Tweets are sweet, but…


Like many not-for-profits, we’ve been using social media to help create awareness of our charity’s mission and recruit like-minded people to our cause. For now we’re using our Facebook fan page, Dustin Wonderdog – our official Guardian Angel Dog who has more Facebook friends than I do – and Twitter.

We experimented every so briefly with a Causes page on Facebook, and will pick that up at some point when we can dedicate more time and focus to developing it properly.

Today I want to talk about Twitter, which has been a wonderful place for us to connect with real people doing real things in both animal welfare and veteran advocacy. If you’re a Tweeter, you probably know there are certain days of the week when people suggest other people to follow, based upon whose tweets they find interesting, useful or simply entertaining.

I’m here to explain why we don’t do most of them and just stick to #Follow Fridays.

Because of our dual mission, we get mentioned a lot on #MilitaryMondays and #WoofWednesdays. Sometimes on #CharityTuesdays and occasionally on #Fursdays; we even recently got a #ShelterSunday. While we are truly grateful for all follow suggestions, to be honest we’re glad there are only seven days in a week!

You might not know it, but Pets for Patriots is operated by a single person: yours truly. In addition to handling all of the charity’s operations, outreach, coordination with partners, fundraising and social media, I’m a small business owner – the definition of which is “never enough hours in the day.”

So for now, I have to draw the line somewhere and that line stops after #FollowFriday. I do my best to thank everyone who re-tweets and mentions Pets for Patriots on Twitter because I really do appreciate those connections. Just please don’t expect us to #MM, #WW or #SS… yet!

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