treatment of them, better retirements, better plans to help all soldiers,canine & human, to go back into civilian life with the assistance, for life if needed, to be successful. There are many former canines who need adoption. Not always can former handlers take them when you see former vets living in cardboard boxes on the street. We have a great shame as a nation for how we have neglected our vets, human & animal. I am disabled & understand the frustration so many vets go through. We civilians need to do more for our vetrans. Our country isn’t. We can donate to recognized charities(ones that are legit) we can donate to funds to aid vetran animals & to provide more for our human vetrans. Owners of apts., consider renting some units at below normal cost to a returning vet. Look at ways you yourself can give to raise awareness & to aid all of our military personal. Rocky needs someone who can handle his needs, physically & financially. But we need to do more for our vets. Run a restuarant? Have you seen a returning vet having a hard time? Have you given him free meals,so he knows at least 1 person cares he served & fought for all of us? Take stock of yourself, look inwards. What have you done for a vet? What can you do for a vet? Human & canine vets need us all to stand up,thank them & thank them with more than just words. Look to help all vets.

    • I can’t agree with you more. I am a veteran, my brother still serves, my dad is retired after 30+ years of service and two wars. Obviously the government cannot do everything. As communities we need to do more. Every little bit helps. Thank you Carolyn Higgs for reminding us all of this.

  234. So glad this dog has been adopted. But what disturbs me is the infighting between the two wives about who is more important or who has it harder, active duty or reserve. I read an article in the Denver Post today about bringing the body home of the reserve CWO helicopter pilot, one of the pilots of the Chinook that was shot down with the active duty Navy Seals. You see we lost both reserve and active duty military that day and the spouses and families of those brave men are crying the same tears for their sacrifice. The grief and the loss for these families is the same and the men deserve to be honored the same for their ultimate sacrifice. Yes, it’s hard to be on active duty and to have your spouse deploy (I, too, am a veteran who was active duty AF) but it’s equally hard for the reserve wife when her husband deploys. Just because she may have a home and live in a community for a long time and not having to move every couple years doesn’t mean the deployment is any easier. In fact, in some ways it’s harder. At least on a military base, the other families understand what you’re going through. And if you’re in base housing, you have a home. That’s not always the case in suburbia where no one is military and sometimes the loss of pay when the spouse deploys causes a financial hardship on the family who may be trying to make house payments. However, the separation, the worry, the issues with kids and money, the missing your partner, is equally hard on both of you and your families. So, please don’t tear each other apart for the way your husbands choose to serve (and most reservists served on active duty at one time or another), but support each other. You are all part of the same family. I support the reservist in the same way I support our active duty and give them all my admiration and thanks (and adopt through Soldiers’ Angels while they are deployed). That extends to their families. Each of you has said yes to the call and a grateful nation is thankful.

  235. So, reading all the posts here I think that everyone has kind of forgotten what the idea of the story is – to find Rocky a new home. The idea of the story is NOT to bash the military, or the people that serve(d), or to bash the people that have posted on this site. It was not meant to say who should step up to take the dog or should not step up. It was meant to say “Hey! Someone, ANYone please take this poor dog!” We as humans need to pull our heads out and just take the story for what it is and be glad that Rocky has found a home and get on with our lives, be it a good life, a struggling life, or whatever it may be. My goodness people, just get a life.

  236. Alaura234 says:

    You know….I got about 1/3 the way down these posts before I realized it is all a bunch of self important dribble.

    This rant is brought to you by someone who has experienced military life and is now experiencing her civilian life. Complete with husband, children, job, and rescued and non rescued animals.

    This article has nothing to do with military service personal, reserves, civilians, or who should or shouldn’t rescue this dog. It’s about the DOG! Let me repeat, it’s not about YOU, it’s about the DOG. If everyone on here put as much effort into helping this poor being, as defending their point of view, then animal cruelty would be a thing of the past.

    What is the point of insulting and condemning those who do not want to adopt this dog? Does it get him adopted? No, it just makes you feel like a bigger better person (which is sad by the way). Does it spread the word about animal cruelty? Nope, just spreads the word that all you people care about is what others think of you. Besides this point, would anyone here want this lovely animal to go to a home that didn’t want him, just because you think it is the one he should be in? He should go to the right home, military or otherwise! And the right home is one who cares for him for who he is, not because they feel they have to because a bunch of puffed up people said they should based on their employment, but because they have a true love for this beast. Put your energy to finding the right home for him, NOT TELLING PEOPLE THEY ARE HORRID BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT THE RIGHT HOME FOR HIM.

    Sites like this are meant to do good, to help our animals and give us a way to facilitate our need to help as well. Instead your arguing has turned it into a bitter, twisted reality.

    The most important part of this entire webpage? Rocky has been adopted!! That is all we should worry ourselves with. Now you can all move on and poison someone else’s website with your hate, aggression, belligerence, and over all, your inability to open your eyes and mind to someone else’s life, even if it is different than yours.

    Do not bother replying to this post, as I will not indulge petty arguments aimed solely at soothing your own existence.

    Pets for Patriots – Right on you, you rock this world, and I am very very pleased to see you doing your thing. Next time we are looking to donate and add to our furry family, you will be our first stop. Thank you.

  237. Your all a bunch of blow hards, who have an excuse for everything. Your all so busy trying to justify your position, if you don’t like the military than get out problem solved. If your not willing to put your money where your mouth is in regards to adopting this dog. then stop sucking up all the good oxygen.
    Maybe the dog would be better off, put down it sure sounds like it’s in a lot of pain

    • We understand from his caretakers that Rocky is not in pain.

    • I am so tired of people who basically have no medical/veterinary training stating Rocky should be put down because he is “obviously in a lot of pain” How is it obvious? Do you not understand if he was in pain there are very good medications out there that will stop the pain? How about if you hit your late 60s/early 70s & need a hip replacement we suggest putting you down because you are in a lot of pain! Comments like this disgust me & yes I do have a lot of experience with animals with hip displaysia etc & do have medical training

  238. Nic Derousse says:

    I would take him as I’m child free, but I have two pit mixes and fostering a dog aggressive rescued pit. :(

    I really wish people would read the entire article. He cannot be surrendered to an organization, he can only be picked up by his adopters. I agree it is a terrible and sad situation. The problem is that the people who have the room to take such a dog and help, aren’t necessarily “plugged in to” the circles stories like this are on. the people that tend to pay attention to these things tend to already be at either city, county, or jurisdictional limits. I’m in one of three metro cities that doesn’t restrict pit bulls, but my city limit is 3 (any combination of pet over 7 lbs.)

    Has anyone been able to adopt him yet?

  239. God Bless the person/family that opened their hearts and home to save Rocky.

  240. Wow all this bickering has put the real problem in the dark. This veteran deserves a home does not matter who adopts him as long as his medical is taken care of, he is loved and is able to live out his years in a loving environment.

  241. Giuseppe Collesano says:

    Rocky should be adopted right away.Our daughter retired and adopted her dog that she trained.The dog too as a degenerative illness,she is going to be totally blind soon.As military do not leave anyone behind,the same should be for Rocky.
    He served well,he deserve better.

  242. I think This is disgusting that you all are fighting about a bunch of little bull shit like this GROW UP I’m not part of the military but you all should be ashamed of yourselves talking like this and Yes I do know someone in the military and they would be appalled at seeing this grow up and may be you all should check your self before shooting off! Its about the dog not you!!! And yes I understand there are different types of military families but you are all a like and the same missing a dear families member and hoping for their safe return God bless all of the soldiers over seas!

  243. If it’s possible I’d love to get an update on Rocky in a few weeks or months once he’s settled into his new home.

    And also, just because I am curious, how does the wheelchair work? Can a dog sit or lie down in one or is he/she always up until someone takes him/her out of the chair?

    • Aaron, we don’t know if the family adopting Rocky will choose to keep us posted, but if they do we can assure you that we’ll share his journey with our fans. As to your question about the wheelchair… good question! Maybe there’s an answer on’s site; they’re the premier provider of adjustable dog wheelchairs and we believe one of their models is the one used by Rocky.

      • It is so wonderful that Rocky has a permanent home! To the new owners: PLEASE neuter this dog. he woud not have prostate issues if he had been neutered. he’ll be more comfortable.

  244. Michelle Ray says:

    We would take him in a heartbeart but, we have a dog, cat, teenagers and are always on the go. I really hope someone does the honorable thing and steps up!!!

  245. Rocky, many prayers and well wishes for you sweet boy. I wish you much love and happiness in your soon to be new home. Many thanks to who ever will be blessed with becoming Rocky’s new pet parents.

  246. Robin Winterberg says:

    Our Military has not treated these dogs well in the past .Why would they change now

  247. Teri Brewer says:

    I am a 100% disbled Army Veteran with a German Shepherd. Shame on you all for making excuses while begging others to find him a home. I am calling now ! If they will let me I WILL adopt him !!!

  248. What a despicable bunch of posts. First of all, the dog simply needed a home, and you all spent your time dissing each other instead of doing something constructive to find him one.
    But, now that you folks brought these things up in the first place, since when did having a baby mean that a family couldn’t have a dog? Since when is it OK to get pets, knowing that you are a military member and might get deployed? Last I heard, there is still no draft, so you volunteered and put your own pets at risk. Did you know that while this dog can’t be surrendered to a shelter it really doesn’t matter – because OWNER SURRENDERS are the FIRST dogs to die at crowded shelters, no matter how nice the dogs are, unless some rescue gets there first and pulls them out. If you take a look at Facebook and Petfinder, you’ll see just how big a problem that is – there is no farm in the country, folks. So, finding a home for a retired K-9 with a disability is an accomplishment – which should have been supported by some action, not just hostility and bashing. Grow up.

  249. I would love more than anything to have Rocky in my family! I am a 35 year old woman who is also a disabled vet. I think Rocky and I would be great together. I am going to apply and hopefully they will hearmy request. I was a cop in the Air Force and my roommate was a K9 handler so I am very aware of all the care they need. I hope to God I can adopt him!

  250. I was so sad to read about the dog and then sadder yet to read all the bickering between total strangers on this site. It seems pretty petty. I am happy that someone stepped up to the plate for the dog’s sake. And for anyone military, I appreciate your service. Hopefully we can all learn how to get along and be more respectful on our daily lives with others.

  251. As a few people pointed out, this is not the place for my-military-life-is-harder-than-yours flame wars. It is wonderful that Pets for Patriots was able to help this canine vet find a great home to spend his golden years and the social media sharing of this so quickly was amazing to see.

    That said, PFP, maybe you should close comments or delete the flame war spamming up your posts because it casts quite a shadow on the professional image of such a wonderful organization.

  252. He’s adopted… Check the top of the page!

  253. Awesome,Brought tears to my eyes…There is good people out there…and ROCKY:)…ALL GOOD DOGS GO TO HEAVEN,see you there someday champ:)

  254. Norma Sandler says:

    Hi Amy,
    As a life long animal rescuer and animal rights activist I can tell you that every rescue group I know of but one is overwhelmed and bursting at the seams with the number of animals needing homes and 99% of them are under funded and rely largely on volunteers…when they are available. There are hardly as many foster homes as needed either. People are dumping animals at a far greater rate than ever before for economic and other reasons such as puppy and kitten mills churning out inbred, sick babies as fast as they can that people cannot afford to pay vet bills for. ONLY BUY RESCUED ANIMALS FROM PET STORES OR GO TO THE SHELTER AND SAVE A LIFE. The spay and neuter laws are not strong enough and definitely not well enforced. People who dump animals are not being prosecuted; it IS against the law to do that. German Shepards are being murdered at an alarming rate at the “shelters.” It seams epidemic. I blame the breeders for that. This is our noble war dog species and should be treated with respect. I don’t think you were aware of all this. Please factor this in when you make a statement. Thanks.

  255. The STAND Foundation says:

    If the adopting family can get in touch with us,, I can introduce them to an outstanding orthopedic surgeon who is in nearby Camp Pendleton. It may not make this hero 100% whole, but if anything can be done to ease his pain, this would be a great opportunity to try.

  256. Geoffrey Carlyle Nutt says:

    I think the government needs 2 get the job done ! forgot..Nobama on vacation again..He bought a fancy dog..Adopt next time..but that will be easy for you..U r gonna be broke ! No job..I have 5 adopted already….or Rocky would be mine !!!!!!!!

  257. Summer_Australia says:

    WoW…how did this debate happen between so many????? The article was all about Rocky and retired military K-9’s, it was actually very sad to see so much negativity between so many :( The focus was lost, it was all about “Rocky”…Great to hear he has gone to a loving home. Respect and love to retired and working K-9’s, where would we be without mans best-friend :) Love to my partner and his K-9 in Afghanistan and all over handlers, servicemen/women deployed, no matter what nationality they may be :)

  258. is it really that necessary to argue about it? Service member or not – SOMEONE adopted him because they could take care of the dog and his needs. I dont see why everyone wants to argue over the internet – its not going to solve anything…

    On another note- good for Rocky to be adopted! May his previous handler rest in peace. <3 And God bless the person who adopted him in their home! :)

  259. YAY!! SO HAPPY HE IS SAVED!! =)

  260. Wayne Keel says:

    I just now saw this site and I was going to take the shepard if no one had stepped up, but I’m glad someone did this time. I have two GSD and even though my wife would raise hell, I’d take this one too! I have experience with the hip problems having built a carriage for one of my previous shepards. Trust me I would have taken the dog as I love them all and for a hero to be put down would be like putting a brother down. Not gonna happen on our watch. I’ll keep an eye out for more on this site. Check out my shepards on my fb. I love them and have two in heaven now waiting for me!

  261. Someone start giving Rocky 1/4 tsp of Cosequin Equine poder Concentrate (280gm) on his food once per day. Will totally take care of the hip issue and possibly even the leg issues.
    14 yrs experience with hip dysplasia.

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  264. This is not about humans this is about a disabled military dog soldier. So focus people and find the soldier a home and if you cannot do that ask Best Friends to help.

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  268. JAMES THOMAS says:


  269. I think that a lot of the idiots on this post have lost sight of the fact that the dog NEEDS a home. Some of you were even stupid enough to point out spelling errors in one comment. Ever heard of a smart phone w/autocorrect that you might not catch a mistake? I’m not pointing fingers at everyone on here. A lot seem to be concerned about the dog. But cussing, name calling and in general being stupid isn’t helping. And yes some of you dumb asses need to learn to read. It says his handler was at first presumed dead but they have since found that is NOT the case. Go back to first grade ppl and learn to read. The real issue is the dog and finding him a good home. Military or not does NOT matter. I would love to take him but have 2 dogs already. For the ppl that had positive posts that’s great. Think it all started with armyreservewife or whatever the hell her name is. Grow up ppl and realize that this post was meant to help the dog not act like total morons. Shame on the ones that are arguing on here. Now I understand why a lot of ppl like dogs better than ppl. Oh and for you idiots that talk about spelling…ppl stands for people.

  270. Thank God he gets a home…..
    And thank God that I don’t know a single one of you personally. You’re all , with exception to a very few, a disgrace and should be ashamed of yourselves. I’d say you conduct yourselves like children, but that would be an insult to children everywhere. Where in the hell do people like you even come from ? I can’t believe what I’ve read here. Grow up and get over yourselves. A terrible story has a wonderful ending, a f’n rarity at best, and it gets lost on all of you and your self-righteous, indignant, idiotic BS. Shame on you !!!

  271. And what sucks about this the most is what was originally sheer joy ( and surprise ) at the overwhelming response then got sucked dry by the stinging slap of humans doing what they apparently do best

  272. Lovinmypooches says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!
    I was reading through these unbelievable posts and thought to myself, “How is Rocky being helped by all this nonsense???” Everyone was so busy bashing one another that Rocky pretty much got lost in the stream of everyone’s self righteous vomit!
    You use a web-page that was trying to help a canine hero find a HOME for god’s sake!!! What is wrong with you people????
    The saddest past of all is that all of you were so busy “one-upping” the other, that the whole point of this website was lost….on YOU!
    Shame on all of you…seriously!!

  273. I what to say it does not matter to me where and when the poor dogs need our help lets respect the fact he served our country and lost some of his friends and family this is always hard for dog think how he feels if every one pitched in 50 dollars that replays to this add or even 10 dollars this would help save him for a little while,until they find a good home.

  274. Agreed! My thoughts exactly. I couldnt have said it better!


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