Success! Pets for Patriots mobile is sponsored!



Thanks to everyone who “liked” our friends Annin Flagmakers and American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) on Facebook this week. Our goal was to generate a total of 1,100 new “likes” between the two, as each promised to donate $1 to our cause to help pay for transforming our ho-hum used SUV into a stylin’ Pets for Patriots mobile.

While we fell short of our goal, we think the holiday spirit prevailed: Annin and AAHA have decided to jointly sponsor our vehicle graphics!! Hoorah!!

And for icing on the cake, Dynamic Wraps is fitting us into their busy, year-end schedule on Monday, December 20. Thanks to Dynamic’s owner, Mike Benti, for slotting us in – and for offering to produce and deliver a video of the entire process!

Stay tuned… the fun is just beginning…



  1. What a great ideal let me know if I can support in any way Bullmastiff

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