Shelter dog gets fresh start with disabled veteran

We received this letter from Red, a shelter dog in Florida recently adopted through our program by a disabled Army veteran.

Hi! My name is Red. I’m a mixed breed Golden Retriever/Labrador and everyone says I am a big boy. I am really just a puppy at 11 months old. I have a very loving personality and have plenty of kisses (slurps!) for everyone.

“I was in the shelter for a long time. Most people don’t want a big dog.”

While I am growing up, I want to go to obedience school and become certified as a companion dog so that I can watch out for Ms. Bobby, a hearing impaired veteran. She lost about half her hearing while working around cargo jets. Also, with proper training, I will be allowed to visit VA hospitals. I want to bring smiles to as many veterans as I can.

I was in the shelter for a long time. Most people don’t want a big dog. Ms. Bobby came to the shelter four times before she was able to adopt me. She had undergone surgery not long ago, and had to heal up so she could care for me. I think from the start we were meant to be the best of friends.

Ms. Bobby smiles a lot more these days. I believe we will be friends for a very long time.

Ms. Bobby and I have a lot more four-footed friends in shelters all across the country. We need your help and support to bring our veterans to the attention of the public, and to help our veterans find lasting friendship with our four-footed friends.

Ms. Bobby is calling me; it’s time for our evening walk. Hmmm… now where did I hide my leash?

God bless America and the veterans that have served so proudly. Gotta go; see you and smile!

Thanks for your service,
Mr. Red and Ms. Bobby



  1. Hi P4P,

    Bless Miss Bobby and P4P for making the adoption of a Golden Retriever/Labrador mix.

    My favorite animal companions are cats but my top 5 favorite all time dogs are:

    1. Boxers
    2. Golden Retrievers
    3. Pugs
    4. Labs
    5. Mutts

    That Golden Retriever/Labrador mix adoption is super. So glad it happened. I can hardly think of a better mix and I am happy for both the Golden Retriever/Labrador and Miss Bobby.

    Thanx P4P for putting the two together!

    =^..^= Hairless Cat Girl =^..^=

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