Twice surrendered by military family, Peyton needs a home



Every day we get heartbreaking pleas for help. As a small charity we can’t help everyone, but we try where we can.

Last night we got a call from the Rescue Coordinator at the Austin Animal Center in Texas. While not one of our shelter partners, they shared the tale of Peyton, a loyal, energetic dog who was twice surrendered by his military family. Because he’s a dobie/lab mix, about 65 pounds and six years old, none of the Center’s usual rescue partners will take him. Peyton needs our help.

Austin Animal Center is an open-intake facility, which means that they must take all animals surrendered and when they run out of kennel space… you get the idea. Let’s not let this be Peyton’s fate.

Peyton is intensely loyal and knows all the basic commands. He’s used to being active: frequent on/off leash walks, swimming, jogging with the family, playing frisbee, chase and fetch. He likes to wrestle and loves to play with his squeaky toys, but most of all, enjoys being in close company with his family members. He would probably do best in a household where he’s not left alone for long periods of time, and would be a great ‘buddy’ for the right person or family.

While Peyton doesn’t like his food to be touched while eating, he doesn’t mind if you take away his toys. And he just loves getting the spa treatment! He enjoys baths, nail trims, brushing and doesn’t resist being held while being groomed.

Peyton is a happy, healthy boy. His only bad habit is that he tends to bark alot, particularly when outside. In the shelter, with all the commotion, Peyton is a bit noisy. However, it’s not clear that his previous family ever consulted a trainer or behaviorist to resolve this issue.

Peyton’s previous family describes him as a true love muffin; he adores cuddling and knows how to give ‘kisses only’ and ‘high five.’ Smart and affectionate!

As wonderful as Peyton is, right now none of the 100+ rescues affiliated with Austin Animal Center will take him because of his breed, age and size. Well, we think that’s just plain ridiculous. But regardless of what we think, Peyton’s days are numbered if he’s not adopted very soon.

If you’re a qualified rescue or a serious adopter interested in Peyton, please contact Kathryn Sharp at the Austin Animal Center at 512-972-6064 or by email at Peyton is waiting…

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