Tale of the treats and other doggedly things

Do you remember the story of Little Red Riding Hood? She went through the forest to her grandmother’s house, leaving a trail of breadcrumbs to mark her path so she could find her way home.

This November, Pets for Patriots had its own fairytale, helping to create a modern day bread crumb trail across the U.S. that we hope leads thousands of shelter pets to their new homes. We inspired Freekibble to donate more than 20,660 bags of nutritious Halo Purely for Pets pet treats and meals to several of our member shelters and a Colorado pet food bank. Sweet!

Perhaps some of those same tasty tidbits will coax a wayward dog out of the North Carolina woods. Earlier we wrote about Davey, a four year-old dog adopted just last week by a Marine and his family. Davey was abused and neglected by his previous owner and, as a result, does not bark, is afraid of people and is noticeably underweight. To boot, he has heartworms and has been without medication for the few days that he’s been lost. In spite of his hard life, he’s a real love muffin (and quite handsome, to boot!)



We don’t know why Davey decided to dart out into the woods. By all accounts, he was getting used to his new family: his tail was untucking, he went on long walks with the veteran and his wife, and was very affectionate with their little girl.

If you or someone you know lives near the Camp Lejeune area, or even has a media contact in that region, we need your help immediately. This family will be very thankful to have Davey home for the holidays – and maybe, just maybe, a trail of Halo treats will do the trick!


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