Save Peyton and Bear!

As you know, we often step in to help people (and pets), even when it’s outside of our mission. Today is one of those cases and it’s an urgent one.

Peyton and Bear are two dogs that were relinquished to the Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC) in Austin, Texas by their owner, who deployed to Iraq with no one to care for the duo. The soldier was not interested in finding a foster family for his pets and, as a result, their time is almost up at TLAC, which is a open-door, kill shelter.

The options for these dogs are adoption, rescue or death.

If you’re interested to adopt, you must contact the shelter by 7pm 11/3. A little about each of these beautiful dogs:



Peyton is a lab/hound/doberman mix, neutered, about 3 years old and 65 pounds. Playful, friendly, outgoing, lovable, but anxious when left alone. In short, he’s a love muffin! He knows many common commands, is appropriately protective of family and likes to play fetch, chase and tug. Please refer to animal ID TLAC A# 587397 when calling.



Bear is a chow/German Shepherd mix, about 6 years old and 60 pounds. Exuberant, relaxed and playful, Bear occasionally has an accident in the house, but is an affectionate and friendly animal. She has some initial ambivalence around strangers, but warms up in time. Please refer to animal ID TLAC A# 587396 when calling.

For rescue, the dogs must be pulled by any of the shelter’s approved rescue partners. Interested rescues must contact the shelter by 7pm 11/3. Email the shelter at or visit their approved rescue list.

Let’s make sure these two loving pets don’t die because their owner did not make appropriate arrangements for their care. Please help if you can and share this post in your network.


  1. Is there any word on Peyton & Bear?
    I hope someone was able to help those poor fur babies… I can’t imagine the kind of person who could do something like that.

    • Peyton was adopted May 31, 2011. He had an interim owner who returned him to TLAC b/c the neighbors had taken up a petition for Peyton’s barking. TLAC reported that Bear had been successfully adopted by another family. It was a rocky beginning when Peyton blew through the front door and took down two people who had broken his perimeter. Knowing what a special dog he is, and that to return him to TLAC with the aggression history would have ended with him walking the green mile, instead he went to Boarding School for juvenile delinquents. Now he is a very well trained important part of the household. He still misses his guy, and always looks at joggers to see if it is him. We considered finding him a companion as he responded to the word “girlfriend” the same way he responds to “car wash”. We do the best we can to fill the void, and he is a happy dog who loves to chase a red laser light. He has taught us well what an exceptional dog he is.

  2. leo1836 says:

    Update on Peyton: I am writing this update for the former owner as I know how well this dog was loved. I love this dog too, and would have him cloned if I could afford it. In lieu of cloning I had a DNA test performed and it turns out that Peyton is 1/2 Weimaraner (show stock) with the other half equal parts of Rhodesian Ridgeback and Rottweiler. So much for thinking he was part Doberman. now I know his giraffe legs are Weimaraner and that he is still German. Where I kennel him occasionally when I travel, they love him too, and he has special privileges not accorded to other boarders such as free run with the Kennel owner. This is one special dog, but you knew that, I just want you to know that I do as well.

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